Friday, October 22, 2010

Prime-Time Ratings: Thursday

Thursday night's fast nationals: Baseball improved, but still couldn't beat out CBS, which won the night, while most everything else fell. Broadcast finals. Thursday's cable ratings.

In other ratings news, ratings within the 2-11 demo are up.

Ratings tweets:
BigTVfan So the show most affected by Baseball last night GREYS - 4.6- down to a 3.9, biggest plunge, yeah that makes sense
BrianStelter Just in: 6.1 million viewers for "Jersey Shore" season 2 finale, MTV says. Season 1 closed with 4.8 million viewers. (More from Stelter on this)
JBFlint More people watched Jersey Shore than watched NBC last night. Maybe it's time for a Situation cameo on 30 Rock. (Flint has also written more than 140 characters on NBC's ratings problems today)

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