Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good TVeets

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TVMcGee Ryan McGee
There's only one acceptable replacement for Regis Philbin: Roger Sterling. #MadMen

franklinavenue Michael Schneider
More FCC conditions: #47 "Written confirmation that NBC will never attempt to adapt 'Little Fockers' as a TV series."

tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
I'm starting to think The National plays at the end of every hour of Jason Katims' life.

vaupel Kim Vaupel
Why does the lead in #TheCape wear so much damn eyeliner? Should I be wearing more eyeliner?
urthstripe Mychal Stanley
I don't feel so bad that Terriers and Rubicon got cancelled because now I have #TheCape and it's all I need forever. #TheCape#TheCape

jmittell Jason Mittell  
@HitFixDaniel Instead, the first rule of The Cape is Everybody says "The Cape" as frequently as possible.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
God, I wish the first rule of "The Cape" was "Nobody Talks About The Cape..."
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
Apparently Life Unexpected, a show I did not actively dislike, devolved into a show I would have actively disliked. Oh, CW, you're useless.

RowanKaiser Rowan Kaiser  
@danieltwalters It was the Community of mediocre superhero shows tonight!
danieltwalters Daniel Walters
Tonight, No Ordinary Family upgraded from "Boring" to "Cliched, but enjoyable." Let's hope it lasts.

RowanKaiser Rowan Kaiser
"Make me be your black guy!" No Ordinary Family has become self-aware. It's frightening, like an adolescent rampaging elephant.
The_AV_Club The AV Club
#LifeUnexpected ends its run with happy endings for everyone! Everyone except the viewers, that is.
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
The song the kids sing at the play at the end of #Parenthood deserves fifty Emmy nominations.
corybarker Cory Barker
Ben McKenzie stared someone down and then punched them tonight on #Southland. Today is a good day.
noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick
I'm really going to miss the Michael Steele puppet on The Daily Show. It should replace Olivia Munn, actually.
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
"From Hallmark Hall of Fame, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White..." Come for the Betty White, stay for the cleavage.
TVandDinners Carrie Raisler
Nope. NOPE. NOPE NOPE NOPE. #LUX "Oh, hi, we got canceled so we'll just give the characters random happy endings, even if they make no sense."
KayReindl Kay Reindl
New plan: Create British TV show to be adapted for American TV. #ExecutivesWhoHaveTroubleImagining
corybarker Cory Barker
I'm confused by this episode of V. It's...okay?
morgan_murphy Morgan Murphy
If I was one of those CSI people, I'd call every murder scene the "die area." Then I would laugh and be like, "get it?!" Then I'd get fired.

BastardMachine Tim Goodman
This paves the way for Law & Order: Sacramento. Cops just complaining of heat and boredom all day.
TVMcGee Ryan McGee
Is there anyone on this planet drunker than Alfred Molina is right now? #LOLA

moryan Mo Ryan
So NBC has pulled Law & Order LA indefinitely, after many recasting shenanigans. Ricky Gervais may be free, why not cast him? #NBCfixed
franklinavenue Michael Schneider
More FCC conditions. #61: "Billy Bush. Stop it." #FCConNBC
Bryan_Murphy Bryan Murphy
Prostitutes approve fewer mergers than the FCC. #Comcast-NBC
franklinavenue Michael Schneider
More FCC conditions: #8: "Every third 'Saturday Night Live' sketch is required to be certified as funny."
franklinavenue Michael Schneider
More FCC conditions: #17: "The number of Bravo 'Real Housewives' spinoffs is capped at 35."
franklinavenue Michael Schneider
More FCC conditions: #87 "Change the title from 'America's Got Talent' to 'America Has Talent'." (That's for the grammar police at the FCC.)
nemalki Jeff Harris
So, what will this new supercorp be known as? NBC Comcast? Comcast Universal? Or Evil Entertainment?
franklinavenue Michael Schneider
More FCC conditions: #39 "A televised apology to the American public for the sitcoms 'Emeril,' 'Kath & Kim' and 'Coupling.'"
franklinavenue Michael Schneider
Some strange FCC conditions on the NBC/Comcast deal. #32: "Arrange a Feb. 2 meeting at the Commission w/ 'Perfect Couples' star Olivia Munn."
biloon biloon
The FCC can't stop themselves today. They just approved my Peanut Butter - Jelly merger. Thank god because I am starving.
JBFlint Joe Flint
Breaking: Genachowski to take over for Regis in fall. Show moving to Comcast. Oh wait, I'm all confused here.
nemalki Jeff Harris
Why are so-called comedy-drama hybrids known as dramedies and not comas? Or did I answer my own question?

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