Monday, January 10, 2011

Good TVeets

I haven't had time to group these by show as I usually like to do, so after the jump, they're just listed in reverse chronological order. Starting from the bottom and reading up is the way to go.

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ConanOBrien Conan O'Brien
Just saw "Storage Wars," where people bid on items in storage containers. Mankind is two months away from being completely out of ideas.

BrentPiaskoski Brent Piaskoski
If I ever had to sit beside me as I channel surfed, I would kill me.

OnionSports Onion Sports Network
#Ravens: Have everything you want in a playoff team, but not enough to keep you from talking about The Wire for 90% of their game

zhaldeman Zach Haldeman
While we're on the subject of irresponsible political rhetoric, let's talk about irresponsible TV showrunner rhetoric...I mean, what if @memles ever does masturbate on his blog? We'll see how fast @sutterink deletes those tweets then.#timeforachange
TheRealJethro Jethro Nededog
Vanessa Williams' hair. Eek. #desperatehousewives
theonetruebix The One True b!X
Does the joke land if I start hashtagging it #thecrape?
theonetruebix The One True b!X
It wasn't until the Internet told me that I realized Chess' eyes were supposed to be chess pieces. ... What? #thecape
theonetruebix The One True b!X
Because it wasn't insipid enough, the ad for *next week's* episode actually has the villain saying, "Let's play." #thecape
Elisabethf Elisabeth Forsythe
"The Cape is just a tool." Yeah, that's been made ridiculously clear.
theonetruebix The One True b!X
Punch him in the dick! Sorry, wrong show. #thecape
DWincl Dan Winclechter
I totally forgot that he read comics with his son, thanks for the flashbacks! #TheCape
theonetruebix The One True b!X
"That's it! I shall become... a copyright infringement!" #thecape
JenniPowell Jenni Powell
Half hour in and still no Summer Glau. But there has been a midget and a raccoon. #thecape
theonetruebix The One True b!X
"Do we think the raccoon acted alone?" Best line of dialogue of the show so far. Really, only good line. #thecape
Aatrek Aaron
'The Cape' feels like a live-action adaptation of 'Darkwing Duck.'
theanticritic Mark O. Estes
Tonight's Real Housewives of Atlanta was brought to ME by Advil Pain & Sinus pills. Because you can't get through the episode without them.
greeney28 Karen Petruska
I don't care what critics say, #TheCape is silly goodness. Not sure I've gotten enough backstory to indicate depth, but perhaps surface fun
Game from the bro: Cop Show Doctor Show. Just flip through the channels (or through the guide on one channel) and call 'em like you sees 'em. oh, also, shows about the legal system count as "cop shows."
DamonLindelof Damon Lindelof
Who else is intrigued by THE CAPE's tricky relationship with gruff police lieutenant, THE CLIP-ON TIE?
DamonLindelof Damon Lindelof
Also looking forward to seeing THE CAPE's flirtation with jewel thief/love interest, THE SKINTIGHT LEATHER BUSTIER.

weinmanj Jaime Weinman
@zhandlen @JustinFowler "Funnier that Eliza Dushku" does not equal range. Though it puts her above the Dushku Line.
zhandlen Zack Handlen
@JustinFowler Eh, BBT just required her to be "object that responds pleasantly."

JustinFowler Justin Fowler
@zhandlen She did fine in her Big Bang Theory appearance. She was playing pretty in that.
zhandlen Zack Handlen
Haven't watched The Cape yet, but the Rule of Summer Glau is, never, _ever_ cast her as a normal person.
DamonLindelof Damon Lindelof
I can't wait to see THE CAPE fight ex-gymnast gone bad, THE LEOTARD.
franklinavenue Michael Schneider
Kathleen Parker may exit CNN's "Parker/Spitzer." That's rough; when she remembered to set her TiVo, Parker made up 7% of show's audience.
jmittell Jason Mittell
Why doesn't The Cape wear a mask? Or at least glasses? Nobody would recognize him with glasses.
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
The Cape just ended with a cliffhanger! Or maybe a touching moment! Or maybe soul-crushing dullness! #fakecapetweets
jmonjo Jeremy Mongeau
David Duchovny just said something smug. Evan Handler just sapped away the last of America's good will. #realcalifornicationtweets
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
Holy cow, Summer Glau is providing helpful radio reconnaissance on the trapeze! Naked! #fakecapetweets
jmonjo Jeremy Mongeau
I like Summer Glau, but she's really miscast here. I mean, a Mexican ninja? She just can't pull off that accent #fakecapetweets
SarahLovesTV Sarah Maines
Downton Abbey is trending in the US, but The Cape isn't. For once I'm not ashamed of my fellow Americans.
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
OMG, Richard Schiff plays a knife-wielding mime who just killed a dude by stabbing him with a knife and not talking! #fakecapetweets
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
Since I'm missing The Cape, but was so looking forward to tweeting about it, I think I'll just make up stuff and see if anyone notices.
My mother called me today to profess her love for Cougar Town, especially Lori and Ellie. My work here is done.
corybarker Cory Barker
The Cape has given me a stomach ache.
My wife is watching Clash of the Titans on HBO and I'm trying to think of a name for my blog. Maybe "My Wife's Questionable Taste in Film."
andrewkandels Andrew Kandels
I'm not sure what's worse, NBC's #thecape or terminal radiation poisoning. And coming from someone who liked #Heroes.
ckarath ckarath
They've dragged Toby into this. So sad. #thecape
jenniferegrant Jennifer Grant
If there's another poor soul who tuned into #thecape purely for Richard Schiff, could they perhaps tell me who is good and who is bad? Thx
JustinFowler Justin Fowler
I forgot The Cape was on tonight. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
JLags3 Jorie Lagerwey
On a show called the Cape, they couldn't get a real cape?
corybarker Cory Barker
Oh my lord this cape CGI is glorious.
jennyjonesie jennyjonesie
I love Maggie Smith, but just once, I'd like to see her in a role that requires jeans and t-shirts, maybe even a baseball cap.#DowntonAbbey
corybarker Cory Barker
I never thought I would say this: I'd rather be watching Californication right now.
corybarker Cory Barker
With cold, need to go to bed early. Considering NyQuil, but I figure The Cape will do the trick.
DamianLovesTV damianholbrook
I will not be watching or Watercoolering The Cape tonight because I don't hate myself that much.
Justin_Stangel Justin Stangel
Holy crap- The Fox NFL Robot just attacked Terry Bradshaw. It's horrific.
Annaleen Annalee Newitz
I'm excited to watch 2 hours of The Cape tonight. Shut up, haters. It could be awesome! Summer Glau! Superpowers! Fighting! And stuff!
tedfriedman tedfriedman
I dont get Sprint's branding message. Assholes use Sprint?
jdedman4 Jim Dedman
Nerd that I am, I guess I'll have to watch "The Cape" tonight. It's a good thing my pop culture philosophy is "Get used to disappointment."
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
Jeesh. Ken Burns' The Civil War is 21 years old? I shouldn't feel this old. #pbs #tca
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
Series like The Cape on NBC tonight are why it's great to cover this industry. A conceptual mess nobody said "no" to.
karenbs karen barragan
I'm not going to lie. The women on #BasketballWives scare me.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Hmmm... Apparently Fox News didn't "get" "Sons of Anarchy" S. 3.
sutterink kurt sutter
and this one will probably get me fired... but i think fox news is the most dangerous media outlet since the Third Reich propaganda machine.
Aseroff Andrew Seroff
When is Paula going to run out of inspirational dancers? There can't be that many of them. Season 2 title change - "Like to Dance."
sononick Nick Campbell
Yeah. I just finished two full seasons of HIMYM in a weekend. My dance card is the saddest thing you ever saw.
GregLaswell Greg Laswell
I saw a commercial last night for the new two-dollar bill. It costs $10. After much thought, I'm going to hold off.
sutterink kurt sutter
my greatest contribution to the SOA softball team is never stepping on the field. until bats can be used to deter runners i refuse to play.
fymaxwell Max Dawson
Zap2It's review of #TheCape essentially boils down to "If you have a functioning brain, you will not like this show."
NateCosBOOM Nate Cosby
Following promising word of mouth for The Cape, NBC announces new spinoff shows: The Pants, The Glove, The Codpiece, The Bat-Nipple.

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