Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good TVeets

danharmon Dan Harmon
There should be a Sniglet for the awkward feeling of realizing you've been doing quirky tweets during national tragedies.

lazytub kevin scotch
Nothing says "we expected this to be a slow news weekend" like, "we turn now to Luke Russert."

stefanjbecket Stefan Becket
CNN must have a spotlight (a la the Bat-Signal) for Wolf Blitzer. #wolfsignal

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TVMcGee Ryan McGee
It's the start of a new year for #SNL tonight. But with Jim Carrey as host, I think that year is 1997.

DamianLovesTV damianholbrook
this whole episode feels like it's high on cheap trucker meth and expired NyQuil. #SNL
weinmanj Jaime Weinman
Interesting thing about SNL weekend update: trying to figure out which of these bits are based on rejected ideas for full-fledged sketches.
at least the black keys are good. that’s something, right? right? bueller?
noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick
I hope someone dies for that skit. #SNL
DamianLovesTV damianholbrook
why haven't i laughed yet? #SNL
jennyjonesie jennyjonesie
Who else thinks Carrey walked in this week and said, "Hey, let's just wing this shiz?" #snl
greeney28 Karen Petruska
We're back! Parks and Rec! That commercial makes me so happy. All commercials should be about awesome TV shows.
Snoodit Lesley Goldberg
OK, #Glee, enough with the stunty-ness. More Chenoweth, fine. But really, Paltrow? AND more Gaga?
@Snoodit It's who they are. At this point, critiquing Glee is a lost cause because the show has Ryan Murphy'd itself x's 100.

noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick
It's weird (the article on Sorkin's process). It mentions nothing about mushrooms or cocaine.

Yes, treadmill ad, looking at Google Map street view pictures on TV while running totally makes me feel like I'm running in Paris. Good job.
jopinionated Jo Garfein
I just realized that today is 1 0 8. This message has been brought to you by someone who has given up pretending to let go. #Lost
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
Before edit, every other sentence in Cape review started with "Anyway," showing how little causal relation events in show have to each other.
slaughter90210 Maris Kreizman
It's like Twin Peaks, if Twin Peaks was acted out by a bunch of Forever 21 models. #PrettyLittleLiars

sarahdawley Sarah Dawley
I hate the NFL on NBC opening. #HATE

NoelMu Noel Murray
I've trained my kids to shout "Woooo!" whenever I shout, "It's Wild Card Saturday!" (Honestly, that's why we had them in the first place.)
noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick
2 back to back football games? *dies from boredom*

noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick
Based on responses, it's clear followers think that A) I need to watch Breaking Bad and B) need to watch football.

jmonjo Jeremy Mongeau
@noelrk Well, go for Breaking Bad. Only three seasons to catch up on. I think football is somewhere in the eighty season range right now.
noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick
Why do I need to know where these guys went to college...?#FootballWatchingNovice

CollinColeman Collin Coleman
@noelrk pick a team. Love them unconditionally. Question almost every play that doesn't work. Drink tons before, during, and after the game.

noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick @CollinColeman So I need to treat football like Lost is what you're saying? #FootballWatchingNovice

noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick
You know what will improve the NFL? A smoke monster.#FootballWatchingNovice

noelrk Noel Kirkpatrick
So. Are they like jets as in airplanes or jets as in white working-class gang who are rivals with Puerto Ricans? #FootballWatchingNovice

dloehr David J. Loehr
@noelrk It goes down a lot more easily with the West Side Story soundtrack. Also, happier ending.
coopatc Ross Cooper
NBA Team broadcast crew messes up, projects Earl Boykins' name in the screen as "Earl 'Motherf****n' Boykins" LOL
johnmoe John Moe
I believe in limiting kids' screen time and all but it's 10 below, I'm a solo parent of 3 this weekend, and shut up.
Bryan_Murphy Bryan Murphy
Why can't every member of the cast play Spartacus? RT @MoTancharoen there will be 2nd season of Spartacus. No casting news now (via @moryan)

JohnFugelsang John Fugelsang
History Channel just dropped their JFK miniseries, saying it didn't fit with their brand. As opposed to 'Ice Road Truckers.'
stamos Annie Stamell
If I've learned anything from #FNL it's this: strippers really do have hearts of gold!

Jayne_Statue Jayne Statue
Apparently Ma Cobb is watching #Firefly on Ovation for the first time. Just got a call from her saying: "I saw your statue on TV!!"
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
We're being lectured now on the importance of forgiveness. Even for Jeff Zucker? #tca #pbs
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
The room has emptied out. It's time for me to philosophize with these people about the writings of Niebuhr. #pbs #tca
dloehr David J. Loehr
@tvoti Watch out, @BastardMachine still has his Oprah pen.
elgray Ellen Gray
Sitting in back of room for "Best of Laugh-In" panel -- so far back, Ruth Buzzi, Gary Owens, Lily Tomlin and JoAnne Worley all look ageless.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg  
@elgray Come closer. They're not. At all. Ageless. In the slightest.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
"Does Christopher Robin's friendship with Winnie gift false impressions of man-bear relations?" #questionikindaasked
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
Explosions In The Sky music seems to score this bears special. I hope the grizzlies defeat the Panthers. #tca
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Baby bears are freakin' adorable. That's my critical opinion. #tca#pbs #wantone
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
"They work alone," says a Nature executive of bears. Unless, of course, they're smarter than average. #tca #pbs
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
Asked if any other original Upstairs/Downstairs people were in the new one, Jean Marsh said, "They're all dead, aren't they?" Love the Brits. And then Eileen Atkins mentioned someone else wanted to be in it, "But then he shot himself." And they all laughed. And it's a true story.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
New "Upstairs, Downstairs" has a fine cast of British actors who will soon be asked to play Americans on network pilots. Ed Stoppard, for example, *clearly* has American Lawyer, American Doctor or American Politician written all over him.
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
Upstairs Downstairs now features a comical monkey. #pbs #tca
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
New Upstairs/Downstairs about to begin. It's got one drunk dad, six kids, and...wait, that's Shameless.
dloehr David J. Loehr
@BastardMachine That's Downstairs/Downstairs.
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Long "Masterpiece Theatre is Awesome" clip package indicates strongly that "Masterpiece Theatre" is awesome. #pbs
BastardMachine Tim Goodman
PBS day. On a Saturday. With NFL playoffs. God, I'm sure these tweets will really hit the mark...
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
PBS totes are festooned w/a variety of individual "Sesame Street" characters. I selected Grover. Duh. Anybody who selected Elmo for the PBS TCA tote can expect a shunning. I'm a Muppet racist. #tca #pbs
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
"Augmented reality" is the buzz-phrase of this PBS Kids panel. It doesn't refer to getting kids high. #tca #pbs
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
PBS Kids session makes me pretty certain having children is a lousy idea. Everything messes them up! #tca
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Does watching TV make kids stupider? Not surprisingly, PBS Kids panelist argues "No." #pbs #tca
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
I can honestly say that personifying fiber as a cowboy would not have occurred to me, which is why I don't work in children's TV.#pbs #tca
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
Jose Andres session was fantastic. I think he's my best friend now?#tca
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
"Maybe we don't have the nicest looking hosts," Jose Andres offers as a disclaimer for #PBS. #tca
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
Jose Andres is actually getting choked up talking about PBS' role in his family and citizenship. He rules. #pbs
tvoti Todd VanDerWerff
Jose Andres is surrounded by pigs! DO THEY KNOW HE WANTS TO EAT THEM?! #tca
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
How has NBC not built a sitcom around Jose Andres? What? It worked for Emeril! #pbs
HitFixDaniel Daniel Fienberg
I do not have a "PBS fed me chorizo and churros for breakfast" dance. But if I did, I'd be doing it... #tca

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