Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fox-Cablevision Latest

Just returning to the blog after a day of travel, and I see that I'm not the only one who's missed a lot of TV today:  Fox has pulled its programming from Cablevision due to their unresolved retrans dispute. News Corp. also briefly shut off Hulu access to Cablevision subscribers, but has since rescinded that order. The FCC is left on the sidelines, the Chairman is disappointed, some want the government to step in on such disputes, and ivi is taking promo advantage. Staci D. Kramer has more on the Hulu gambit. Fanhouse has the sports fan perspective.

The outage continues.

Saturday night's latest from Brian Stelter:  Fox says "no material progress was made" today "and we remain far apart." They will continue talking Sunday. Latest Cablevision statement: It's "shameful for News Corp. to use MLB & NFL games to hold viewers hostage in order to extract" $$ from subs.
JBFlint Update! Nothing to update in Fox/Cablevision spat. Signals still off. Politicians making noise. Viewers in lurch. Now retweet me like crazy!

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