Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Good TVeets

TVKel : #VagueEpiDescription The threat of Dennis Leary's ass as Tommy sleeps with Sheila and/or Janet again and again and again. #RescueMe

maskedscheduler :  #VagueEpiDescription FLASH FORWARD: Been there, done that.

aboynamedart : House: It's Not Lupus. Probably. #VagueEpiDescription

emcgillivray : Torchwood: Are you breathing? Jack will sleep with you. Oh, yeah, there's some aliens and time travel #VagueEpiDescription

TVDoneWright : #VagueEpiDescription Sons of Anarchy: Badass bikers show some serious man-love, but IT'S NOT GAY!

TVKel : Lady doctors sleeping w/ hot McInsertAdjective here co-stars. Occasionally patient care happens #VagueEpiDescription any Shonda Rhimes show

cautionwriter : #VagueEpiDescription Medium: Middle aged woman has crazy dreams. She says she talks to dead people. She could be delusional. Who knows?

barbhaynes : GOSSIP GIRL: Everyone sleeps w/ each other, Chuck pouts in polysyllables, Serena's boobs upstage all. #VagueEpiDescription

TVandDinners : #VagueEpiDescription Gossip Girl: Serena, Serena, Serena, Serena, Serena, Serena, Serena, Serena.

blindreviews : #VagueEpiDescription #Entourage: Ari yells, E tries to be a Hollywood player, Drama

StefAtTVDotCom : HIMYM #VagueEpiDescription: Barney wears suits & talks about boobs, Ted is still single, everyone drinks.

cautionwriter : #VagueEpiDescription Rizzoli and Isles: They may or may not be lesbians.

cmcandela : #VampireDiaries: Stefan broods. Elena swoons. Damon says something snarky. #VagueEpiDescription

cautionwriter : #VagueEpiDescription Supernatural: Complicated mythology the fans don't really care then squeal when the cast does sexy stuff.

TubeAddict : Next week on #Bones: Unresolved Sexual Tension #VagueEpiDescription

CriMiBird : #VagueEpiDescription Bones: There are some bones, they do some investigating, the fans bitch about something or another.

maskedscheduler :  #VagueEpiDescription GLEE: Weird shit happens. They sing.

indie_pendent : #VagueEpiDescription Community: The study group does something offbeat and don't do much studying at all. Abed says something very meta.

emcgillivray : Battlestar Galactica: Science, science, RELIGION! #VagueEpiDescription

JazminsThoughts : #CougarTown Courtney Cox is neurotic in her kitchen with quirky neighbors...and wine #VagueEpiDescription

jennpozner : Parenthood: Lauren Graham cries, is vulnerable. Craig T Nelson contains his anger. Dax Sherpard smirks. #VagueEpiDescription

Claremonster : Des Moines Vice #lessambitioustv

ChelseyLora : Friday Day Practice #LessAmbitiousTV

ChelseyLora : Irritated Men #LessAmbitiousTV

ultimatechimera : Clarissa Explains One Thing #lessambitioustv

marisasmith : Walker, Park Ranger #LessAmbitiousTV

McSimilian : #~lessambitiousTV Curb your O.K. feeling

APKeatonLunchbx : Doogie Howser, Average Kid #lessambitioustv

red3blog : How I Met This Guy That One Time #lessambitioustv

KyleTJMerkley : John and Kate Plus 1 #lessambitioustv

TVandDinners : I know zombies are popular right now, but come on now. #LivetoDance

corybarker : Hey, guys! Now it's time for #VSeriesonABCYeahTheTelevisionShowNotThatMovieWithBaldNataliePortmanorAnythingElse!

JustinFowler : One of the many problems with V is that there's supposed to be this grand worldwide resistance, but it appears to be composed of 5 people.
corybarker : @JustinFowler You're wrong. There are 4 of them.

JustinFowler : Noooo! People of Earth, don't fall for Morena Baccarin's terrible Vagenda!

Aseroff : Hardcore Pawn affirms two things: that people love watching shows about junk, and people don't mind inappropriate adjectives.

BrentPiaskoski : Just had a chilling thought. What if Kirk Cameron is right? Wish I had paid closer attention to 'Growing Pains'.

MattMitovich : Surely someone at ABC is thinking, These birds couldn't have dropped out of the sky when #FlashForward was ON?

kevinlig : After a two year hiatus, Primeval's back. And apparently its camerapeople have developed a drinking problem during that time.

corybarker : I want to talk to my parents about The Good Wife, but don't want them to laugh at me and say “Wait, you watch something on CBS?”

tvoti : I'm going to TCA tomorrow, and I have this terrible cold. If I don't spread it to at least three of your favorite TV critics, I have failed.

jacobtwop : The only thing better than organized things is having all of your James Van Der Beek organized. ~

popscribblings : Now that we have Pacey-Con & Vandermemes, it's time for Katie Holmes to parody her unfortunate orange skin & hair on Dawson's latter seasons.

BrentPiaskoski : Oh, American Idol, you're like that crazy girl I swore I was done with, then you come back and it's “Well, going for coffee couldn't hurt.”

HitFixDaniel : Friday Night Lights may be ending, but I'd watch a Ladies of The Landing Strip spinoff.

danieltwalters : Tonight's episode of No Ordinary Family introduces a family that, like all families, are more interesting than the No-Ordinary Family.

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