Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Flow Issue

The Potential of Vernacular Video for Queer Youth by Daren C. Brabham: An examination of the potential positive and negative roles of video in the lives of LGBTQ youth, and a call to action for members of the critical scholar community.

Black Guy Corner: What the Upfront Photos Say about the State of TV by
Cindy Conaway and Sheila Marie Aird: A critical examination of "upfronts," the photographs distributed by television studios to promote new shows.

The Politics of 'dirt' in Dirty Jobs by Andrew King: The concept of dirt is used as a way to explore significant class taboos in the Discovery Channel series, Dirty Jobs. King's article examines the politics behind the production of this program.

That's Democratainment: Obama, Rumor Bombs, and Primary Definers by
Jayson Harsin: In this article, Jayson Harsin reconsiders the definition of news in
response to the emergence of the rumor bomb and convergence culture.

Masculinity and Authenticity: Reality TV's Real Men by Christopher Lockett: A look at the visions of blue-collar masculinity provided by reality TV.

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