Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good TVeets

TVDoneWright : WTF. Did they imply that lady f'ed a geiko lizard? Wow, Geiko ad fail. LOL. #NLCS

weinmanj : Comedy Central: please put a clause in Trey Parker's contract saying he's not allowed to watch reality TV while South Park is in production.

SteveKrak : Hey Cablevision subscribers - Roy Halladay is pitching really well so far. You should all go to a bar and watch it.

JohnFugelsang : This Halloween I'm shooting a documentary about the only 50+ drag queen in NY who's not dressing up as Snooki.

brianstelter : Yes, you are leverage. RT @chrisbirckhead: @brianstelter so they are really going to let us go with no phils/giants? Wow.

Flashpoint_TV : Good night, Mrs. Cleaver. You sure were swell.

tvoti : How has the PTC not gotten all up in Modern Family's business?

ShawnRyanTV : Approach story from character, not plot. RT @MindwipeFilms: @Hans_Castorp_ How has Joss and Tim changed the way you write?

fymaxwell : @noelrk I've also been researching how to fix #Glee. So far all I've got is replace the entire cast (save Lynch) & drop the musical numbers.

Memles : Twitter didn't lie: Hamm's gag really WAS better for the West Coast. Don Draper did always prefer L.A., I guess. 

JBFlint : FCC says it is disappointed in both Fox and Cablevision.

scott_tobias : Expected #Terriers to be witty and cleverly plotted in that shaggy-dog L.A. style, but now it's going to break my heart, too? Unfair.

BrandonAmato : A lot of the critiques of #SNL strikes me as nostalgia. An imagined history where classic sketches are divorced from the snoozes in between.

weinmanj : Wish Terriers were getting more save-our-show than Rubicon. The former's so good it makes me want to believe in save-our-show campaigns.

MikeRoyce : TV writing: if you're stuck, you walk down the hall & someone helps you. Screenplay: you walk down the hall & jump out the window.

kristenwarner : What I love about the Daily Show fans looking under their seats for their free trips to the rally is that none of them want to give the Oprah geek out reactions. Everyone's so very stoic about the whole they knew in advance. #itsokaytobeexcitedwhenyougetfreestuff ... Well, except for Jon Stewart. He did some sort of variation on the Kid'n'Play.

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