Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good TVeets

hollisg : #GLEE Rocky Horror episode was like watching it performed by the theater troupe at a bible camp.

danielletbd : Will gets grosser in each episode. Remember the teacher your parents always warned you not to stay after school w/? This is him. #GLEE #RHPS

weinmanj : So every Ryan Murphy episode of Glee is about the transgressive quality of something that's actually kind of lame?

greeney28 : Feeling kinda lonely - I like #Glee. Don't expect much. Don't care about hype. Want 1 or 2 good numbers. 1 strong character moment. That's all.

tvoti : Been researching show's genesis for future piece, and it seems Murphy mostly added what everyone hates. ... Rocky Horror Glee is what happens when you try to please everyone.


inessentials : If you don't watch GLEE with a group of friends and plenty of alcohol, there's really no point in watching at all. ... I don't mean that (just) as a slam on GLEE. I honestly think that the social aspect of viewing is more important with GLEE than other shows.

ActuallyNPH : In this Sesame Street controversy, I keep getting mentioned as the 'Shoe Fairy'. False! I was the 'Fairy Shoe Person', thank you very much.

MarthaStewart : The lungs were used merely as an example. Obviously human lungs are reserved for transplant only.
timcarvell : There was context for that @MarthaStewart retweet, but I think we can all agree: It's much better without it.

ErikaJL : I really want to smack hipster kid. #toyotacommercialmakesmestabby

NoelMu : Looks like the TERRIERS title lesson has been learned. RT @Matt_Lauria Shawn Ryan/FOX drama now THE CHICAGO CODE instead of RIDE ALONG.

ShawnRyanTV : News of changing Ride-Along title to The Chicago Code is true. Reflects our belief that it's more than just a cop show...

joshgal : Eating pie and watching The Biggest Loser started as an ironic snack, but has turned into a deliciously bad tradition!

julie_bush : What's great is when you turn in your spec pilot to your agents, then the next day NBC announces a new show based on the same thing
weinmanj : @julie_bush On a happier note, it's NBC so the show has already failed and been canceled.
zhandlen : @weinmanj @julie_bush I also heard that the driver has two race cars, and neither knows about the other one, but he loves them both.
julie_bush : Wish I hadn't eaten that whole cake while I was reading the pilot out loud.
julie_bush : I cried multiple times writing my script -- no one died. I felt connected to these characters. Needless to say my show is not called The Crew.

weinmanj : The other reason for following ratings is to gloat. So I'm really glad Alex O'Loughlin is falling in the ratings because he's boring.

LaceyVRose : If Reilly had LoneStar at FX, he would have taken my 1.3 ratings+declared it a smash hit...we prolly would have collected a few trophies.
KateAurthur : @LaceyVRose Which trophies would those be? Not Emmy trophies.
LaceyVRose : @KateAurthur you hater, you. his argument: those ratings weren't so different from mad men's, and he believes the qual was just as high.
KateAurthur : @LaceyVRose I agree with one half of that assertion.

KayReindl : Oh noes... No The Event for two weeks? What if I forget what happened previously on The Event? ... It occurs to me that even though there is no new episode of The Event next week, I can still live-tweet it anyway.

HarveyLevinTMZ : one final thing for now ... there was a lot of nervousness in the production that Charlie could make it 2 more years ... CBS must be nervous.

EvanElkins : Watching 2 1/2 Men for class. Imagining every line out of Sheen's mouth as a threat screamed to a hooker.

MattMitovich : The chorus of cursing you hear is the TV infotainment shows grumbling that Sheen screwed up just a bit too soon for sweeps.

weinmanj : I have no idea if there's anything that can hurt Sheen's popularity, but watching him get away with it makes me feel sorry for Brett Butler. That is, Brett Butler was vilified (on a show by the _same people_) for doing the exact same things Sheen gets away with. Double standard?

michaelianblack : Whoa - now I'm hearing reports that there was COCAINE involved? I'm sorry, but that doesn't sound like the Charlie Sheen I know.

JBFlint : I wonder if Roger Goodell ran a network whether Charlie Sheen would be suspended.

maskedscheduler : Watching Dead Set last night reminded me that zombies are pretty much walking maggots....vampires are far more interesting.

JustinFowler : LOUIE is brilliant. That is all.

daniel_turner :Twitterers. The reason that film/tv show might be boring as you tweet, is because you are tweeting. How would u feel if you made that show? ... If i catch anyone tweeting during my new film, even when it comes out on telly in 3 years time, I will come round and pull your fingers off.

soundbyte53 : USA Today and WSJ both spinning circ numbers claiming 2 b #1...i love's just like tv ratings!

corybarker : I'm sure someone has mentioned this, but can we not make a direct correlation between the dip in Chuck quality to the loss of good writers? Rosenbaum is running V, Miller over at Human Target and Adler on NOF. That's a big chunk of the great team gone, no?

poniewozik : I'm not sure even THE WEST WING assumed its viewers watched as much cable news as 30 ROCK does.

SethKearsley : Discovered another hoarding show. On the one hand, I want to be loyal to the original but on the other, I must collect them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JeffSchultzAJC : Oh goody. It's Chris Berman talking about Brett Favre. Time to hit myself with a shovel.

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