Sunday, January 2, 2011

Good TVeets

Justin_Stangel : So much hockey on TV tonight. I remember when networks would put on programming people wanted to watch.

HockeyBacon : I'll admit the #winterclassic is great for hockey because it attracts the non-fan. For instance, the guy who is directing the NBC cameras.

TVDoneWright : The ice looks sloppier than Snooki at New Year's Eve...or in general #WinterClassic

BrentPiaskoski : Quit talking about wet spots. I'm not mature enough to handle it. #WinterClassic

wyshynski : If Crosby dives during this Winter Classic, will it actually splash? #NBC

EricStangel : Winter Classic Fact- Because of communication error, the game is in Pittsburgh, NBC cameras are in Harrisburg #ICan'tSee … Can't wait to watch Sportscenter later to find out what the hell is happening #CameraAnglesAreCrazy!

Justin_Stangel : I hear the director's 8 year old son Kenny is really directing tonight's Winter Classic #CameraAnglesAreCrazy

Memles : Parents/neighbors aren't buying my theory that first fight of the Winter Classic was staged to play into HBO's reliance on fights in 24/7.

BrentPiaskoski : Best part so far of NBC coverage, explaining that the C on Crosby stood for captain. I thought it was for “cutie.” #NBC #WinterClassic

ericstonestreet : u know the drill people. answer this question for me. RT @Only_A_Hayden are you really gay? Or is that just a character?
MattMitovich : @ericstonestreet Are you really father to a Vietnamese baby? Or is that just the character?
televisionary : @ericstonestreet Are you really named Cameron Tucker? Or is that just a character?

ITveee : It's gotten to the point where I just read the title A Very #Supernatural Christmas and automatically get emotional. The power of Carver.

TomatoNation : @mattzollerseitz on his assignment to cover the OWN Network launch: “Oh, fuck. What have I gotten myself into?”

jeffjarvis : What amazes me about Oprah is that first you're told how screwed up you are and then her docs can cure you.  … On #OWN celebs are allowed to be brilliant and together. Real people are messes (until rescued).

anniemal : Oprah's viewers are her puppets. She plays them like a concerto. And not for the greater good.

franklinavenue : This just in: The Oprah Winfrey Network has invaded, conquered the Lifetime Movie Network. OWN WILL NOT BE STOPPED.

tvoti : I'm feeling much better about my unilateral decision of last night to simply ignore the launch of OWN.

FayebellineW : This Eastenders baby death/swap plot is not going to help convince my critical practice students show's not depressing/take it seriously.

BrentPiaskoski : Watching a marching bands is like turning on a soap opera. They all sound the same and I don't care which one it is.
noelrk : And they're always better if someone falls down some stairs.

KenLevine : Got Rose Bowl on mute. Even Brent Musberger's closed captions are boring and insipid.

inessentials : 2010: mostly sucked, nobody seemed to be paying attention, but a few real highlights. Truly, it was the NBC programming of years.

adamfairholm : If you are oddly dressed, attractive women will laugh at you and deny you the right to purchase Miller Light. #greatmomentsinadvertising

M_Somerville : I think if Beyonce was doing that herky jerky dance in my living room I'd watch the TV too.

inessentials : Basically all a fetus can do is punch, kick, and spin. The womb is an 8 bit video game.

stamos : Ive watched zero TV on this trip, however I did see #TheVampireDiaries playing in a hotel the other night. Damon looks just as hot in Peru.

televisionary : Just sliced four lbs of onions, shallots, leeks for English onion soup. Have not cried this much since Toy Story 3. Antidote: more #Archer.

weinmanj :  Realized today most cult flops are like AMERICAN IDOL contestants: so important to us for a few months, so quickly forgotten afterward.Which would make the occasional remembered cult flop, your FREAKS & GEEKS or FIREFLY, the equivalent of... um... Clay Aiken?
JustinFowler : Freaks and Geeks is Kelly Clarkson. Huge, meanwhile, was always destined to be Ruben Studdard.

BrentPiaskoski : I've never seen anybody get hit in the eye with a flying champagne cork but I bet it's as funny as it is on sitcoms.

crossconference : Are we SURE espnW is NOT some sort of side project of Never Not Funny?

marisaroffman : I'm still not convinced #TheCape isn't some sort of massive SNL parody sketch.

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