Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

The X-Files is doing especially well on DVRs.

TBS is home base for Samantha Bee's Full Frontal, but more people watched its premiere simulcast on Adult Swim.

CBS This Morning had a good Monday thanks to the Super Bowl.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Cable Billing

A group of Senators wants the FCC to crack down on what they see as unfair billing practices by cable and broadband companies.

Charter-TWC Merger Assessment

Rich Greenfield covers the likelihood of the Charter-Time Warner Cable-Bright House merger being approved and considers who winners and losers would be.

Netflix News

Philip Swann notes that Netflix's stock price has slid over the last two months. Patrick Frater predicts challenges for Netflix's global expansion too, especially in Asia. Netflix has picked up a German Hitler satire movie as part of its international expansion.

DVR + Netflix + Pay TV VOD Use

Jeff Baumgartner reports on figures detailing that 81% of US households now have a DVR, Netflix, and/or a pay TV VOD service.

First-Down Technology

Vox has a cool explainer on how the NFL's yellow first-down line technology works.

Super Bowl Coverage

Super Bowl ratings are in; the game didn't set a record, but it's likely to go down as the third-most watched show in U.S. TV history. CBS says the game set a record for Super Bowl streaming audience, though it didn't reach Yahoo's NFL livestream number, plus not everyone's devices worked smoothly, and Dan Rayburn is skeptical about streaming's future in live sports. As far as the game and ads, Todd VanDerWerff identified four winners and three losers, as well as best and worst ads. Brian Steinberg and Sydney Ember also assessed the ads, while Toni Fitzgerald broke down the ads by the numbers of what they were and when they aired. Richard Deitsch wasn't impressed with CBS's game broadcast. Caroline Framke highlights the political nature of the halftime show, thanks to Beyonce. Facebook's Sports Stadium didn't have a good day., and social media activity overall was down. The big TV news last night was CBS announcing the impending end of The Good Wife via a promo. Sam Adams agrees the show's time has come, and Debra Birnbaum talks to the show's executive producers about what's left and next.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

FS1's Ratings

Deadspin reports that Fox Sports 1 is having major ratings problems, with Colin Cowherd's show in particular tanking.

Shades of Blue Renewed

NBC wants a second season of Shades of Blue.

PayPal VPN Bans

PayPal has begun banning VPN and SmartDNS services that enable copyright and geo-blocking streaming bypasses.

FNL Renuion

The ATX Television Festival this summer will feature a Friday Night Lights reunion in honor of the premiere's 10th anniversary.

Friday & Saturday Ratings

Friday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted.

Saturday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

The Saturday night GOP debate on ABC did well.

Viacom & CBS Future

Richard Greenfield explains how the future of CBS and Viacom is dependent on three trustees.

CBS vs. Netflix and Hulu

Les Moonves is pushing for CBS All Access to compete with Netflix and Hulu. Reuters says this aggressive digital move will follow from Moonves' new power at CBS.

21st Century Media Issue

The new issue of the journal The Projector focuses on Twenty-First Century Media, featuring open-access essays on the Ooyala online video distribution service, readings of Breaking Bad and audience class status, and The Simpsons as a blockbuster transmedia franchise.

Horace and Pete and Paying for TV

Matt Brennan reflects on the arrival of Louis CK's Horace and Pete in an already crowded TV market, and Sam Adams explores the question of what an episode of TV is worth, as some question what Louis CK is charging.

Apple's TV Struggles

Alan Wolk explains why Apple hasn't made inroads into TV.

Yahoo Ends Smart TV Apps

Colin Dixon considers why Yahoo has shut down its smart TV services.

The New NBCU

James B. Stewart talked to NBCU CEO Steve Burke about the company's recent successes.

The XFL Influence

Sean Creeley credits a lot of recent NFL innovation to the late XFL.

Sports Obsession

Bill Cromwell says a new Nielsen report indicates a rising national obsession with sports via media consumption, especially live TV.

Muslim Representations

President Obama called for wider representation of Muslims in television, and Alyssa Rosenberg says this is part of a larger Hollywood insufficiency of representing the daily practice of religion.


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Diversity & Peak TV

Ryan McGee says the diversity in shows like Fresh Off the Boat and Master of None illustrates the potential power of Peak TV.

The Value of Live

Harry A. Jessell points to Grease: Live's success and the big Thursday Night Football deal to highlight the power and value of live programming today.

Musical Sponsorship

Alex Nagler notes the value live musicals have for sponsorship and product placement.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Cable Talk

The Paley Center has posted video of a talk between Cablevision's COO and AMC Networks' CEO about "the intersection of entertainment, advertising and technology in a multi-screen world."

YouTube Plans

YouTube Red will launch original programming next week, and YouTube's head of original content has plans for grooming talent at Red.

Content Explosion Impact

Tal Shachar and Liam Boluk say tastemaker curation will be crucial in the age of abundant media content.

Politics & Programming Preferences

Nielsen has a new report on programming preferences among voters of different political leanings.

Hulu Concerns

Drew McWeeny says Time Warner's plan to have Hulu pull recent episodes would destroy the service's value. Colin Dixon says Hulu should have even more recent content, not less.

Limited Series Changing Drama

Brian Lowry proposes that limited series and season anthologies are changing the rules of TV drama.

Beck's Problems

Lloyd Grove says Glenn Beck's media empire is starting to melt down.

Nexstar-Cox Dispute Resolved

Nexstar and Cox Communications have settled their retransmission dispute.

Murphy's Diversity Plan

Todd VanDerWerff assesses what Ryan Murphy says he's going to do to foster diversity on his shows.

Super Bowl Coverage

Brian Steinberg covers what it takes to produce the Super Bowl as a TV show. Sydney Ember notes that the broadcast brings pressures for advertisers. Peter Kafka details the challenges you could be up against if you try to stream the broadcast. Jason Lynch says the game could break the total viewer record, but probably not 18-49.

Redbox Declines

Profit and revenue at Redbox are declining as DVD kiosk use declines.

Cable Competition & Boxes

The VideoNuze podcast this week talks about the FCC's set-top box competition plan, as well as the cord cutting ebb. George S. Ford questions the FCC's plan, but Tom Wheeler is defending it as enabling competition. The NYT editorial board is in favor of the plan.

Netflix Coverage

Andrew Leung covers Netflix's spending strategies. Reinhardt Krause says Netflix's about-face to supporting the Charter-TWC merger makes approval more likely. Vivian Giang delves into Netflix's unique corporate culture and profiles the woman who created it. Netflix would be happy to see the latest figures on the growth in TV streaming viewership.

OITNB Renewed X 3

Netflix has renewed Orange is the New Black for three more seasons. Liz Shannon Miller says this illustrates the value of relying on an ensemble cast.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and Kissell.

The Democratic debate last night wasn't much of a ratings draw.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pilot Season Frenzy

Cynthia Littleton and Elizabeth Wagmeister look at changes happening to network pilot season due to cable and digital competition.

X-Files' Pioneering Serialization

Peter Suderman says the original X-Files's use of serialization paved the way for today's prime-time dramas.

RIP Bob Elliot

Comedian Bob Elliot has died, and Jason Zinoman looks back on how Bob and Ray influenced deadpan comedy that followed them.

Comcast & Cable Gains

Comcast's earnings and cable subscriptions are up, and Tim Baysinger notes that Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Charter had a better 2015 than cord-cutting fears would indicate.

Saturday Late-Night Comedy on Fox

Fox will launch a late-night sketch comedy show on Saturday nights produced by the Lonely Island crew.

Showrunning Truths

Robert Lloyd talks to Javier Grillo-Marxuach about his advice for writers and showrunners.

Lionsgate Eyeing Starz

Lionsgate is looking to initiate acquisition talks with Starz.

Simpsons Screencap Generator

A trio of Simpsons fans has created a search engine that pairs quotes from the series with screenshots of their moments.

Colony Renewed

USA Network wants a second season of Colony.

People vs. OJ Coverage

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story premiered to strong ratings on FX. Variety and Vulture have saturation coverage on the series, including interviews with the creators. Sarah Mesle and Phillip Maciak discuss the premiere episode.

Super Bowl Coverage

Jason Lynch reports that CBS is still talking with buyers about final Super Bowl ad spots, and he looks at how CBS has been marketing the game for the past year. Brian X. Chen covers how you can watch the Super Bowl online if you don't have cable, and Perry Solomon explains why the live-streaming of the game is significant. Alan Wolk notes the importance of the fact that the streaming feed will have the same ads as the linear broadcast. Meanwhile, the NFL is playing hardball with the only known owner of a broadcast recording of Super Bowl I.

Manhattan Cancelled

WGN America won't be giving Manhattan a third season.

More Horace and Pete

Louis CK made a new announcement about Horace and Pete, promising more episodes and lower prices.

Redstone Replaced

Sumner Redstone has resigned as head of CBS Corp. and Viacom. Les Moonves has replaced him at CBS, while Philippe Dauman succeeds him at Viacom. Jennifer Saba sees this as a tricky transition at Viacom. Jon Lafayette considers the possibility of a Viacom sale soon. Brian Lowry says the Viacom-CBS split in 2005 tarnished Redstone's legacy. Brian Stelter interviewed Moonves about his promotion.

Tuesday & Wednesday Ratings

Tuesday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

Wednesday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.