Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good TVeets

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kpsmartypants Ken Pisani
It's hard to pinpoint the precise moment when something becomes uncool. Watch it happen to Steven Tyler at exactly 8P tonight. #Idol

JoshSchwartz76 Josh Schwartz
Steven Tyler may bring down American Idol with the largest sexual harassment suit in reality show history. I say that as a compliment.

Bryan_Murphy Bryan Murphy
This season's AMERICAN IDOL features tightest plotting yet. Steven Tyler's plan to eat the rich will unfold slowly as season wears on. Cool.

urthstripe Mychal Stanley
A question no one on Earth has wondered: "When does The Event come back on?" #th33v3nt
ITveee Ilana
DVR'd what I thought was "Matt Saracen: Jungle Doctor," but is apparently "Real World: We Don't Have Enough Showers" edition.#OffTheMap
VDOOZER Bill Lawrence
DVRs didn't record Cougar Town for anyone tonight. Awesome. Hate technology. I miss watching tv on my radio.
ShawnRyanTV Shawn Ryan
I will not watch FNL until my work is done. I will not watch FNL until my work is done. I will not watch FNL until my work is done.

BrianLynch Brian Lynch
Mocking AMERICAN IDOL is too easy, it's like picking on a slow child. A slow child that has a billion dollars.
zap2itbrill Brill Bundy
J. Lo has definitely been taking "How to Be Less Street" lessons. Is there a Rosetta Stone for that? #Idol
TVMoJoe Joe Adalian
Looking forward to PTC press release denouncing Fox for airing a bleep out "F--k a duck" by Steven Tyler.
danieltwalters Daniel Walters
Finally, the East Dillon Cross Country team gets some recognition.
DamianLovesTV damianholbrook
no Marcel, you are not "misunderstood." you are a sphincter#TopChef
TVandDinners Carrie Raisler
There's bad TV, and then there's "dude getting kept alive by a giant fake anaconda"-level bad TV. #OfftheMap
senecadoane Patrick Tucker
Top Chefs meet their toughest judges yet: Williamsburg Hipsters.#TopChef
corybarker Cory Barker
I like to imagine that aliens check in on our TV before deciding to save/kill/abduct us. When I imagine them seeing The Bachelor, I tremble.
louisvirtel Louis Virtel
Steven Tyler is a living mugshot.
TVKel Kel Kendrick
It was great to see Mary Tyler Moore reunited with Betty White but that part would have been better suited for Joyce DeWitt.#HotInCleveland
TVDoneWright TVDoneWright (Adam)
"That girl can blow" Randy Jackson says. "She does?" Steven Tyler responds (in his head) #Idol
nprmonkeysee nprmonkeysee
I appreciate all the Aerosmith lyrics, people. Really, I do. It's going to be a long season.
TVDoneWright TVDoneWright (Adam)
I wonder if FOX has an earpiece in Steven Tyler 's ear to remind her the girls' age when they show up . "She's 15, Steve. 15". #Idol
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Dear "American Idol," We'd like to request more of Steven Tyler leering at teens. Love Mr. Daniels and Ezra.
RacistAndre Andre Smith
Hahaha, I watch #AmericanIdol just to see these crackas fail....cry cracka, cry!
nprmonkeysee nprmonkeysee
One more thing: Steven Tyler needs to STOP HITTING ON THE TEENAGERS. Good gravy.
aperren alisa perren
I want to vomit. Why can't I change the channel? #idol #help
zhandlen Zack Handlen
Heh. There are people watching America Idol right now. Heheheheheheheheh. #poorbastards
TVDoneWright TVDoneWright (Adam)
Steven Tyler 's "My head is going to explode" face is quite amusing.#Idol
Deggans Eric Deggans
A 57-year-old Steven Tyler is now ogling girls younger than his daughter on #idol. Like watching the Cryptkeeper size up his prey.
DamianLovesTV damianholbrook
1st contestant is annoying as hell. #idol
aperren alisa perren
When JLo asked "how did you do this for 10 years,"I felt like she was reprimanding me for watching #idol. Consider channel changed.
corybarker Cory Barker
I kind of miss Simon already. #ThingsEveryoneIsSaying
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Is that pressure in my chest phlegm or building anticipation for "American Idol" starting in 6 minutes?
weinmanj Jaime Weinman
Is it time to reveal that American Idol is all pre-taped and sent out as screeners to select critics? Like the moon landing was?
ElwoodJBlues Elwood Blues
@HitFixDaniel Schadenfienberg.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
I need a German word for the sensation of going to the ABC press site for a "Cougar Town" pic & finding a pic of yourself.
TVKel Kel Kendrick
Did you eat him? RT @piersmorgan BREAKING NEWS: Just finished Ricky Gervais....WOW. If I were you, I'd tune into @PiersTonight tomorrow at 9
johnmoe John Moe
Good then. Monday, January 24th, 2011 is #PositiveDay on Twitter. Monday, January Jones is just another Monday for January Jones.
TVDoneWright TVDoneWright (Adam)
Some #Glee news. Ryan Murphy is breaking up a couple because "He was bored". Why can't he kill anyone off instead? Seriously, what an excuse
KateAurthur Kate Aurthur
The Ryan Murphy "I got bored" comment to @EW seems to be sending chills through even the #Glee faithful.#thecarveriscoming
bazecraze Alex Baze
You can't say "tits" on TV, but you can say "clean that drain with foaming pipe snake?"
ellardent Andrew Ellard
David Brent to appear in the American Office. Wonder if they'll mention that weird day when both branches went through the exact same thing.
kbiegel kevinbiegel
Carol Channing Tatum. Do something with that, Internet.
KayReindl Kay Reindl
Does SyFy have 2 million people locked in the basement? 2 million people always watch their shit. Weird.
weinmanj Jaime Weinman
Greatest crossover since Urkel met the Tanners RT @TVMoJoe: Ricky Gervais will appear on the 1/27 ep of The Office.

tvobservatory tv observatory
I kind of hate #AmericanIdol, but I'm also excited that it gives us the ability to actually watch J.Lo's career spiral downward. Like, not metaphorically, you guys. We get to watch it happen.#AmericanIdol

             shanenickerson Shane Nickerson
Nothing had ever made me consider my own mortality more than the American Idol press photos with Steven Tyler.

tbrick2 tierney bricker
Epiphany: Dan Humphrey will grow up to be Ezra Fitz.
AmyTVGal Amy Amatangelo
Watching American Idol tonight seems like a chore . . . as in "God Mom do I have to watch American Idol. Do I?"
mindykaling Mindy Kaling
It makes me so sad and angry. This high school with 90 pregnant girls is like Hoop Dreams but for a pregnancy reality show, not the NBA
DannyZuker Danny Zuker
From the Journal of Science:"People who watch American Idol instead of 2nite's amazing Modern Family hate America and puppies."

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