Sunday, November 15, 2009

Change the World, Joss

Devin Faraci makes an impassioned plea for Joss Whedon to change television as we know it by using his niche popularity to bypass traditional distribution outlets: "This is the direction that things are headed no matter what, and Whedon can serve as the person who breaks down the wall, who takes the shameful connotation off of content created just for DVD or On Demand or the internet. If Whedon brings his A game, gathers his usual band of collaborators and gets his fanbase fired up and involved (which he did for Dr. Horrible), he could drag the rest of the industry kicking and screaming into a new world where niche programming can find its level and survive. I'm not in denial about how tough it would be or how slow it would start out, especially budgetarily, but it's beyond time that someone major took a serious step into bringing content directly to fans instead of relying on a middle-man."

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