Saturday, May 27, 2017

Upcoming TV in Review

Alan Wolk reviews news about Verizon's upcoming virtual MVPD service and Facebook's possible TV offerings.

Sense8's Transcendance

Deborah Shaw praises Sense8 for its creative crossing of national, gender and sexual borders and the queerness embedded in its its structure and characters: "Fans become like the Sense8 characters and connect across space through streaming and social media platforms. In this way, they forge a virtual community that stands against narrow populist nationalism and for a new globalism built on solidarity, empathy and progressive gender and sexual politics."

Threats to Journalism

Hamilton Nolan pinpoints money and ownership concentration as the real threats to good journalism.

Lear Profile

Michael Paterniti has a profile of Norman Lear in GQ (as well as a first line to the article that will make TV historians gag).

New Deal for MSNBC's Griffin

MSNBC president Phil Griffin has extended his deal.

Fox News & Hannity

While advertisers aren't abandoning Sean Hannity in the numbers they did with Bill O'Reilly, even conservative publications like the Weekly Standard and the National Review are denouncing the Seth Rich conspiracy that Hannity has been pushing. Sonia Saraiya analyzes the conflict between objective journalism and Hannity's fevered, opinionated approach at Fox News. Neal Gabler points out that Roger Ailes is responsible for embracing the former at the expense of the latter.

Viewing on TV

A new Nielsen study finds that adults are still watching the vast majority of television on TV sets.

Legacy Ad Deal Problems

Jeanine Poggi highlights a conflict for networks around legacy ad deals.

China Deal for Doctor Who

Doctor Who will have expanded availability across China thanks to a new deal between BBC Worldwide and Shanghai Media Group.

Video Game Panic

Michael Z. Newman takes us back to the moral panic around video games in the 1980s: "Somehow, a generation of teenagers from the 1980s managed to grow up despite the dangers, real or imagined, from video games. The new technology could not have been as powerful as its detractors or its champions imagined."

ATX TV Festival

Sandra Gonzalez profiles the ATX Television Festival and showcases how it has expanded in recent years.

Montana Station Apology

The local Montana station that declined to air the Gianforte/Jacobs audio has apologized, calling it an unintentional mistake.

First-Time Showrunners

Scott Porch profiles a set of first-time showrunners thriving in comedy productions.

Twin Peaks Ratings

Michael O'Connell follows up on the Twin Peaks premiere ratings, which got a streaming boost.

2016-17 Ratings Results

Rick Porter has the final 2016-17 ratings figures for same-day viewer averages and same-day adults 18-49. Michael Schneider lists the 100 most-watched shows of the season. Joe Otterson has analysis of the season's ratings, and Michael O'Connell offers four takeaways.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Content or Distribution as King

Richard Greenfield has posted a video presentation entitled “Has Content Been Dethroned by Distribution?"

The FCC's Net Neutrality Proposal

Gigi Sohn breaks down the FCC's proposal to repeal net neutrality rules.

Silicon Valley News

HBO renewed Silicon Valley for a fifth season but also announced that cast member T.J. Miller won't be back.

ESPN & Disney

The Economist covers ESPN's subscriber losses but notes that it's still a cornerstone for the Disney empire and its profits.

iFlix's Growth

Lloyd Dixon looks at iFlix's success in the Middle East and North Africa, where Netflix has struggled.

Covering Terrorism

Zeynep Tufekci delves into the news media's struggle to figure out how to cover ISIS terrorism without giving the group exactly what it seeks.

Fox News Issues

Andrew Tyndall argues that Fox News's ratings slump is tied to its avoidance of covering Donald Trump's problems. But Kelefa Sanneh thinks the outlet will carry on Roger Ailes' legacy of satisfying its conservative audience.

Brian Steinberg explains why Fox News wants to keep Sean Hannity despite the Sean Rich controversy, as more advertisers pull out of his show.

Netflix Stock Rises

Netflix's stock is soaring based on high international expectations, reports Todd Spangler.

Station Bias Concern

A Montana TV station has declined to air the Gianforte-Jacobs audio, raising concerns of bias, which are amplified by the fact that the station is part of Sinclair's Tribune acquisition.

Idol Floundering

Richard Rushfield is reporting that ABC is having trouble with the American Idol reboot, and Ryan Secreast might drop out. Andy Dehnart adds thoughts.

Morning Local News

James Warren reports on the popularity of local news in the morning.

Casual's Indie Women Director

Ben Travers highlights the role of women indie filmmakers in directing episodes of Hulu's Casual.

Star Trek & Diversity

The new Star Trek series Discovery will have a racially diverse cast, and some white people aren't happy about that. Charles Pulliam-Moore says those folks don't seem to know what the Star Trek franchise is all about. Manu Saadia also covers this topic.

Top 50 Shows

EW has a ranking of the top 50 TV shows of 2016-17 network season in total viewers.

Colbert & Fallon Ratings

Stephen Colbert's Late Show just edged out Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show in total viewers for the season, while Fallon still dominated in the 18-49 demo.

Landgraf Interview

Lacey Rose interviewed FX chief John Landgraf, Hollywood Reporter's Executive of the Year, about the state of TV.

SNL Departures

David Sims assesses Saturday Night Live's recent cast departures.

WGA Contract Ratified

WGA members near-unanimously approved the union's new contract with the AMPTP.

Hannity Problems

A handful of advertisers have pulled out of Sean Hannity's show, and while Hannity is now on a brief vacation for Memorial Day weekend, Fox News insists he will be back.

The Get Down Cancelled

The Get Down is done after only one season, a rare early cancellation for Netflix.

Good TVeets

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Univision's Upfronts

Juan Ayala covers the impression and information Univision gave at its upfronts presentation.

AGT Lawsuit

America's Got Talent and Tyra Banks have been hit with a lawsuit alleging emotional distress and battery.

Preserving TV

Bryan Gardiner profiles a man digitizing hundreds of hours of old broadcast tapes.

ESPN Schadenfreude

Bryan Curtis considers why many are finding joy in ESPN's struggles.

Snapchat, Twitter, Mobile

Andrew Wallenstein covers the growth of Snapchat as a mobile platform for shows, as James Corden announced a coming Late Late Show Snapchat series, while Kerry Flynn looks at technology being developed to put Snaps on bigger screens. Meanwhile, Marissa Lang says Twitter's push into video could push out some users, and AT&T's CEO foresees 20 minute-episodes of Game of Thrones made for watching on phones.

Film Festivals & TV

Liz Shannon Miller offers a proposal to film festivals for better celebrating television.

Cancellation & Renewal

NBC has cancelled Chicago Justice, while Comedy Central wants more episodes of The President Show.

Amazon vs. Netflix

In a bid to better compete with Netflix and Sky, Amazon has added 40 new channels to its UK service, including some live sports. In the stock market race, Netflix is pulling ahead.

The Bachelorette & Race

The Bachelorette premiered with its first African-American lead last night and started out solid in the ratings. Ali Barthwell says the show felt different, but Jackie Strause and Kathryn VanArendonk each observe that race wasn't addressed in the episode.

Love for Mr. Rogers

Twitter was captivated today by a lovely story that Anthony Breznican told about a meetup he once had with Mr. Rogers. Phillip Maciak explains why heading to Twitch to watch some Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood episodes right now would be a good idea.

Stewart's HBO Project Cancelled

John Koblin reports that HBO and Jon Stewart have cancelled their animation project deal.

Fox News & Hannity Controversy

Fox News has retracted its report claiming that the murder of Seth Rich was DNC-related on the same day that Rich's parents pleaded with the press to stop politicizing their son's death. Sean Hannity insisted earlier today that he wouldn't let the story go, but on tonight's show he said he won't discuss the case "at this time" out of respect for the family. Will Oremus proposes reasons why Hannity is sticking with it, and Margaret Sullivan sees this as part of a larger corrosion of truth that should concern all Americans.

MSNBC Ratings Victory

MSNBC achieved an unprecedented victory in the weekly prime-time ratings last week.

Colbert Cleared

The FCC has declared that Stephen Colbert did not violate any actionable rules with his recent vulgar Trump insults.

Twin Peaks Ratings

Ratings analysts are calling the Twin Peaks premiere ratings "soft," but Josef Adalian notes that Nielsen ratings don't carry as much weight anymore.

Season News

NBC will win the 18-49 demo ratings race for the season, while CBS will keep its total viewers streak going. In a season of few ratings success stories, Kate Aurthur highlights five of them. Alison Herman summarizes the state of television as the networks exit upfronts.

Monday, May 22, 2017

TV Shows Praised

Ryan McGee explains why Jane the Virgin is a singularly great work of television, while Lorraine Berry recommends that we watch Call the Midwife for its representation of working-class feminism.

Trial & Error Renewed

NBC wants a second season of Trial & Error.

SNL Exits

Add Sasheer Zamata to the list of those departing from Saturday Night Live.

Conservative TV

Jim Rutenberg covers possible routes for a Bill O'Reilly comeback. Margaret Sullivan notes that one of those routes, via Sinclair's Tribune acquisition, is only FCC approval away.

Huckabee Sanders Profile

Hunter Walker profiles Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a rising star in speaking on behalf of the White House.

Seth Meyers & Trump News

Alan Sepinwall talked with Seth Meyers about how he manages to incorporate late-breaking Trump news into his late night show.

Megyn Kelly's Debut

Mark June 4 on your calendars as the debut of Megyn Kelly's NBC news magazine show.

New Fox News Suits

Three new lawsuits have been filed against Fox News for employee discrimination.

Moonves Extends Contract

Les Moonves's contract at CBS has been extended into 2021.

More on Upfronts

A few more upfronts pieces: Lesley Goldberg collects responses from studio chiefs about the week, Jason Lynch pinpoints five defining trends, Ed Martin offers reviews of each network, and Robert Bianco sees a lot of the same stuff coming this fall. Jeanine Poggi and Nathan Skid video-chat about 2017 as the year of the reboot. Matthew Gilbert previews fall TV.

Peabody Awards Ceremony

Jackie Strause covers the Peabody Awards presentations, which took place on Saturday and will air on TV June 2.

Good TVeets

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Good TVeets

Fox News Trump Coverage

Carlos Maza offers a video detailing how Fox News spins, deflects, and suppresses negative news about Donald Trump.

Netflix & Amazon Emmy Campaigns

Glenn Whipp highlights the elaborate Emmy marketing campaigns Amazon and Netflix are undertaking.

FCC Reporter Manhandled

FCC security guards roughly treated a reporter trying to ask questions of commissioners on Thursday. An FCC spokesperson has issued an apology.

East Los High Ending

Hulu's East Los High will end in the fall with an hour-long special.

Black-ish Spinoff

Black-ish is getting a college spinoff that will air on Freeform.