Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good #Flow10 Tweets

There were tons of really smart and insightful tweets at this weekend's Flow conference, so many that I couldn't possibly fit them all in here. Instead, these were the tweets that most entertained me as I read them while sitting in roundtables (out of those I came across; you never know with Twitter, which seems to lose tweets regularly). They are listed in reverse chronological order following my three favorites.

fymaxwell : TV will break your heart...Unless, that is, you break its heart first. #flow10

jmittell : Man, @tedfriedman just dropped Lacan, Zizek, Jung and Pulp Fiction in one sentence! #Flow10 Bingo!

Kltpzyxm :@noelrk: why not explore short seasons for Broadcast series? // I think Lone Star might have explored the really, really short season ....

Oddest #Flow10 moment - misheard "Cop Rock" as "cock rock". Pictured Poison when was meant to think Bochco.

jmittell : Battery dying, end of last panel. Time to segue from Twitter to beer at #Flow10

fymaxwell : @aperren @annehelen fan < super fan < super duper fan < fanmeister general < lord fandamort.

markboynz : @crsbecker mentions nostalgia! Damn - already stamped. #FlowBINGO

tedfriedman : For genius moments like the live anchorman murder. RT @annehelen: @fymaxwell: WHY AM I STILL WATCHING TRUE BLOOD??? (yes, indeed) #flow10

KelliMarshall : So tired of sitting. #Flow10

wireclaydavis : Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit! @corybarker Sodano calling for more #Emmy diversity, of course mentions #TheWire. Shocking. #Flow10

CourtneyBD04 : Degrassi shout out! CBD's nostalgic media bingo. #flow10

m_abel : racquel just 8-bit rick roll'd us. hard core. #flow10

kvanaren : Well, I'm probably going to start using squee-ing as a verb more often. ... If a fan squee-s about a show (if a tree falls in the woods...) but didn't do it on the internet, do we still call him/her a fan? #flow10

kvanaren : Horace Newcomb: “I'm sad to hear that you can't get TV courses in English depts. I thought I'd finished that off.” #Flow10

e_gg : .@noelmu: The Onion is like a buffet (of tv criticism). Nom nom nom. #flow10

noelrk : #flow10 it seems that @d_kompare is able to tweet my tweets before i do...
d_kompare : @noelrk All your tweets are belong to me! #flow10

KelliMarshall : May have overdosed on gummy worms today at #flow10.

Memles : Love that My Generation was canceled during the #Flow10 screening. Well, love in a somewhat sad way.

tedfriedman :  For a show nobody wants to write about, 2 & 1/2 Men sure does come up an awful lot. Is this the Godwin's Law of TV conferences? OK, Friedman's Law: Every TV conference invariably gets to the point where somebody guilts us all for not writing about 2&1/2 Men. #Flow10
crsbecker: Proposed screening for next year's Flow: 2.5 Men. Let's get Chuck Lorre too.

markboynz : RT @c47d: #flow10 the tweets have slowed considerably...Twitter-fatigue? / / Battery fatigue?

e_gg : Exchanging Twitter user names at conferences= the new exchange of business cards? #flow10

elseewi : the people at the sit-com panel next door are being too loud! #Flow10
tedfriedman : Sorry! We'll turn down the laugh track.
: don't be jealous.
elseewi : @c47d it's true, the sit-com people are laughing and having a good time while we're talking about the problems of the world!

markboynz : Finding out that Dick Wolf sponsors a visiting professorship at UPenn may be the highlight of my week #Flow10

erin_meyers : Who knew there'd be a Mad Men spoiler in the New Media and Postfeminism panel! #flow10
fourthwavefem : I think at a TV conference you have to expect Mad Men spoilers in *every* panel! #Flow10

shelton_britt : Finally a Saved by the Bell over-caffeinated Jesse Spano reference! #flow10

erin_meyers : #flow10 food blogs and feminism: spectrum of feminist (pre-to-post) that exist online. Also making me hungry.

noelrk : sitcom nostalgia okay. no one can say nostalgia at #flow10 again ;)
tedfriedman : @noelrk Sez you. Nostalgia. #flow10

texas_sooner : i love how excited everyone is bout gummy worms #flowtv #flow10

loganpoppy : Someone in audience argues that following tweets about sandwiches is really an interest. I agree! Seriously #Flow10
iheartfatapollo : I am loving that the sandwich has become shorthand for twitter's initimacy/mundanity/significance #flow10
: In defense of sandwich tweets as sincere, intimate, and context bound #flowtv #flow10 (btw could totally go for a sandwich right now) Fri Oct 01
c47d : #flow10 @kanyewest the more sandwich feeds you give us, the more we will like you. The academics have decided.
swigzine : in postnetwork fusion gastronomical era, what will the legacy sandwich be? #flow10 try to bring sandwich conversation into this room
l_e_s : had a delicious pulled pork wrap with coleslaw from truck stop #reclaimthesandwich #flow10

fymaxwell : Next season on Friday Night Lights: ESPN Radio comes to Dillon and muscles out Slammin' Sammy. #flow10

annehelen : @jenholt13: I light candles for the local television stations. #flow10

jmittell : Unlikely #Flow10 Bingo term just uttered: phenomenology. Anybody have that on their game cards?

annehelen : Horace Newcomb opens: “Well I'm just tempted to say I told you so” - brings down the house #flow10

d_kompare : Just as we go into the network TV panel... #Flow10 RT @KatzMoney: RIP Stephen J. Cannell. Thanks for the entertainment.

annehelen : YES! Mention of Cop Rock! #Flow10 Bingo!

sdbecque : @annehelen @iheartfatapollo Right? Sometimes writing about Buffy feels like rooting for the Yankees. #Flow10 #touseasportsmetaphor
crsbecker : If writing about Buffy is like rooting for the Yankees, is writing about non-quality TV like rooting for the Pirates? #Flow10

kvanaren : Oh my god, somebody said Dickens! #Flow10

elseewi : Now I want to go up to my room and watch TV. #Flow10

toryfoster : I prefer media that's half woman. RT @d_kompare: @toryfoster Surely the very idea of Two and a Half Men is inherently Cybrid. #flow10

Ludology @annehelen I'm starting to think we should have passed out Flow bingo cards...
@Ludology I'd love to hear someone yell out "Flow Bingo!" when "Raymond Williams" or "Lynn Spiegel" gets a mention #flow10

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