Monday, October 11, 2010

Good TVeets

DamonLindelof : Everyone on my feed is talking Banksy and Mad Men. Twitter has replaced the watercooler. (he realized two years after everyone else)

danharmon : A viewer put together this stringout of the Abed story from this week. Eyes on the background: ~

arnettwill : To my UK friends, I dunno when #RunningWilde will be on there. If we don't get good ratings this week, it won't be shown anywhere.

weinmanj : I'll admit CBS programming doesn't excite me, but I think their strategy - assuming TV hasn't changed much - is right one in the long run.

darthvader : I tried going on Undercover Boss a while back, but the breathing gave me away.

JustinFowler : The actors are all so likable they *almost* save MIKE AND MOLLY from all the fat jokes, gay jokes, stereotypes and misogyny. It's so close!

weinmanj : So, you advertise a show called The Event and then feature mostly people standing/sitting around talking. That's quite an event there!
jmittell : @weinmanj Let's start a campaign to rename it The Exposition

corybarker : FOX's big hook for tonight's #House: Can House save a woman who is mysteriously dying? OMG, what an episode!

JPosnanski : Love it when TBS sends down to sideline reporter, it's like a setup question on Tonight Show: “So, I hear you had an episode with your dog.”

ShawnRyanTV : Can I ask the obvious question why it takes 3 weeks to get the DVR numbers of how many people watched within 7 days of ep airing? #TechFail
MediaPundit : @ShawnRyanTV RE: waiting for DVR numbers: lack of competition. If there were 2-3 other ratings companies, you'd have em within minutes.

soundbyte53 : Premiere week episodes of Hawaii Five-0 and The Mentalist look to be the most played back shows of all time on our new star the DVR

ApocalypseHow : NY Gov Candidate Palladino says don't brainwash kids to accept homosexuality. OK, the technical term is Bravo-wash.

sutterink : @BastardMachine i'm thinking of offering a motivational seminar to network development execs, what do you think?

popscribblings : Preach it, Don Draper: “We're Creative, the least important most important thing there is.” #madmen

danteller : Message to Sally Draper: It gets better.

ApocalypseHow : Is it the journaling that causes the swimming, or vice-versa? #madmen

julie_bush : The ticking of the 60 Minutes stopwatch is the sound of your life clock expiring as Andy Rooney editorializes about gimcracks and lint.

poniewozik : Frank Darabont on R-rated #walkingdead for AMC: "We're going to make [Breaking Bad] look like pussies." #nycc

noelrk : Dear Dick Wolf: The UK understands your show better than LA does. <3 Noel

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