Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good TVeets

SarahLovesTV : We all wish it had been Outsourced instead, but Lone Star is the first cancellation of the TV season.

jmittell : Not a surprise, but a disappointment nonetheless. Network TV = no risk zone. RT @MichaelAusiello: It's official: Fox cancels LONE STAR.

timcarvell : I prefer to believe that Lone Star was simply taken to a farm, where it can spend every day playing with other canceled shows.

franklinavenue : Sorry to see Lone Star go. But I had run out of Texas puns, so maybe it's for the best.

weinmanj : Where's the Hitler finds out LONE STAR flopped video?

Deggans : Lone Star, Fox drama critics liked, yanked today after two dismal airings. Evidence of network TV banality or the low bar set by new shows?

aperren : Going to bet that next TV season the b'cast nets take lots of risks, completely invalidating the b'cast TV is risk-averse narrative.

weinmanj : Will a TV show or ballplayer stay in the lineup? The key is the same: can they be replaced with something/someone that would do better? This is why NBC's low-rated shows stay on: they get _just enough_ viewers that the network might not be able to do better with a replacement. Whereas with LONE STAR, just about anything Fox puts in that time slot will do better (in terms of viewership). So that's the way it goes.

HitFixDaniel : Lie to Me, you just became Michael Vick. RT @robcesternino: Lone Star was the Kevin Kolb of TV Shows.

dloehr : For the record, I like good tv. Lone Star was fine, but one ep was enough. Just being good isn't enough of a reason to watch.  So please, spare me the death of good tv and the guilt trip. I don't have a Nielsen box, so I couldn't save Lone Star anyway.

franklinavenue : On the bright side, Fox can now enter Lone Star in the TV miniseries category at next year's Emmys!

MattMitovich : This #LoneStar sitch makes me weep for TVdom. Get ready for 'American Idol Hook-Up Pad'!

HartHanson : Looking at last night's ratings: Wow. TV is a tough, tough game. I'm gonna learn the Desiderata by heart.noahhawley : The what? @HartHanson: Looking at last night's ratings: Wow. TV is a tough, tough game. I'm gonna learn the Desiderata by heart.

EricOnMedia : Thinking of ways to turn my tweets into potential CBS tv show fare. Solve crimes? Pithy comments about married life? Move in w/ relative?

nprmonkeysee : It's safe to say I just saw the first TV sex scene ever set to the All Things Considered theme music. #thegoodwife

poniewozik More good TV today overall-does it matter if on cable, not broadcast?
weinmanj : I think so. Something special about a great mass show. Another reason we need great mainstream hits is that if you think TV can have social impact (it can) it usually has to come from broadcast. Eg THE WIRE was great - but how much impact did it have on the problems it dealt with, considering how few people saw it? Whereas a compromised mainstream hit like WILL & GRACE may have had impact on today's increased acceptance of gay rights. Cable can't do that.

weinmanj : I haven't seen LAW & ORDER: LA yet, but I think the rich white guy did it. The twist - a rich white guy who sometimes wears short sleeves.

poniewozik : Wanted to pull a "Take the next one" in the elevator, didn't have the nerve. One more reason I will never be Don Draper.
: @poniewozik So far drinking a pint of whiskey every day is working out well for me. Tue Sep 28 17:09:46 +0000 2010

HartHanson : TV writers should not watch Dodge Ram truck ads in the morning while on the treadmill if they want to feel like real men during the day.

travisyanan : Waitwaitwait. #TheEvent is aliens? Fine. I'm out. Thanks for taking 2 hours to tell me what #Vseries did in 5 seconds. NEXT.
tvoti : @travisyanan I'm scared that if The Event continues to be big EVERY show on NBC will be answered with Aliens. Including Parenthood.

weinmanj : It's 1965. You're in New York. You want to advertise. Who gets the account: Don Draper or Darrin Stephens?
jmonjo : @weinmanj The one with the mysterious dual identity.

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