Monday, October 18, 2010

New In Media Res

This week's In Media Res focus: Case Study in a Regional Media Archive

Monday October 18, 2010 – Elizabeth Hansen (Texas Archive of the Moving Image) presents: We Oughta Be in Pictures: Watching Texas on

Tuesday October 19, 2010 – Horace Newcomb (University of Georgia/Director of Peabody Awards) presents: Media Archives and the Persistence of Memory

Wednesday October 20, 2010 – John Slate (Dallas Municipal Archives, City of Dallas) presents: When Hyperbole and Propaganda Clash: Texas, the Big State

Thursday October 21, 2010 – Afsheen Nomai (Texas Archive of the Moving Image) presents: How To Make Home Movies Matter?

Friday October 22, 2010 – Caroline Frick Page (Texas Archive of the Moving Image founder/Curator of Motion Pictures at George Eastman House): Rethinking American Media History, or Why Care About “How Motor Cars and Other Living Things Can Find Happiness in the Dallas Freeway System”

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