Monday, October 18, 2010

Good TVeets

(Mad Men finale spoiler-free)

EugeneMirman : Not caught up on Mad Men for season finale? Here you go: Very handsome Korean war vet sneaks into ad agency & has sex drunk.

timcarvell : Don Draper shows up in those fake Mad Men-style ads, punches everyone in the face. #MadMenPredictions

andylevy : After going 6 days without a smoke, Don shoots up the offices of SCDP with an M14. Then he gets laid. #MadMenPredictions

littlefluffycat : The true nature of the Cylons is revealed when the one Don Draper occupies chainsmokes. #MadMenPredictions

turtlesby : Betty comes home, finds Gene wearing a fedora and nursing scotch in the den. "Listen, don't call *me* 'baby,' you child." #MadMenPredictions

benschwartyz : Roger lands the Mao Tse-Tung account. #MadMenPredictions

ninatypewriter : Don sleeps with Anna's ghost. #MadMenPredictions

KayReindl : Fox HD is so fantastic that the announcers look more horribly ugly than usual. Well done, HD, but YIKES.

THEsaragilbert : Thinking about all the ways I can put my foot in my mouth on live tv starting tomorrow on The Talk. The possibilities are endless...

danieltwalters : A commenter observes: The #Community Abed/Pregnancy subplot happens about 9 months after the STD fair episode.

BrentPiaskoski : Thinking of going as Leno from 'Jay Walking' for Halloween. Can anyone lend me a microphone, all denim outfit and take away my soul?

JohnFugelsang : Karing about Kardashians is Kulturally Kreepy & Kognitively Korrosive.

MediaObsessed : Seriously, who gives a shit about the Will & Grace reunion? WHO? The funny gays preferred Frasier. This is fact.

tomcunniff : I'm not into Glee or Dexter. But if you could mash them up? THAT is a show I would watch.

stamos : Of all the procedurals currently on TV, the theme song for #LieToMe is the only one that doesn't make me seizure.

aperren : Rotating between grading and watching segments of Glee as a reward. Realizing quickly the reward is more like a punishment.

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