Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Measuring Consumer Action

Brian Steinberg reports on the trial of a new advertising metric aiming to measure "actual customer action, like visiting a marketer’s web site or taking a test drive of a new car."

Masterson Fired From The Ranch

Netflix has dropped Danny Masterson from production of The Ranch due to multiple rape allegations.

Media Trust

Erik Wemple reports on the 2017 Poynter Media Trust Survey, which reveals widespread belief that the media fabricates news stories about Donald Trump.

Commandments of Television

The Masked Scheduler has completed his Twelve Commandments of Television.

Best TV of 2017

Has it been a year already? Yes, it's been a year. Actually, a long, long year. Anyway, as usual, I am compiling Best of TV lists for 2017 in this post. I can easily miss them, so send them my way if I do. And check out the 2016 version if you'd like to compare.

Also once again, Metacritic is also making a master list of 2017 critics' lists and tallying shows by mention frequency.

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Rolling Stone's Rob Sheffield: 20 Best Shows
Village Voice's Lara Zarum: 10 Best Shows
Ringer's Alison Herman: Best Shows
Paste Staff: 25 Best Shows
Observer's Brandon Katz: 10 Best Shows
EW Staff: 10 Best and 5 Worst Shows

Google vs. Amazon

Google and Amazon are having trouble getting along, and Google is responding by pulling YouTube from Echo Show and Fire TV (link fixed)

Disney + Fox Next Week?

CNBC's David Faber says an announcement of Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox's film and TV production assets could come next week in what would be a $60 billion deal.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Comcast brings games to their set-top box

Comcast returns to game development. The idea of offering games on their set top boxes had been tried before with partner Electronic Arts, but the plug was pulled. This time, the partnership with TransGaming will provide first a mobile device game enticement that will extend to the set top using the GameFreeTV platform.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Good TVeets

Popular Chinese drama hits Netflix

Day and Night, a Chinese detective drama, will be available worldwide thanks to a deal between Netflix and Youku Tudou, China's video streaming service.

Starz' American Gods loses showrunners

Bryan Fuller and Michael Green leave their positions as American Gods showrunners due to creative differences with its producer Fremantle Media. The two were pushing for a larger budget and specific creative measures that weren’t made available and chose to invest more time to their other projects.

HBO Asia expanding production

HBO is increasing original content in Asia, content which is potentially getting global distribution.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

BBC Studios and BBC Worldwide Merger

BBC Studios and BBC Worldwide merge into single operation to better compete with the integrated models of the British entertainment industry. The move will integrate production, sales, and distribution.

ESPN makes room for a new era

A Wednesday morning memo from ESPN President, John Skipper, explains the company's decision to cut 150 technical network employees.

AT&T Pushes for Merger Trial

As the government seeks to push the AT&T and Time Warner merger trial to May 2018, AT&T requests a February deadline.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017