Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good TVeets

ditzkoff : ABC just now breaking into Modern Family to announce rescue of miners. If I wanted closure to a thrilling narrative would I be watching ABC?

MSchmiedeler : How awkward will it be when the last miner to come up is Ethan Rom, and everyone realizes his name isn't on the list.

ambienceofmedia : I want one of the Chilean miners to go all Jack from Lost in a few months and try to convince his fellow survivors to go back.

fymaxwell : What mine did they unearth Larry King from?

elgray : So apparently ABC's using Chilean miners to save it from The Whole Truth ratings tonight.

poniewozik : If CNN needed a disgraced governor with relevant experience for breaking South American news, they should have hired Mark Sanford.

TVMoJoe : Seriously mind-blowing that the disgraced former gov of NY is anchoring coverage of a major news event on CNN. Ted Turner weeps. ... From The World's Most Important Network to The Most Trusted Name in News to... CNN: Ratings Matter Here

DannyZuker : Prayers to the last of the miners. May they be freed safely and quickly... Before my episode of Modern Family starts!

standupkid : If I'm one of the rescued miners, I think one of the first things I tell the wife is that we can go ahead and delete Survivor off the DVR.

HitFixDaniel : Time for Survivor! Overfed Americans complaining about spending 14 days on a beach! Suck it, Chilean miners!

fymaxwell : No more Old v Young? No more Medallion of Power? If we could only get rid of all of the remaining castaways we'd be in business. #Survivor

jmonjo : Watching The Amazing Race. Believe the decline of the show can scientifically be traced to the removal of creepy head turns from the credits

weinmanj : Sports Night was not a very well-written show in many ways. So many episodes are hackily constructed compared to very special sitcom eps. Freaks and Geeks on the other hand remains awesome. Between it and Glee a reminder that many shows are better off being an hour I'm feeling I should go looking for other shows that were a half-hour when they should have been an hour (Sports Night, Undeclared).... One thing about half-hour dramedies is IMO they work better on premium cable (Showtime) because they have more time to tell their stories...But the broadcast network comedy is so damn short, it's too short to tell a comedy story, let alone one that's supposed to be comic/dramatic.

Variety_StuartL : 5.6 million tune in for series finale of MTV's 'Teen Mom.' Top 12-34 female demo cable telecast of the year, more than 'Jersey Shore.'

trilliz : Who's the Boss is the worst show I have ever seen in my entire life.

Cheyguynyc : 30 rock live show camera blocking underway. My five favorite words of the day so far: "John Hamm please stand by".

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