Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good TVeets

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DaveLozo Dave Lozo
"This is for all the Tostitos" is the new "Taking my talents to South Beach."

RyanTaylorReal Ryan Taylor
When things are wrong, the breaks are beating the boys, ask them to go in there with all they got and win just one for the #allthetostitos

TheGoche A.J.
"If Cam Newton got paid to win #allthetostitos, why'd you let him play?" "Got to. This the NCAA, man." #WireTostitosJokes

TheGoche A.J.
"Well, you see, Cam-Cam thought he should keep #allthetostitos, I thought otherwise." #WireTostitosJokes #WirePredicts2013NCAArulings
aglock Andy Glockner
"You make sure to tell ol' Marlo that I burned #allthetostitos. Because It ain't about those snack chips."#WireTostitosJokes
ManOfSuds M. Sudman
It's Baltimore, gentlemen. #alltheTostitos will not save you. #WireTostitosJokes
bleibforth Brian Leibforth
"I got the shotgun. You got the #allthetostitos. It's all in the game, though, right?" #WireTostitosJokes
Lesson here, Bey. You come at#allthetostitos, you best not miss. #wiretostitosjokes
AndyHutchins Andy Hutchins  

Bobby_BigWheel Bobby Big Wheel
Yo, #allthetostitos, I like you, Imma let you finish, but #fisted is the best announcing-related meme of all time!

NathanMc Nathan Mc
"#Allthetostitos? Where we're going, we don't need #allthetostitos."
RaidersBlog Chris Hansen
Davis let go of Cable because he played for 8-8, instead of #allthetostitos
THERE’S NO TOSTITOS IN BASEBALL!!!!#famoustostitoslines
Omnimon Jake
I want the the Tostitos! You can't handle the Tostitos #famoustostitoslines
cwilk Chris Wilkinson
What did Sir Edmund say to Tenzing As they struggled toward Everest's peak? "THIS IS FOR ALL THE TOSTITOS"
corybarker Cory Barker
"This one is for all the Tostitos" is so horribly awesome. I will now be using it at least 3 times a day.
NoelMu Noel Murray
I actually have some Tostitos in my pantry, so no Brent, that wasn't for *all* the Tostitos. Shoddy reporting.
42inchtv Christopher Rosen
Take this with the grain of salt my lack of college football watching warrants, but Cam Newton is not an NFL player. He *is* Voodoo Tatum.
TVMcGee Ryan McGee
"This is for all the Tostitos!" Yup, THAT'S how you kill the moment, Brent Musburger. #BCS
OnionSports Onion Sports Network
Wow, that mascot is one ass-feather away from a Disney lawsuit. #Oregon #Ducks #Trademark #BCS http://yfrog.com/h80nfkj
JPosnanski Joe Posnanski
Watching this game through cardboard with a pinhole. RT RT @brianwbass: Can we expect a 5,000 word post on Oregon's neon shoes?
badbanana Tim Siedell
Between Auburn's safety orange and Oregon's neon yellow, I'm predicting no players get hit by cars tonight. #bcs

TVandDinners Carrie Raisler
Urban Meyer commentating. I guess his kids didn't have a volleyball game tonight?
OnionSports Onion Sports Network
.@ESPN has devised a special on-screen graphics package to indicate which players are #CamNewton and which ones are not #CamNewton #BCS

OnionSports Onion Sports Network
Two big questions for #Oregon: can they contain #CamNewton, and why the hell are there two movies about Steve Prefontaine? #BCS

cassiebelek Cassie Belek
If I were on a date with Brad and he surprised me with a private performance from Train, I would pack my bags and leave.#thebachelor
cassiebelek Cassie Belek
When Brad led Ashley through the dark woods, I thought, "He's going to murder her." Then when they flipped the switch to reveal an abandoned carnival, I thought, "He's definitely going to murder her." #thebachelor
nprmonkeysee nprmonkeysee
I think being the girl on The Bachelor who cries is more embarrassing than walking down the aisle with your gown caught in your pantyhose.

DamianLovesTV damianholbrook
Brad's chest should have its own show. Pecs and the City? Nipple/Tuck? Top Chef: Chest Desserts? #bachelor

nprmonkeysee nprmonkeysee
The Bachelor is taking this girl on a "Pretty Woman date." A/K/A: "I will now treat you like a hooker. How romantic is THAT?"
saraschaefer1 Sara Schaefer
Go Duckfaces! (I'm watching The Bachelor.)

SarahLovesTV Sarah Maines
Re-watching #TheGoodWife episode, "Heart". Martha Plimpton is too good. I still want to punch her character in the face.
JBFlint Joe Flint
In other words, typical day! RT @TMZ has learned Charlie Sheen has hooked up with three porn stars in Las Vegas http://bit.ly/g4MI6V

DaveHolmes dave holmes
MSNBC: The Right did it. FNC: The Left loves that it happened because they can blame it on the Right. HLN: A cheerleader is missing.

billprady Bill Prady
We just shot an amazing [spoiler redacted] where [spoiler redacted] and [spoiler redacted] actually did a [spoiler redacted]!
nathanrabin Nathan Rabin
Smurfs say "smurf" less often than The Situation says "situation". And that's the only word in their whole fuckin language.

ajtesler AJ Tesler
Attention writer friends: I watched The Cape. Good news...it looks as though NBC should have an hour of programming free in the fall. #fb
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
@aperren Any logic that leads you to The Cape is the faultiest logic of all.
aperren alisa perren
@JustinFowler with so many comics properties out there, I don't get the logic of launching *this* project
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
I am in awe that The Cape got made. Absolute fucking awe. There was no conceivable way that this premise could make a good TV show.
corybarker Cory Barker
@sononick They could, but they'd be better off showing The Event pilot.
sononick Nick Campbell
Instructors should use #thecape in a "what not to do with a pilot" class. Tried to pack in too much, sacrificing character endearment.

inessentials inessentials
The first critic to say that watching HARRY'S LAW is "misery" gets a swift kick to the genitals. (All other Bates roles are fair game.)
RowanKaiser Rowan Kaiser
I am apparently not allowed to use the word "diegetic" in AVC comments. It makes me sound like a namby-pamby academic. Thanks, Simpsons fans. The thing with diegetic is that there really isn't a better way to say it.All for avoiding jargon, but "music-that-exists-within-the-thing?"
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
Caroline Dhavernas will not be at the ABC fete this evening. THIS MEANS I AM ON STRIKE. #tca #abc #strike
marisaroffman Marisa Roffman
"I don't know why the kids can't watch soap operas.We turned out fine" -@danielletbd after I stated displeasure re: DisneyJr replacing SoapNet
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
Why call it Off the Map when you could have called it Crazy Sexy Jungle Medicine? Come on, ABC, think big.
scottcollinsLAT Scott Collins@LAT
This "Off the Map" press conference is the most boringtastic #tcasession I've ever slept through. Not even a vayjayjay joke.
danielletbd Danielle Turchiano
"I did all my football in #FridayNightLights; I do all my medicine here"- Zach Gilford in response to if he really jumped off the cliff #TCA
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Dhavernas asked about where she's been since "Wonderfalls." Oh, if only a website existed to answer such queries!

colinsamuels Colin Samuels
@sepinwall It's spelled like "Cara-LEEN Dhavernas", but it's pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove".
sepinwall Alan Sepinwall
Still not sure on Dhavernas' last name, but Rachelle Lefevre just pronounced her first name as "Cara-LEEN."
greghernandez Greg Hernandez
Streep's daughter Mamie Gummer talking acting w/mom:"It's not like we own a line of pizza joints w/a secret sauce that stays in the family."
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
"Because it's not." Rhimes less than believable answer to why shouldn't we say this is Grey's Anatomy in the jungle? Oprah record safe.
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
Off the Map is Grey's meets Lost - doctors and sex in the jungle. But no Hurley. Nobody on stage is over 3 percent body fat.
EricIGN Eric Goldman
"It depends on the guy" says @LucyHale to @HitFixDaniel asking PLL cast if it's romantic or creepy for guy to kiss you while unconscious. #TCA
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Oliver Goldstick's explaining "Pretty Little Liars" subtext to us. I wish McG was here to give us the feminist reading.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Sorry. I mistyped. Is "Statutory Romance" a legal term? #prettylittleliars
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
"Pretty Little Liars" team loves Twitter. Or loves that Twitter loves "Pretty Little Liars." Also? Statutory rape.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
@theonetruebix I'm not LITERALLY Murrow. I'm 21st Century Murrow. And he'd totally go LALALALALA.
theonetruebix The One True b!X
@sepinwall @hitfixdaniel I'd forgotten Murrow's penchant for describing interview subjects as going LALALALALA.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
The teacher-student romance on "Pretty Little Liars" is ROMANCE. It's NOT STATUTORY RAPE!!!! LALALALALALA.
sepinwall Alan Sepinwall
Pretty Little Liars panel, and @hitfixdaniel going all Edward R. Murrow on the showrunners' unapologetic stance on statutory rape.
EricIGN Eric Goldman
If I watched Pretty Little Liars, I think my life would be ROCKED by this clip they're showing from next week's episode. I'd be OMGing.#TCA
JenniferArrow Jennifer Arrow
I have no idea what is happening on this #PrettyLittleLiars sneak peek, but it is nigh well pornographic. #tca #abc
poniewozik James Poniewozik
Cannot see Nancy Grace on TV for even a second without feeling like she is angry at me, personally.
Snoodit Lesley Goldberg
Just saw Zach Gilford. In related news, I also just died. #FNL#ClearEyes #SevenForever
EricIGN Eric Goldman
Walked out of men's room as Zach Gilford was walking in. Resisted telling him clear eyes, full bladder, can't lose. #TCA
sepinwall Alan Sepinwall
So, yeah. This is happening at press tour. http://yfrog.com/h5tlvij
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
@JenniferArrow I could fight him, if you like.
JenniferArrow Jennifer Arrow
Paul Lee is inoffensive and pleasant and therefore a news-free zone. Damn! #tca #abc
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
There's a "Winter Wipeout Cocoa Klatch" in the foyer. I kid you not. I hope a bunch of people get knocked down and spill all over themselves
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
"Still fits into the deeply romantic brand of ABC"...."The Bachelor." Oh, Paul, no. Come back to the light, brother.
writerchica MariaElena Fernandez
I told #ABC's Paul Lee how much I love #PrettyLittle Liars & he said, "That's not my show anymore." How easily they break up.
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
I like Paul Lee, ABC's top executive, quite a bit. He comes, initially, from the BBC. But praising Private Practice? Put the Kool-Aid down!
realityblurred Andy Dehnart
Dancing with the Stars had a "banner season" in the fall, ABC's president Paul Lee said. If so, that banner was made out of wet toilet paper
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
There's a long pause between every question Sherwood gets asked and every answer he gives. I always worry he's going to bolt.
nprmonkeysee nprmonkeysee
There have been days in the last week when I was bummed not to be at TCA. Today, ABC day, is not one of them.
EricIGN Eric Goldman
"Jake Tapper has a fantastic secret sauce that everyone should get a hold of" - ABC News president Ben Sherwood gets spicy at #TCA.
zhandlen Zack Handlen
@HitFixDaniel ...for donuts?
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Three core themes for ABC News: Unity. Creativity. And donuts. Wait. Not donuts. Reach. #tca #abc

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