Monday, October 18, 2010

Mad Men Reviews

Reviews of Mad Men's finale from Myles McNutt (plus Myles at Antenna, plus Myles' critics round-up, with exclusives from Todd VanDerWerff and Doc Jensen), James Poniewozik, Alan Sepinwall, Maureen Ryan, Eric Deggans, Keith Phipps, Ryan McGee, Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Logan Hill, Nick Campbell, Heather Havrilesky, Tom & Lorenzo, Gina Bellafante, Meredith BlakeJace Lacob, Meredith O'Brien, Linda Holmes, Slate's TV Club, Matt Zoller Seitz, Brian Moylen, Tim Goodman, Jim Emerson. Cory Barker wonders if we're able to not like an episodeMatt Weiner discusses the finale, also in video form with cast members.

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