Monday, October 25, 2010

Good TVeets

theonetruebix : I love overhearing people say "I don't watch TV" as if they've just been asked if they participate in human sacrifice and necrophilia.

charliecraig : This year's thing on TV: puking.

l_e_s : At any time, in any context, this is always relevant. RT @princesscowboy: remember: there is always money in the banana stand.

wcdixon : Was Oprah behind lack of fall tv series cancellations? “Your show is picked up! And your show is picked up! Everybody's shows are picked up!!”

Toddmartens : A Crucifictorious appearance at less than 15 mins into the first episode of Season 5 of 'FNL'! It's going to be a good season.

paulscheer : If I could live anywhere I'd live in the city that you fly through before an HBO feature presentation begins.

_mesk : Sherlock is seriously one of the best things that has appeared on TV in the past few years. #sherlock_pbs

l_e_s : recurring twitter themes so far: terrific performances, brilliant dialogue, hoyay, and sherlock's coat. Sounds right to me. #sherlock_pbs

tvoti : The Big C may be TV's most infuriating show. Seriously, this show is awful. I feel bad that I was vaguely optimistic about it at the start. There's something so CALCULATED about Showtime's shows, outside of Dexter, which probably wasn't intended to be quality. I realize that AMC, HBO, FX, etc., also have quality as a brand, but the seams don't show there nearly as much as they do on Showtime. Also, Showtime shows seem hellbent on congratulating you for watching them. You are a good person to enjoy this! How edgy you are! Actually, it's this: For the most part, HBO, FX, AMC proceed from the assumption that creator is reason to make a show. There are exceptions, obv., but those three are really interested in creators with strong voices. Everything else is gravy. On Showtime, assumption is if you put together the elements that vaguely replicate experience of watching quality TV, it will be good. That works only rarely. And network's BEST show, U.S. of Tara, has strong creator voice. Anyway, my apologies for emulating @weinmanj with several Tweets. Return to previously scheduled programming.
weinmanj : @tvoti I'm considering forming a grand unified CBS conspiracy theory - CBS, Showtime and CW all have their own form of calculated cynicism.

HitFixDaniel : 60 Minutes appears to have discovered that men enjoy watching TV shows with humor and cars. JOURNALISM!

realityblurred : Can we combine football & Andy Rooney so Amazing Race can start earlier? Also I kind of think he needs to be tackled.

inessentials : Apparently all of NBC's cameras are broken except for the ones on Favre.

ScottFilmCritic : We shouldn't mock the Quaids, as they are clearly not well, but somebody has to start a band called The Starwhackers.

BrentPiaskoski : Hey, what happened in the third episode of Glee with the gay kid, kinda happened with me and my dad, just with less singing.

cehowell6 : Watching Dollhouse while filling out grunt work of PhD applications might not have been best idea. Day has taken unexpected existential turn.

zhandlen : On tomorrow's 2.5 Men, Charlie's new girlfriend is smart and beautiful, so why is he getting cold feet? Finally, a fresh concept!

wilzmak : Wow, TOP CHEF: Just Desserts is the Jersey Shore of cooking shows. What a bunch of nut bars.

TVKel Hmmm. PBS has got the rights to the recent UK Sherlock re-imagined movie series for Masterpiece. I smell Emmy noms. because what Masterpiece airs gets Emmy noms, but if BBCAmerica or other outlet picks up UK programming it is ignored. #YouKnowItsTrue

OKBJGM : dear life...i was feeling SO roger sterling, why did you have to shout back “henry francis?”

jackburditt : You see more TV commercials for guns in the South than you see in L.A. or New York. And by more I mean one.

riggirobot : Anderson Cooper on plane 2 London. Not 4 nothin but he's best viewed on tv. In person a tiny pale weird alien. Also he refused to kiss me.

SethKearsley : Finally have HD signal, the newness has already worn off. Will probably now crave 3D TV.

LAeditor : “Celebrities make anything valuable. It's the one thing we're good for.” - Jon Stewart

julie_bush : I'm at the part of the pilot-writing process where I walk to Vons alone on a Sat night, buy myself a cake, then read it out loud.  I imagine how pathetic the Vons cashiers think I am. I want to tell them this is my 4th pilot. I know what I'm doing in their line at 10 pm.

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