Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good TVeets

fymaxwell : Breaking news: #Survivor S22 Redemption Island cast to include @CreepyGlen. You heard it here first.

chadlavi : The Golf Channel may be one of Al Quaeda's best recruiting tools.

HartHanson : Political ads here in CA indicate that everyone running for office is an alien super villain scheming to end Humanity. Or badly lit.

JohnFugelsang They need to go all the way and just call next season 'Survivor: Evil Dumb Hot People.'

TVDoneWright : So secret Muslim gathering at Hippy Bar ? Did Glenn Beck write this episode? #LOLA

danieltwalters : #Caprica is a beautiful mess - my favorite genre of television show.

danieltwalters : Not a day goes by that I don't forget #Undercovers exists.

NoelMu : “That’s the problem with amnesiacs, they don’t get the movie references.” If that line appeals to you, please #WatchFXTerriers tonight.

thesurfreport : and now Oprah is talking about...herself. oh Oprah... #somethingsdontchange

stuartenyt : For my job at #TheNewYorkTimes, I need a Bizarro DVR: It records the commercials and fast-forwards through the programs

chitownburke : They obviously haven't checked songs on iTunes RT @nytimesarts We Could Not Be More Excited for 'Rocky Horror Glee'

Zap2itRick : Almost nothing is happening on the #LiveCocoCam, but I'm having a hard time looking away.

ApocalypseHow : The #LiveCocoCam: brilliant Internet PR stunt, or carefully camouflaged hostage situation?

NoelMu : Through an editing error, the word Columbo in my ELLERY QUEEN review became Colampires Suckumbo. Someone should totally make that show.

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