Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good TVeets

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DannyZuker Danny Zuker
Ricky Gervais has tarnished the majesty that is 30 anonymous Croatians picking their favorite TV and movies.

HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
"Kathy Bates" is trending nationally. You'd think "I feel so sorry for" would be trending equally.

jmonjo Jeremy Mongeau
I want the writers of The Cape to team up with the October Road guys. All other TV will become redundant overnight.

BastardMachine Tim Goodman
I just want to hear Piers be as clueless as Larry King. "So, you have a TV show, yes?"
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
"I have an inner circle of five or six people. But I ate them." (no, no,no, stop it...kidding...alright, back on track...)
andrealeigh203 Andrea Reiher
I would really like to see Zeljko Ivanek play a romantic lead in something. Poor guy, always the psycho, sociopathic scary dude.
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
Wait, two minutes in and O is talking about crying? Man up, O. Walk it off.
barbhaynes Barbara Haynes
Brad's reaction to death: "Good God. I'm so sorry." Said w/ the conviction of Andie McDowell's "Is it raining? I hadn't noticed." #bachelor
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
I hate it already.
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
Piers Morgan Live Tweet, begins...now...
barbhaynes Barbara Haynes
One girl said "But yet..." so obviously she's out! #thebachelor#dumpableoffense
TVandDinners Carrie Raisler
I don't think I was aware of this in the first season, but Pretty Little Liars kind of sucks, huh?
gadgetwisdom gadgetwisdom
Most of David E. Kelley's shows started out good and went down the toilet later on. He's just speeding up the process.
wcdixon Will Dixon
I think HARRY'S LAW may help THE GOOD WIFE stay on air...as in TGW producers can admit it skews old but nowhere NEAR as old as HARRY'S LAW.
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
Everybody realizes Kathy Bates is going to win 5 Emmys in a row for this shit, right? #harryslaw
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
I want to punch everyone in Harry's Law in the face. Except Brittany Snow. She's adorable ... No, wait ... OK, her too.
weinmanj Jaime Weinman
That last tweet was brought to you by the Damning With Faint Praise Emporium, downtown Toronto division.
weinmanj Jaime Weinman
The Cape > Harry's Law.
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
Harry's Law is not good. #shortreviews
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
Next week on The Cape: The Cape goes off the rails. Because that hasn't happened yet.
anamariecox Ana Marie Cox
You could not PAY me to watch MTV's "Skins." Okay maybe you could pay me. BUT I WOULDN'T ENJOY IT.
tessasainz tessa sainz
Without Golden Girls being on 24/7, cable would otherwise be worthless.
saraschaefer1 Sara Schaefer
From the casting breakdown of this season's The Bachelor: "must have dead and/or missing father/fiancee".
elgray Ellen Gray
Not sure I'd shoot Piers Morgan's Oprah interview from perspective of potted plant. Though God knows that's how she made us feel at#tca.
jmittell Jason Mittell
Just flipped on the TV and heard: "You know why I'm here... I'm here for my CAPE." Now I have to rewind & watch the whole episode!
zhandlen Zack Handlen
"Remember--either you wear THE CAPE or THE CAPE wears you." Just... just beautiful, man.
zhandlen Zack Handlen
(I apologize. It is really, really hard not to just mock the ever living fuck out of this show.)
zhandlen Zack Handlen
"Wanna friend him"? Would a teacher ever say that? Only on... THE CAPE.
zhandlen Zack Handlen
Foolish mortal. Bullets cannot hurt THE CAPE w/optional car door accessory.
zhandlen Zack Handlen
First unnecessarily long flashback--take a drink. #THECAPE
RowanKaiser Rowan Kaiser
zhandlen Zack Handlen
Shhh--The Cape is on!

saraschaefer1 Sara Schaefer
I miss My So Called Life. #skins
TheRealJethro Jethro Nededog
According to one commenter, I should be placed in jail for watching #Skins. Imagine the prison overcrowding if he was in charge.
zhandlen Zack Handlen
Good god, Cobie Smulders looks really hot dressed in black. Or, y'know, with that face and everything. #HIMYM
brennawilliams Brenna Williams
The Bachelor: the best and worst of American Idol in 10 minutes, consolidating my trash TV and reducing my Fox watching by 98%. Thanks ABC!
KelliMarshall Kelli Marshall
#Parenthood sometimes makes me want to have kids. Then I watch #Glee and I'm good.
RowanKaiser Rowan Kaiser
Either I watch the best Parks & Rec episodes while drinking, or it's a show designed specifically to be better for inebriated Rowan.
crsbecker Chris Becker  
@amber_watts I'm certain there was a See It Now on closeted gay scientologists he could find parallels with, though.
amber_watts Amber Watts
@crsbecker Did Gervais eat a spaghetti taco on the air, just like Edward R. Murrow? Otherwise, I don't think it matters.
crsbecker Chris Becker
I won't decide how I feel about Ricky Gervais's hosting job until Robert J. Thompson tells me what it all says about today's zeitgeist.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Busy-ness, plus sick-ness is going to prevent me from writing a full "Harry's Law" review. You're welcome, Kathy Bates.
mikeylikestv Michael O'Connell
Sources confirm to me, exclusively, that the ghost of Princess Diana will guest star on the Season 2 finale of Glee.
Kelly Ripa always looks like she's equally amused/humiliated by her surrogate grandfather Regis, who I'm convinced has dementia.
RowanKaiser Rowan Kaiser
Theory: Glee is this generation's Saved By The Bell. Will be considered an inexplicable relic of the times, people will watch anyway.
timcarvell Tim Carvell
Chrysler's new ad campaign: "America's best days are probably behind us. So, anyway... Chrysler."

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