Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good TVeets

sutterink : #sonsofanarchy. Let's trend bitches.... And again, bitches, a term of endearment. Ask my kids.

HitFixDaniel : If you have a Nielsen box, guess it'd be OK if you watched Lone Star tonight. No box? You don't count.

ditzkoff : Actual vow from a wedding today: "Do you promise to let him watch his favorite television shows while keeping your judgments to yourself?"

ApocalypseHow: How bad is Pete's luck with accounts? "I've got our next moneymaker, gentlemen: It's called 'Thalidomide.'" #madmen

DamianLovesTV : hmmm...maybe #TheEvent can time-jump us til the point in time when #Chase is watchable.

HitFixDaniel : Brad Womack has had 3 years of therapy since The Bachelor? Most Paradise Hotel stars just underwent delousing.

HartHanson: A weird, unsettling script. I foresee yelling, recriminations, second-guessing, and indignant huffing. And it's not even a season ender. #bones
noahhawley : @HartHanson what is it they say? At the end of the day you're only ever really competing with yourself? And the biggest comedy on television

corybarker : AND NOW, scenes from an episode of #LoneStar you will never see...

weinmanj : Thing re Chuck Lorre is he's genuinely pushed boundaries of what you can say on broadcast. But unlike Norman Lear it's all for cheap laughs.

ApocalypseHow : CBS is picking up another sitcom based on a Twitter feed. This one's just called “Shit.”

HitFixDaniel : Tonight's The Event is really tedious. Watch #lonestar instead. Or read a book. Or talk to your family.

DamonLindelof : I think THE EVENT is swell, but if 24 and LOST really had a baby it would hate both its parents and regularly engage in torture.

Toddmartens : Realized this morning I have zero curiosity about what happened to the plane in 'The Event.' Relieved of the stress of taking on a new show.

badgate : On the four major networks on Friday night, only one program, Human Target, had a median age under a 50 and that was 49.9.

weinmanj : Trying to convince people online laugh tracks aren't laugh tracks is low-level, frivolous version of fatigue from defending politicians.

tvoti : It would be nice if Wonder Years DVDs would come out, so I could know if the show was genuinely good or if I just liked it as a kid.

weinmanj : Point being, save-our-show campaigns is fun. Doesn't matter whether it's likely to succeed because that's not the main reason they're done.

TVWithoutPity : Wonder how many folks will DVR #LoneStar's second ep tonight and then wait to see if it's canceled before actually watching it.

mindykaling : What are the chances they'll remake Quantum Leap and they'll let me be the lead, I wonder?

mznewman : now fireplaces are made to look like TVs http://goo.gl/0slI but you still can't buy one device that gets HBO AND warms up to 400 square feet

noelrk : Last night's #MadMen was good, but should've gone all the way. I want Don in the brig! 

TVKel : I managed to watch #Chase and #Outlaw pilots - all the way through. At least NBC has two dramas w/diversity leads - all the hype has been over #Undercovers, but #Outlaw wasn't that bad (although about as far fetched as an sci-fi show) & features Latino lead. ... plus #Outlaw moves the trend of the black third lead up to more second lead - at least in pilot....Still lack of new gay characters this season is very apparent even if casting is getting more diverse in the 3rd and up leads.

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