Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mindy Kaling's Future with NBC

Mindy Kaling has signed on to produce two new comedy projects after the success and end of her show “The Mindy Project.” The same team will be working on the new shows.

Are you a Binge-Racer?

Netflix describes a phenomenon called “binge-racing” in which audiences watch an entire new season of a show within 24 hours of its release. This practice acts as a sort of status symbol and fan camaraderie on social media

CBS launching a Sports Streaming Channel

CBS is launching a sports news and talk show streaming service to compete with Fox Sports and ESPN.

Chelsea Handler ends Netflix show

Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show, Chelsea, won't return for a third season.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Amazon studios executive steps down

Roy Price resigns from Amazon Studios amidst sexual harassment claims on the heels of Harvey Weinstein. This critical moment of Hollywood culture sealed the deal for Price after failing to meet Bezos’ company mandate.

Netflix vs Nielsen

Nielsen believes they have developed a means to count the number of individuals that watch a Netflix show.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nancy Drew to NBC

Grey's Anatomy writers Phelan and Rater team up with NBC to bring the beloved book character back to the small screen.

FCC still reviewing Sinclair/Tribune merger

The FCC is still undecided on the Sinclair/Tribune Merger and is potentially looking into reviewing current rules regarding the ownership cap.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Kimmel ratings up amidst political shift

Jimmy Kimmel boasts positive ratings amidst shift to tackle politics in the Trump administration, and he discusses the practicalities of incorporating and balancing that commentary.

NBA Season Could Defy Ratings Decline

A hopeful look at the coming NBA season in regards to ratings. Dramatic narratives could lead to increased viewership and offset digital competition.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

DisneyNow App Unifies Channels

The DisneyNow app has brought together content from Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior in one place.

Survivor's Remorse Ending

Starz will end Survivor's Remorse at the close of its fourth season.

Disney/ABC TV Layoffs & Restructuring

Disney/ABC Television Group is implementing layoffs and restructuring to face new digital and on-demand challenges.

TV Hall of Fame

New inductees into the Television Hall of Fame include Shonda Rhimes and Saturday Night Live's original cast.

Fox's World Cup Disaster

Richard Deitsch explains why Fox Sports is devastated by the U.S. men's soccer team's World Cup elimination.

SNL Ad Prices

Brian Steinber reports on soaring ad rates for Saturday Night Live spots.

NBC & Farrow's Expose

Lloyd Grove explores what was behind NBC deciding not to run Ronan Farrow's Weinstein exposé. Meanwhile, Farrow is getting a topical satire show on Britain's Channel 4.

You Tube's Plan

Natalie Jarvey talks with YouTube execs about plans to compete with Netflix and Hulu.

Bannon's Broadcasting Influence

Hadas Gold warns of Steve Bannon's potential influence over the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which controls Voice of America and Radio Free Europe.

Fall Results

Michael O'Connell ranks new network series by their ratings thus far, and Josef Adalian sees "comfort food TV" doing well.

Netflix's International Investments

Netflix has clarified its Canadian investment plans in response to skeptical critics. The service has also picked up its first production from the Middle East, a comedy special about Arab life. And Jan Dawson argues that Netflix has an edge over its competitors thanks to its international content investments.

Men & Hollywood Culture

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein news, Maureen Ryan says men in the industry must step up to end the industry's toxic culture.

Sinclair's Local Partisanship

PBS NewsHour covered how Sinclair Broadcasting imposes political partisan opinions on local newscasts.

The Szechuan Saga

McDonald's brought Szechuan sauce back for Rick & Morty fans but didn't offer nearly enough for the demand, which actually led to fans rioting, an example of toxic fan culture, says Aja Romano, and a sign those fans don't really understand the show, says Ben Kuchara. McDonald's promises more sauce is coming, so that's just great.

Late Night Developments

Josef Adalian covers the late-night comedy ratings race, wherein Fallon is losing ground as Kimmel gains it. Over at TBS, Full Frontal's showrunner is departing.

Amazon Allegation

Kim Masters reports on a sexual harassment allegation being made by a TV producer against Amazon's Roy Price. Amazon has suspended Price.

President Threatens NBC Broadcast License

President Trump has been on a multi-day twitter rant about the validity of NBC News and threatened its broadcast license in the wake, showing poor understanding of this process and the concept of equal time. Daniel Fienberg covers the Trump-NBC relationship.

Fox Facing Lawsuit

Muhammad Ali Enterprises, which owns IP rights related to the late boxer, is suing Fox over a two and a half minute short that aired before Super Bowl LI, a few months after Ali died. The company alleges that the short is an unauthorized endorsement, while Fox may argue that it's a documentary short that falls under fair use.