Friday, September 24, 2010

Good TVeets

ditzkoff : The following network presidents are still employed: CBS; Hallmark Channel; MTV Tr3s; ESPN 8; UHF Channel 62. That is all.

: To be fair, I understand that Zucker was given the option of keeping his job, if he was willing to move back his start time to 12:05 AM.

moryan : What a joke. Zucker says biggest mistake not fixing NBC primetime faster. News flash: YOU'RE the one who screwed it up in the 1st place! GAH!

ditzkoff : In fairness to Jeff Zucker, his new racist sitcom is looking like a ratings hit.

ditzkoff : Amazingly, the man who gave us Father of the Pride, Joey and The Jay Leno Show no longer has a job.

fymaxwell : Holy crap Zucker to be shitcanned! I wonder how many years Bill Carter has had this story sitting on his hd done and read to print. #~nbcFAIL I haven't been this happy since the day Ben Silverman announced that he was leaving NBC to more fully devote himself to being a douchebag.

weinmanj : As @poniewozik pointed out, people feel a sense of ownership in NBC that they feel for no other network. Probably because NBC has been mythologized on shows like Seinfeld, Late Night, 30 Rock (via @Duvisited). People feel like NBC is a TV character.

nprmonkeysee : Proposed: NBC's problem is no crossover between highly rated shows and highly regarded shows. You limp by, but hard to build your brand.

weinmanj : According to CTV PR, BIG BANG last night was the second-most watched comedy broadcast ever in Canada. That means it's a socialist show.

weinmanj : I don't usually find BBT better than #Community but what's interesting is they're like ambassadors for 2 philosophies. Not just talking about shooting style but plotting. One show is aggressively minimalist, choosing to leave in the pauses other shows remove. Other show, as @tvoti's interview noted, tries to pack in as much - plot, theme, jokes - per second. Though it's not incomprehensibly fast.

weinmanj : In ratings terms I continue to be impressed by #Bones' ability to hold its audience: solid performers like that are almost as rare as hits.

franklinavenue : According to @badgate, ABC's My Generation, a show about 20somethings, had median age of 50.1. Maybe change title to Their Generation?

thefutoncritic : JERSEY SHORE's 3.1 adults 18-49 rating bests BONES, 30 ROCK, COMMUNITY, FRINGE, MY GENERATION, APPRENTICE last night.
SteveLevitan : Depressing!!!

danharmon : Community surpassed projections last night, and, collectively, all the Thurs 8pm shows defied the prediction that anyone had to die. Congrats!

noahhawley : Spoke to Paul Lee. He is determined to build an audience, likes our growth in the half & great social media buzz. #heretostay #mygeneration

realityblurred : As a journalist, it's more fun now that CBS has no control over its contestants, who leak spoilers & embarrass themselves. #survivor

poniewozik : Bizarre. At Colbert Senate Immigration testimony, Rep. Lamar Smith quotes a Formidable Opponent sketch, seriously.


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