Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good TVeets

KenLevine : The playoff schedule is so drawn out so Fox can use Game 7 of the World Series as the lead-in to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

ApocalypseHow : Center of Communications giving award to Jeff Zucker - presumably, Most Attendance.

seanjackson : Minka Kelly as the Sexiest Woman Alive? She wasn't even the sexiest woman on Friday Night Lights. That's Connie Britton, fyi.

EmilyABC : so many friends of mine - even the non newsies - are glued to the cables for the mine rescue. THIS is good television.

timcarvell : Tough choice for CNN: Do they show people trapped in a nightmarish, claustrophobic ordeal, or pre-empt Parker/Spitzer for the Chile story?

franklinavenue : Chilean miner: “I'm excited to sit down and enjoy some new American fall TV. We heard great things about 'Lone Star,' when's it on? What?”

wcdixon : The news media is probably thankful that it's trapped miners and not seamen getting released from a shaft tonight. 

MediaObsessed : I love that Larry King still can't say Sanjay Gupta. He does not give a shit. It's amazing.

morgan_murphy : In complete sincerity mode now. Not even giggling when Anderson Cooper says shaft. #AllGrownUp

jeverette15  I think baseball will be pretty embarrassed when they lose in the ratings to a hole in the ground.

fymaxwell : Russell should be on every season of #Survivor. Make it a post-merge tradition: get new buffs, come up with a tribe name, insert Russell.

danieltwalters : I will let #Glee cover any of my songs. That includes the Knapweed Rap from my 10th grade science presentation.

Memles : Maybe the best #Glee ever? At the very least the most consistent. I'm still sort of stunned. What show did I just watch?! 
corybarker : Right? I don't know what the hell I just watched.
noelrk : I'm really confused, too. Don't worry: next week will undo it all. Again. Sigh. 
corybarker : No it won't, because there isn't a new episode next week! Muahahaha!

fymaxwell : I find it interesting that a Sue-less Glee is getting such a warm response. Again, I must be watching it wrong.

MediaObsessed  I don't think I'll ever really get used to seeing Scott Porter standing up. #thegoodwife

HartHanson : Oh man, CBS has commissioned a pilot featuring an Old West Pinkerton detective. Is any other writer insanely jealous? Bastard!

weinmanj : The most recent new episode of iCarly had a 1.0 rating in 18-49, which is the same as Mad Men (0.7) and Rubicon (0.3) combined.

DamianLovesTV : i am pretty sure The Insider is executive produced by Satan.

weinmanj : This fall's new TV crop is several kinds of depressing (particularly if you're underwhelmed by BOARDWALK EMPIRE). It might be the first season in a while where the summer shows were more fun to follow than the fall. I'm speaking here of new shows; some returning shows have been worthwhile, but the new shows are almost universally yes, but or hell no.

julie_bush : I co-wrote tonight's #SonsOfAnarchy. Kurt Sutter inviting me in the SOA room changed my life, opened up the world to me. Thank you. Before #SonsOfAnarchy, I had spent years on a novel based on drugs & Shakespeare that many editors called brilliant but never got published. Then I wrote for a TV comedy called The Dish. Then I wrote some drama pilots-about pirates in Haiti & about female combat soldiers in Iraq. But I couldn't find my footing-didn't know how to get attention of showrunners. And I was writing my blog about storytelling which Kurt read. Then Kurt hired me to write a freelance ep of #SonsOfAnarchy S3. Kurt took a risk by hiring someone he didn't know, w/o drama experience. But what he did for me was incredibly big-spirited, generous because he gave someone on the outside a chance to get in. I got reps from this.And I've gotten huge opportunities since this happened. I could not be more grateful to Kurt. I hope to be able to do the same for others.

moryan : 3 good cop shows- #LawAndOrderUK, Luther, AshestoAshes-come from UK of late. New US cop/lawyer shows - meh. #DamnBrits #GoodAtEverything

badgate : After four telecasts NBC cancels the Conan produced legal drama Outlaw-these NBC-Conan partnerships are getting shorter and shorter.

mznewman : favorite tidbit from today's research: in 2006 Tina Fey said that the HDTV broadcast of JOEY was so clear you could see Matt LeBlanc's panic

TheStevenWeber : Even though their hearts were not in their work, Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz were nonetheless summarily tried and executed for war crimes.

HartHanson : Bored to Death It took real guts to name a series that but turns out they didn't have to be afraid. It's exactly why cable was invented.

fymaxwell : Outlaw ran for fewer episodes than Cane. Bad Jimmy Smits shows are the barometer against which other bad Jimmy Smits shows are gauged. 

BCBenGrossman : If Vikings coach Brad Childress was a TV show he would star Jimmy Smits and be moved to Saturdays, that's how awful he is.

DamonLindelof  Odd Serendipity: Michael J. Fox did five weeks of work on MASK before being fired for what was deemed "inappropriate mugging."

jerkdoublebitch : Watched #Chase tonight. I've never seen a cop drama where the cops suck at their jobs this badly.

jmittell : RUBICON is the show that 24 could have been, if it had been subtler and smarter. And better. Much, much better.

Memles : TV comedy class was decidedly against multi-cam sitcoms, thus resistant to @weinmanj's theory that many single cams should switch.
weinmanj  Which is why it's a good thing I didn't go into academia... at least as it is I have no power to spread my insane theories. 
televisionary : Personally, I find it very hard to watch multi-cam comedies these days. It's the rare one that transcends the format.
weinmanj : In fairness, though, there's only 1 multi-cam network sitcom outside CBS. With so few, the batting average is pretty decent. 
televisionary : Network, yes. Though cable has a few. And there were a bunch developed for this year that didn't make it to the screen. 
weinmanj : Yeah, which disappointed me - I thought some of the rejected ones had more potential than the 1-camera ones. I was more into 1-camera sitcoms in the early '00s, but have gotten (as my tweets show) to find them a bit limited too. not that I think either format should go (there were too many multi-cam sitcoms in the '90s). Both have their limitations.
televisionary : Multi-cams serve a purpose, for sure. Not every comedy can function as a single-cam. Nor should it. But doesn't mean I'll watch.
weinmanj : I find a lot of today's single-cams have similar problems to single-cams of the '60s - low energy, not enough hard jokes. 
televisionary : Which, for example?
weinmanj : RUNNING WILDE is an example of a show that would IMO be improved if actors/writers had to try make an actual audience laugh.
televisionary : Well, yes, the problem with Running Wilde is that it isn't funny, but I don't think that Modern Family is bland. ...How would you compare, say, other single-cams like Community, Parks and Rec, or others?
weinmanj : I love the Greg Daniels shows (Office, Parks & Rec), which at their best IMO have the energy and timing that some 1-cams lack. I like Community and it does need to be 1-cam, but IMO it does have some of the weaknesses of the format, like a tendency to load up on meta-jokes and writers'-room-type jokes (which bothers me on any kind of show, eg Futurama)
televisionary : Which is why I like Community. ;) I love meta gags and writers' room jokes.
weinmanj : Another thing I like about multi-cam format is the limitations often force writers to be funnier by not going outside studio. So this scene I always think is much funnier being told, theatre-style, than if we could see it. http://bit.ly/cL1yqV
televisionary : True. Which might be why I love bottle episodes. Forced inventiveness often yields comedy success. ... ; Seinfeld remains a paragon of imbuing single-cam sensibilities into multi-cam format.
weinmanj : To some extent, though when they got out of the studio it didn't always help (seeing Kramer's antics < hearing about them.) But yeah, it pushed the format so far and did so many short scenes there was nowhere for the format to go except backward...which is why the most popular post-SEINFELD/FRIENDS sitcom was RAYMOND, which deliberately went back to fewer scenes/plots.

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