Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good TVeets

tvcasualties : Dick Clark doesn't look a day over dead 5 years ago. Happy New Year!

JBFlint : I just paused New Years on my DVR. I'll deal with it in the morning.

TVMcGee : Bono & The Edge will be on Carson Daly's NYE show tonight. Which probably means the ball will drop...on 100 civilians. #TurnOffTheDark 

wcdixon : Two pretty decent New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys tribute bands just performed on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve.

TVandDinners : On this first morning of 2011, TLC is airing a marathon of obese people shows. Thanks for the extra reminder I'm fat, guys.

KayReindl :  Happy new year, tweeps! And now that we're safely out, I can say it - FUCK YOU, 2010. You didn't even TRY. And also - 2011 has already survived the sight of a preserved Dick Clark mouth-humping that woman. So it's resilient!

ShawnRyanTV : Tonight I continued a 20 year long tradition of not sitting in line overnight to watch the Rose Parade. That's what TV is for.

mightytoycannon : Which channel should I be watching if I don't want to feel really lame about watching TV on New Year's Eve?

MikeRoyce : Catching WAY up on DVR... I just watched the paintball episode of #community which means I had a better New Year than anybody in the world.

BrentPiaskoski :  I know this whole zombie thing is really in right now, but I think the Dick Clark zombie is in bad taste. #2011 … What is it Jenny McCarthy does and why doesn't zombie Dick Clark eat her?

Kpengell : Jenny McCarthy on Dick Clark's Rocking New Year's Eve is a lot like Jenny McCarthy on Singled Out: irritating.

KevyMetalWorld : Ke$ha looks like a Dakota Fanning who made all the wrong life choices. #newyearsrockineve

JBFlint : All I want to do tomorrow is sit back and relax with my favorite channel - Discovery Health. What?

rakesofmallow : I'm a little disappointed in the amount of references to Golden Globe Nominee Scott Caan during this game. I had the over. #SunBowl

JohnFugelsang : Dr. Drew, we're here because we love you, and we're concerned about your addiction to exploiting addicts on TV.

MattMitovich : I'm just sayin' - #TheChicagoCode screener should have come with a deep-dish pizza.

ChelseyLora : “What (in) the hell are you doin'?” is like Coach Taylor's signature line #FNL

HartHanson : @marisaroffman I'm on board with these ~ except product placement. If it's subtle, the sponsor won't accept it. EOS.

zhandlen : In bar. Roommate and I have determined that Breaking Bad is just a sophisticated remake of Dukes of Hazard.

barbhaynes : Has anyone watched #Terriers without falling in love with @MRaymondJames?

Continuation of the @sutterink-@memles drama thread:
sutterink : @Memles here's the deal, man, artists hate critique. you are an artist, therefore when i critique you & your ilk, you too, dislike it. yes?
Memles : @sutterink Absolutely, Kurt - You have every right to be defensive. It's the broad generalized attacks on our profession which concern me.
sutterink : @Memles and THAT more or less was the point of my blog.
Memles : @sutterink A fine point, but I think that many critics have been going beyond generalized commentary. Agree or disagree, they've watched.
sutterink : @Memles yes, it wasn't about ALL bloggers. but we both know that more than half are fucking hacks generating quick content for hits.
HitFixDaniel : @sutterink And which of those fucking hacks generating quick content have the ability to sway or shape the collective conversation?
Memles : @sutterink Those people exist - you and I probably share many opinions about them. I just don't want THAT to be default blogger image.
sutterink : 3 bloggers whom i respect tremendously. @TVbytheNumbers @MattMitovich @AprilMac @James_Hibberd … a few critics whom i respect @moryan @sepinwall @BastardMachine @poniewozik
ShawnRyanTV : Should we guess which one you disrespect? RT @sutterink: 3 bloggers i respect tremendously. @TVbytheNumbers @MattMitovich @AprilMac @James_Hibberd
Memles : @sutterink I see how some of the comments on your post took those comments, and I see a rejection of critics period, not just the hacks. ... I know you don't feel that way - your lists are spot-on - but that became a takeaway. And that's my concern.
HitFixDaniel : @Memles You've now reached the self-flagellating portion of Kurt's tweet-cycle. If ever you wanted to ask him for a pony, NOW'S THE TIME!

TVMcGee : @Memles I've read it, and I'm still confused. Which one of you is Lawler and which one of you is Kaufman? … Getting the weird feeling that H. G. Bissinger has hacked into @sutterink's Twitter feed. @Memles is the new Will Leitch, I guess.

sutterink : dear blogoshere, tweeting is an impulsive, immediate outlet that requires little or no filtering, that's why it's so enlightening and fun. you cannot hold people responsible for tweets they've made as if they were researched fact or thoughtful missives. that's just fucking retarded. you're fucking this whole twitter thing up for insane reactionaries like myself.
crsbecker : Damn, now we're ruining Twitter for Kurt Sutter. We really suck.

HitFixDaniel : Hey @JohnSolbergFX, is it too late to add a 45-min “Kurt Sutter yells at the TCA panel” to your day?
JohnSolbergFX : You meant 2 hours and 45 minutes, right?

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