Monday, October 4, 2010

Good TVeets

stayingin : I don't think Nielsen families exist. They're like unicorns.
scott_tobias : Josh Duhamel: the sound of one hand clapping, in actor form.

cassiebelek : Fun fact: The hosts [of The Talk] are allowed to say bitch on air but cannot say crap if it specifically refers to feces. FCC, why you be so crazy?

sutterink : DUMP DISH!! You're already paying more for FX than any other cable company. They now pay less for the right to carry FX and other Fox cable channels... And charge you MORE! Get Direct TV or Time Warner so you don't miss SOA. Go to Get the facts. Get rid of dish before tomorrow night. Don't let them fuck you out of your Sons. Dish=Dick.
vaupel : I found out yesterday we no longer receive FX. No #SonsOfAnarchy. No #Terriers. Now #Huge has been canceled. Time to crawl into bed forever.

inessentials : Despite what CASTLE would have us think, I'm pretty sure there's more money in being a psychopath than in being a mystery writer.

HitFixDaniel : I don't wanna know when Parker/Spitzer is on nearly as much as CNN thinks I do. It's not like it's V.

MattMitovich : Jason Ritter: Only A Select Few Actors Know What The Event Is ~
DamianLovesTV : @MattMitovich Are any of them on the show?

weinmanj : Advertising Lie To Me by lying. Appropriate. RT @~allyourTV The Fox Network media web site... still includes Lone Star instead of Lie To Me

HitFixDaniel : AMC needs to know that none of its recent Walking Dead marketing has been as good as that fan-made opening.

nprmonkeysee :Sadly, I think the reason I didn't complain about women in THE SOCIAL NETWORK is that I expect so little from Sorkin in re: writing women....Like WEST WING, SPORTS NIGHT creates potentially great women, but then repeatedly falls back on embarrassing/infantilizing them... For those mentioning C.J. Cregg: Astonishing actress. So-so character, often made into a pet in a way that's supposed to be cute and isn't.

popthought : Did this happen because I lost my high school sweetheart? Or was it 9/11? / / ABC's My Generation canceled. ~

noahhawley : Saw most of the cast last night. My understanding is we'll be finishing the 8 existing episodes for release online or DVD. #mygeneration

HitFixDaniel : Has anybody purchased the Slap Chop? Is it as life-changing as the commercial makes it seem? Should I go to sleep?

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