Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good TVeets

NoelMu : Jayson Werth doesn't recognize your bullshit MC.

HitFixDaniel : It makes me disproportionately happy that they never recast the funny-looking kid playing Gracie on FNL.

zhandlen : So #Fringe _and_ #Community are in danger of cancellation? This clinches that I'm on the wrong Earth, I think. To the elevators!

noelrk : There's an entertaining show in The Defenders, but the writers seem to have
decided they don't want that show.

corybarker : So, when does Timothy Olyphant shoot Dwight? Soon, right? #TheOffice

stamos : CBS says a big fuck you to all the other networks, renewing all their new shows AND Lone Star AND My Generation!

TVKel : TV networks can giveth full season orders, but they can also taketh them away later. It is still early, don't get excited folks.

HitFixDaniel : So far, no full-season pickups for ABC or The CW, right? Where my Hellcats back-nine at, yo?

televisionary : It truly is the season of middling broadcast shows.

weinmanj : CBS and NBC are like mirror images: the former picks up everything because they're all doing OK, the latter because they have nothing else.

Zap2itRick : Here's what I want: For the d-bag in the Nissan Juke ad and the tool from the State Farm ads to be in a mutually destructive car crash.

TVWithoutPity : Worst thing about the upcoming #MichelleTrachtenberg crime series? The knowledge that we'll watch every minute of it. ~

adamfairholm : Just read a story about a town losing all of its jobs overseas and falling into disrepair. But hey, who's ready for Outsourced tonight???

BastardMachine : The only outrage I have over the Glee GQ photos is that Santana wasn't in them.

danielthomsen : Anytime a sentence on Fox News is begun with "Look, I'm not a bigot, but...," you can be pretty sure some moron's about to get fired.

johnmcquaid : On the plus side, Juan Williams is now free to attend the Stewart/Colbert rally.

mikemadden : I'm no bigot, but if I see a cable news pundit walking toward me on the street, I get nervous.

laermer : KPMG's CEO asked on CNBC where taxes will be after midterm election; says I have no crystal ball. Won't be a guest again f'sure.

inessentials : Finally watched TERRIERS pilot. As its ratings attest, there is a reason broadcast execs don't allow show leads to have beards. Nobody wants to see Tom Bergeron with a beard. Or Puck or Finn. Or Michael Weston. America loves a clean-shaven man. ... As @arbitraryegg reminds me, America loves stubble (House, Jack, Dexter). So we like hirsute men who flirt with facial hair?

cehowell6 : Why am I transfixed by #LiveCocoCam? Anticipation of the unexpected, interaction via liveness and twitter, &/or the hypnotic disco light?  ... Whoever thought to place #LiveCocoCam on a stairway landing is brilliant. I imagine my HS drama teacher praising the blocking on 3 levels.noelrk : @cehowell6 Normally I have to pay 3.95 a minute to watch people in bear outfits exercising... #LiveCocoCam

ZeitchikLAT : Tivo thought: Phillies-Giants nat'l anthem had Huey Lewis leading a barbershop quartet. And they say baseball is out of touch.

JuddApatow : I deleted my Mad Men spoiler but it is Wed and if you haven't bothered to watch yet... Don't tell me what happened on last episode of Soap. ... English tweeters. Do not spoil the last episode of The Young Ones for me.

fymaxwell : I'm personally hoping that FOX takes the Cablevision fight to all MSOs, sparing the rest of the nation from the #Glee Rocky Horror theme ep.

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