Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good TVeets

ITveee : THE FINAL SEASON OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS STARTS TONIGHT. Just looking at that sentence makes my heart ache. This is the time every year when I remember that I forgot to become best friends with someone who has DirecTV. Curses. #FNL #cleareyesfullhearts

EnergyTanks : Oh and if anyone spoils Friday Night Lights I will [insert most painful thing you imagine happening to you in your lifetime].

cadlymack : I want Coach Taylor to be my dad. And my mentor. And my religious advisor. AMAZINGNESS via @mikeylikestv

BorowitzReport  Tonight on The Daily Show, the most powerful man in America will sit down with Barack Obama.

fymaxwell : Today I learned from a student that MTV is using Jersey Shore & #4sq to promote STD awareness. Pauly D became the mayor of the clinic!

weinmanj : Fodder for my conspiracy theory that Marie Claire's fatties article was a plant to make Mike & Molly seem progressive

corybarker : Just at this moment, I miss Scrubs. ... Okay, that moment's gone.

jmittell : Pushing Daisies is the world's most televisual comfortable sweater. I want to drape myself in it.

wcdixon : Surprised all tv critics wanted to talk about today was Glee...last nights THE GOOD WIFE was superb example of a great network TV episode. Some weeks better than others, but THE GOOD WIFE consistently takes predictable legal cases you've seen before and turns them on their head. If you're missing your Mad Men or Breaking Bad, make The Good Wife compulsory viewing FTW (as opposed to FML, as the kids say). The preceeding tweets were brought to you by CBS: Yes we are known as the CSI network, but we also have The Good Wife.

KayReindl : SyFy has canceled Caprica. Because it has science fiction and goodness in it. Can't have THAT on a network dedicated to it.

JhonenV : So long Caprica. I'll miss spending time with your characters that all HATED being in the future or LOATHED being awesome robots.

maskedscheduler : Nielsen just announced that they can provide live+7 ratings two days after initial telecast but it will cost us.

weinmanj : Will there ever again be a big broadcast hit at 10 o'clock? Maybe NBC had the right idea in cutting the hour, just the wrong solution (Leno)

42inchtv : I know it's Wednesday because Wednesday is the day when everyone TV critic on Twitter begs people to watch Terriers, and then no one does.

apresledeluge : In the womb. Mozart : smart :: Whedon : awesome. RT @whedonesque At what age should children be allowed to watch Firefly and Serenity?

vaupel : What happens when you don't turn off the TV & just let it run while doing other things? Larry the cable guy.

TVKel : When they kill/ship off Dax Sheppard's character will be the episode after that I watch #Parenthood. He overpowers my will to see L. Graham

Zap2itRick : If the NBC-@ConanOBrien-masturbating bear suit he discusses in RS happens, I so want to cover the trial: ~

loganpoppy : You know how I know The Price is Right is the best game show ever? Even Drew Carey can't mess it up.

poniewozik : Exactly. RT @RevDJChadEsq If comedy is revealing truth and exposing hypocrisy, can't #Rally4Sanity serve comedic AND political goals? 
poniewozik  Put another way, I don't get idea that #Rally4Sanity must be EITHER entertaining or serious. Simpleminded. Misses whole pt of satire.

mattthomas : When I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see Charlie Sheen, I get worried. I get nervous.

TVKel : Another plothole just occurred to me - will #Glee now choose another show for its school musical that we just found out about last night?

theonetruebix : At this point I mainly consider Ryan Murphy's #glee episodes the price we pay for the rest of the show.

loganpoppy : For all you GLEE RH haters, just wait until the John Cage episode.

tvoti : I can't believe I'm now defending Glee in the comments section for an episode I gave an F to.
zhandlen : @tvoti It was a well-written review. I watched the pilot ep, hoping to see what you saw in it, and-there's just nothing _there_.
tvoti : @zhandlen Glee is emphatically not a show for everyone. I just hate when folks who reflexively dislike it pretend they have secret wisdom.
zhandlen : @tvoti Okay. It's not something I begrudge anyone for liking; I just have serious problems with what I see as its cheap use of sentiment.
tvoti : @zhandlen It definitely uses sentiment cheaply some of the time. The problem with Glee is that even its flaws are inconsistently applied.
zhandlen : @tvoti I don't think I'm smarter for not liking it. Just that I'm watching it differently, which makes me sad.
tvoti : @zhandlen I don't think you feel that way. I just hate people who pretend neg. opinions are more authentic than positive ones.
zhandlen : @tvoti I can be, though. I think it's a trap that's easy to fall into; it's always safer to dislike something. But Glee is the sort of a show I would've adored ten years ago, and it would've broken my heart. So I'm all detached and sarcastic about it now.
tvoti : @zhandlen Oh, I totally get that. I'm that way about THE EVENT.

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