Friday, October 29, 2010

Good TVeets

danharmon : Community is on at 8:30 tonight. Remember that, but don't tell 30Rock fans. #EyeballAmbush

tvoti : Holy shit, this Community has solved television.
danharmon : @tvoti Maybe I'm biased but I think you just solved reviewing!

iwatchTVshows : Sorry, every Halloween thing on television ever. @danharmon beat you.

tvoti : I can only imagine families leaving on their TVs after Scared Shrekless for Community.

kbiegel : #Community was amazing. And my name is Kevin. So I kind of shit my pants at the end. And that's the mark of good TV.

danharmon : Actually, I paid for those out-of-pocket. #COULDNOTWAITTOSAYTHAT. RT @TVKel Plus they also sprung for a special opening credits!

stayingin : How is Vampire Diaries able to shock/surprise me every week? I've watched enough TV that I should be immune, but yet... #TVD

gladyssantiago : I hate how local news shows try to be coy w/ celebrity news. Don't tease me. I'll just Google the info myself. Mariah Carey's pregnant btw

senecadoane : One day the characters on Outsourced will remember they work for a novelty company. One day.

BobbyRiversTV : In my Roger on 'American Dad' voice: “Lea Michele. Enough Already.”

apresledeluge : Reading Ian Brennan's Wikipedia page explains so much about Glee and the Problem of Schuester: “In 2005, a choir director at Prospect High was accused of inappropriate behavior with a student and was later convicted of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Brennan was inspired by these events.”

poniewozik : Just taped NBC Nightly News seg on #rally4sanity. Feel like I've been on-air talking abt Jon Stewart this week more than he has. Re TV taping: when I actually show up at the office in a tie, I think ppl assume someone died. #notarealgrownup

weinmanj : Yike, look at the viewership for In Treatment (which I like) I wish Terriers was on HBO.

SarahLovesTV : I'm wearing a #Chuck shirt and some random dude just high-fived me for being awesome. Chuck fans are the best!

TVKel : I only want #SterlingsGold as an audiobook read by the author #MadMen

HitFixDaniel : Big Love officially has only one more season left to resolve things to Chloe Sevigny's satisfaction.

noelrk : So we had the death of SF on TV yesterday. Can we get some articles on the death of polygamy on TV now?

poniewozik : Lesson of Bill Carter's Jaypocalypse VF excerpt: the guy with the better contract wins. ~

michaelianblack : It just occurred to me that if I was the star of Two and a Half Men, I might need to do a lot of drugs, too.

jeffjarvis :  Catching up with @dailyshow now. Love how Stewart held Obama's feet to the fire ... and called him dude. Jon Stewart's argument that he's just a funnyman will not wash anymore.

stayingin : ABC getting lots of heat on Twitter for its rapping Charlie Brown ad. Bright side (for ABC): At least people are watching commercials.

HitFixDaniel : Really, Charlie Brown? Word? Lucy's gonna pop a cap in yo ass for that one. #lamepromo

Syfy : Q) @ang_drw Is there anything fans can do to make sure they're being 'counted' for a particular show?
Syfy : A) Good Q. We count everything we can: ratings, streams, dvd sales, itunes, amazon, hulu, vod, dvr, etc. That's why the #1 way to help any show is to get new viewers to try it.
Syfy : Q) @cgr In the past you have said the only thing that counts is live viewers, & that stuff like DVR was meaningless. Am I mistkn?
Syfy : A) What matters MOST is live viewing because that's where most revenue comes from today (maybe not tomorrow) but we track everything we can.
Syfy : Q) @Brendan_Charles  Live viewing is a bit of an antiquated way of tracking though isn't it?
Syfy : A) Live viewing is definitely changing but it's not antiquated. The whole biz CONSTANTLY changes. Always. Every day.
Syfy : Q) @Brendan_Charles You expect people to pay a monthly fee to have to be at home, at a certain time, for an hour? With ads?
Syfy : A) No, just saying that's most helpful to health of show today. Our content is avail on many platforms and in many ways, though. 
Syfy : RT @sunrisepromo As someone who is only able to watch shows online via Hulu, I am insulted that my viewership is not important.
Syfy : All viewers r important so u shouldn't feel insulted. Today most revenue happens to come from live TV ratings tho. Reality not judgment
Syfy : RT @soxite I hope live ratings will lose control, especially in a genre like Sci Fi, online viewership could easily make up the majority
Syfy : @soxite that will happen. What also needs to happen is a biz model that supports online viewing. No one is there yet.
JerryGilreath : @Syfy  Craig, your parent company makes the decisions about how they determine viewership, live vs. online, it's not arbitrary. Or is it? :-)
Syfy : A) It's an industry standard, the currency of TV if you will. We could count something different but unless everyone else did it won't help.
ElNushio : @Syfy Here's the thing. You're only counting USA viewers when determining success of series. Always ignoring your international audiences.
Syfy : We are a US network. The studio that makes #caprica handles international distribution and counts those viewers etc.Theoretically if international sales and viewers were big enough they could continue the show but in reality the US is the biggest TV market

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