Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good TVeets

I love Twitter and would love to spread its joys, especially given how much it has enhanced my TV knowledge via the many wonderful TV critics and academics I follow. So I thought I might marry the retweet concept with the blog concept and try occasional posts collecting my favorite TV-centric tweets of the day (only out of the ones I come across for the time I'm on there, of course, which, despite what you might think, is not 24 hours a day, or even 8...ok, it's 8).

That should give those of you not on Twitter a taste of what you're missing and those of you on Twitter an idea of good TV people to follow. I have no idea how often I'll keep up with this, but it's worth the occasional shot at least. And the idea for this was inspired today by some really funny TV critics' tweets about the technologically disastrous American Idol presentation today, so I'll start with those, after the jump.

  • HitFixDaniel How do you top an anti-climactic "Idol" announcement? By streaming it to the world on mute.
  • sepinwall J-Lo also confirmed as an Idol judge in the show's new silent movie format. Fourth judge to be the ghost of Fatty Arbuckle.
  • nprmonkeysee So far -- this is not a lie -- the live video of the Idol announcement consists of bloop-bloop noises like a show about aliens.
  • ditzkoff If I correctly understand the random bleeps and bloops from the video feed, the first new #Idol judge will be an Atari 2600.
  • moryan Now a slight buzzing sound coming from Ustream Idol broadcast. Preferable to Seacrest.
  • poniewozikCannot play this [$#*! My Dad Says] disc," DVD player? CAN'T OR WON'T?
  • weinmanj Some1 asked me which current shows I think would be better 4-camera with an audience. RUNNING WILDE, COUGAR TOWN, HUNG, OUTSOURCED. occurred to me watching HIMYM premiere that if they want to pep the show up again they could switch to filming with an audience. I think if BIG BANG THEORY is even slightly less than huge on Thursdays, it'll mean 4 more years of execs pretending 4-camera comedy is dead. Ironically, the 4-cam shows Fox gave up on would have been a better lead-out of GLEE, since musicals & multi-cams are similarly artificial
  • stamos For the record, if #LoneStar does in fact get prematurely canceled, I'm laying a lot of blame on the hype machine, both pre and post ratings
  • jmittell "Matt transferred"? Who's Matt? Why didn't they just say "black guy" like they usually do? #GLEE
  • greeney28 A few pilots in, "Hawaii Five-0" is the best one. Cause it knows what it is, and it doesn't seem to be trying to be more. Fun is enough.
  • memles Unpopular opinion time? #ModernFamily's premiere was 10x more conceited, creatively, than #Glee's.
  • fymaxwell This season needs a twist. For instance, instead of an immunity idol, they could hide Russell Hantz under a banyan tree. #Survivor
  • ShawnRyanTV Struggling with a tough transition in editing.
  • billprady Try a checkerboard wipe. It worked in "Happy Days."
  • ShawnRyanTV Hey, it worked! And I think I just found Richie's brother, Chuck!


  1. I liked this new feature so much, I am leaving a comment.

  2. Glad to hear that -- I'll try to keep doing it!