Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good TVeets

weinmanj : ...the moment the Yankees were eliminated I was _delighted_ to think of crying network executives.

DamianLovesTV : poor FOX. now they're gonna have a series that will get even lower ratings than Lone Star #worldseries

KenLevine : SF vs. Tex. World Series ratings for Fox could be so bad people will think they're showing a RUNNING WILDE marathon.

tedfriedman : Tim Lincecum looks like he's starring in a Disney movie about a junior high school kid who becomes a major league pitcher.

johnmoe : Let the boy stay up late to watch what turned out to be an amazing game. Why? Because America that's why.

soundbyte53 : Flipping btwn NLCS, UFC and Oklahoma/Mizzou finish. Life is good.

kevin_nealon : My DVR is completely full which means that I will now have to store future episodes of Glee in my public storage unit.

MattMitovich : Is Emma Stone the very first Hollywood starlet to host SNL while wearing conservative slacks?

noelrk : Emma Stone will probably not make out with me is what this opening is telling me. Sigh. #SNL

noelrk : Emma Stone only agreed to do this skit for the free potato chips. #SNL

TVKel : Wow. I must not be on the right drugs. Wake me up when Jon #Hamm shows up next week. #SNL

fymaxwell : 11:52 pm, Saturday October 23. Prof. Robert Thompson is woken from sleep by a New York Times reporter seeking a quote about “souping.” #SNL

fymaxwell : Thee pitches. Three strikes. I'm out. (Keep in mind I'm talking about #SNL, not the baseball.)

stayingin : I lent my friend my Vampire Diaries season 1 DVDs. If she doesn't like the show, I think our friendship might be forever damaged.

DamianLovesTV : finally getting to watch this week's #VampireDiaries. someone needs to get Stefan a damn burger. ... Bonnie and Damon need to have hate sex for sweeps. #TVD

weinmanj : Fred Silverman told Variety ABC should exploit Modern Family's success by spinning Cam & Mitch off. I want that man running a network again.

travisyanan : It would seem I put K2-11 instead of T12-17 for the Jersey Shore finale ratings. Oh well. People being up in arms is funny :D

sononick : I suddenly remember why I want to be a writer when I finish an act in a script. I'm not sure there's a better not-naked feeling than that.

ditzkoff : Kanye: “I am an artist and my vision must not be compromised.” MTV: “But we can still interrupt with ads for '16 and Pregnant,' right?”

jeffjarvis : If cable companies are paying fees to retransmit signals that are on OUR PUBLIC AIRWAVES, shouldn't the public get a cut? ... 1st broadcasters get the gift of OUR airwaves & now they get the gift of retransmission fees taken from our hides. Smells.

Variety_StuartL : In times of great indecision, just ask yourself: “What would Stringer Bell do?”

sononick : No. It's never lupus. #house

HitFixDaniel : Crazy uptight Indians and their lack of appreciation for American sexual harassment! Oh, Outsourced. So perceptive!

loganpoppy : Who decided that crap country music should become the official music of all American Football? I want to talk to that guy.

jmittell : Interesting example of migrating fandom // RT @watchterriers: This was @watchdollhouse. It isn't now. Real tweeting begins in two days on 10/25.

tvobservatory : Tony Danza reality show, I'm watching you right now. I'm also hoping I see lots of clips of you on The Soup.

sutterink : i suggest everyone watch “the wotwots” on the hub network. it's fucking psychedelic. i can't turn away. forcing my 3 year old to watch it.

danielletbd : The case for a DVR just made itself: never would have had to sit through a commercial for #Skyline. #whogreenlightsthatshit?

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