Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good TVeets

HitFixDaniel : Simultaneously watching ALCS & Defenders. The Rangers making a World Series & Belushi starring in a show I like? Equally odd.

chitownburke : Apparently the Ms. Texas beauty pageant doesn't have a talent portion. #godblessamutebutton

EricStangel : Lance Berkman looks like an actor playing a baseball player in the background of an antiperspirant ad #Yankees #Rangers

tbrick2 : Dear Hell, It hurts to admit, but I was wrong. Please take Sam Winchester back. Feel free to get your torture on. Love, Me. #supernatural

truxtonspangler : @grant_test_API Please examine Wikileaks Iraq documents. Forward all Atlas McDowell references to me. Don't call @TheWillTravers in. #rubicon

loquaciousmuse : Dear “that's logistics” commercial, you better be fuckin grateful I don't know what you're trying to sell me, cause wow do I hate you.

TVBlogster : The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the saddest of the Real Housewives of all.

TVWithoutPity : #OTH now rivals Yes, Dear & According to Jim for inexplicable longevity. RT @tvtattle: CW orders full season of One Tree Hill

stayingin : Still taking Qs! RT @stayingin: Talking to Taylor Kinney (Mason on #TVD) later today. Got any questions for him?
thesurfreport : @stayingin sadly, every question I'm thinking of for Taylor Kinney involves the word "shirtless"

EnergyTanks : Twitter, I am predicting epic word lengths on my reviews for The Walking Dead. Cannot wait. <3

danharmon : A- and above, DON'T read comments. B and below, skip review, read comments. #OnionAVSurvivalGuide (guide only good for survival of ego)

JoshSchwartz76 : Never like hearing about ppl getting fired but... suckit tom shales. your OC review made my mom cry.

NotYerAvgChick : Greg joked he's asked Cloris to stop licking him & she said No. He said he asked her to stop jumping on him & she said no. LOL. #RaisingHope

danieltwalters : If every procedural had character beats like #Terriers, or characterization like #TheGoodWife, I wouldn't dislike procedurals so much.

moryan : Just mistyped something & came up with awesome zombie/sitcom hybrid: The Walking Dad. He hates mowing the lawn but loves braaiiins!

Rally4Sanity : #Rally4Sanity Tip # 533: If you're having trouble finding the Rally on the 30th, just follow the smell of awesome.

HartHanson : It's funny when the tv anchor tries to look like a legit insightful journalist by asking the poor field reporter one more stupid question.

zhandlen : Am currently debating what kind of racist remark I should make so I can get some of that sweet, sweet Fox News money.
weinmanj : @zhandlen Miserable fat Belgian bastards. ~
zhandlen : I live my life by one rule: Never fuck a Norwegian. #HiremeFoxNews

GailSimone : There should be a reality show where failed celebrities have to wrestle badgers, so I would have four things I hate in one show.

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