Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good TVeets

Wasn't sure I had enough material for a Good TVeets entry for today (weekends are always slow on Twitter) ... but then Saturday Night Live came on.

TVDoneWright : Betty White mention, check! Twilight mention, check! Way to stay current there.

fymaxwell : I wish I had a grad assistant to watch some of this crap for me. #snl

aperren : With all the technology available today, isn't there some way that SNL could make Katy Perry not sound like crap?

d_kompare : I'm 90% certain the tweets complaining about #SNL are funnier than #SNL tonight. #SNL

dloehr : And they're back true to form. Might go watch something funny instead. #snl

noelrk : This is hurting my brain. Make it stop. MAKE IT STOP. #SNL

corybarker : Okay, this is god damn awful. I'm out. #SNL

noelrk : My best live tweet for #sharktopus: It has more d├ęcolletage than Katy Perry on Sesame Street.

DamonLindelof : We are arriving at that unique moment in time where the term fan-made becomes moot. This is extraordinary.
: Seriously, @dankanemoto has set a very high bar with those Walking Dead credits. The real thing better live up to this ~

TVDoneWright : Remember when January Jones hosted? Ah yes, the horrible memories.... #SNL #Rememberingpastlivetweets

BCBenGrossman : Outlaw tanking on NBC notable because even most everyone at NBC thought that show stinks: well all except a certain exec who just “moved on.”

adambarken : The ratings a Big Network requires to make money are what keep mainstream TV in the zone it is. I don't blame Fox for canceling LONE STAR...I blame it for thinking a serial drama about a swindling bigamist was in any way right for their mainstream audience.

TVDoneWright : #BlueBloods opened very well last night, despite mixed reviews . If that's a lesson to any TV head out there, mustache = Ratings Gold!
TeelaJBrown  unless you are the 'stache on The Good Guys sadly...

TVDoneWright : FOX is the exception to every rule ;)

danharmon : Re: abed's boondocks shirt: it's a Sony show, so it's free. We'd wear a Hitler shirt if he was in Spiderman 4. #CommentaryHits

rudepundit : Yeah, the Colbert thing was a stunt. So? I haven't heard this much about farm workers on the news since Cesar Chavez died.

apresledeluge : [Jessalyn Gilsig] praises Murphy for writing complex female characters. I'm just... going to leave that there.

john_harper : Put Liz Lemon, in front of Kanye's tweets and he becomes Tracy Jordan. “Liz Lemon, I wonder what happened to my antique aquarium.”

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