Sunday, March 1, 2015

Good TVeets

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Friday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Winners: Nothing
- Losers (excluding repeats): Cristela (ABC), World’s Funniest Fails (ABC), Hart of Dixie (CW), Glee (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and Feinberg.

Fresh Interview

Hillary Crosley Coker talks to Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu about the series and its representations.

Comedy Blocks

Sean L. McCarthy gathers some great sitcom promos in a post on the best network TV comedy programming blocks of all time.

Net Neutrality Support

Harry A. Jessell says the net neutrality rules are good for broadcasters, and Meg James and Yvonne Villarreal say that the Hollywood creative community is also celebrating, while the major Hollywood studios are staying quiet.

OWN Renewals

OWN has renewed its four Tyler Perry-partnered shows.

RIP Leonard Nimony

Leonard Nimoy died yesterday. Matt Zoller Seitz remembers his performance as one of TV history's greatest characters, and Sam Thielman appreciates his Spock creation, which James Poniewozik says helped to make Nimoy seemed like a mystical force. Alan Sepinwall says Spock was Star Trek's most important creation. Brian Lowry notes that he did try to escape the shadow of Spock. Nimoy was also active in the arts and photography.

Good TVeets

Friday, February 27, 2015

Thursday Ratings

-Winners: The Big Bang Theory (CBS), How To Get Away With Murder (ABC), Mom (CBS), The Blacklist (NBC)
- Honorable Mention: American Idol (Fox), The Odd Couple (CBS)
- Losers (excluding repeats): The Slap (NBC), Backstrom (Fox), Sports Illustrated Swim Special (CBS), Allegiance (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

House of Cards Product Placement

Netflix doesn't have ads, but Tim Peterson shows how House of Cards basically does through product placement.

Working at Netflix

Timothy Stenovec looks at the unique working conditions and corporate culture Netflix has established for employees.

Viacom Restructuring

Brian Steinberg covers the quiet restructuring taking place at Viacom as the company adjusts to the impact of digital media.

Facebook Engagement

Tony Maglio highlights eight shows that capitalize upon Facebook engagement with fans.

Big Brother Life

Mashable talks to a former Big Brother contestant about what it's like to do a reality TV show, and Andy Dehnart highlights the parts where he talks about the challenges of life after the show.

Crackle is TV

Suzanne Vranica reports that Crackle is pulling out of the NewFronts event because it wants to align itself instead with traditional TV programmers.

Shooting Sex Scenes

Melena Ryzik talks to actors and directors about what it's like to shoot sex scenes.

Empire's Growth

Josef Adalian notes the Empire has surged in on-demand viewership, yet this hasn't hurt its same-day viewership. And Rick Kissell highlights Empire's ratings success among women and in urban markets.

WWE Network

Cory Barker and Drew Zolides discuss the state of the WWE Network a year after its launch: Part 1, Part 2.

HTGAWM Renewed

ABC indicated in a promo that How to Get Away With Murder has been renewed.

Down Ad Year

Bill Cromwell analyzes the disappointing 2014 advertising figures.

House of Cards Risk

Michael Liedtke looks at how the risk taken on House of Cards paid off substantially for Netflix.

Arrow-Flash Spinoff

The CW has in development a spinoff from Arrow and The Flash.

Good TVeets

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cuban Netflix

Yasmin S. Portales-Machado and Ted Henken speculate on what Netflix in Cuba could look like.

CSI Simulcast

CBS will air the spinoff pilot for CSI: Cyber on a CSI episode simulcast to over 150 countries, thus surpassing Doctor Who for a Guinness World Record.

Pimp Fakery

Todd Van Luling reveals that Pimp My Ride had some staged aspects.

A.D. Talk Show

The Downey-Burnett followup to The Bible, A.D. The Bible Continues, will get a companion talk show online.

TV Buys Aereo Name

Aereo's name is now worth less than $2 million, as purchased by TiVo.

Empire's Reign

Yes, Empire's ratings went up again, even reaching a number that hasn't been attained by a regularly scheduled network episode since Grey's Anatomy in 2010. Kate Aurthur details the show's unprecedented trajectory. Empire has also now surpassed Scandal in generating Twitter activity. Logically, Fox is now considering launching Glee-like concert events tied to the show.

Net Neutrality Reaction

As expected, the FCC passed the new net neutrality rules with a 3-2 vote. Jon Brodkin reports. Tim Wu reflects back on how things got here and explains why many along the way were wrong. David Lieberman collects reactions from industry representatives and activist groups. Verizon tried to be clever with its objection, and AT&T also lashed out.

Dish Network's Small Business

Harry Campbell covers how Dish Network took advantage of loopholes to obtain spectrum space for a discount meant for small businesses.

YouTube Revenue

Rolfe Winkler notes that YouTube brings in a lot of revenue, but makes virtually no profit.

Networks Age

Diego Vasquez notes that the Big Four broadcast networks' median viewer age has crossed 50.

Awards Exploit Social Media

Alan Wolk looks at how awards shows this season have taken advantage of social media platforms.

Downton Food

Roslyn Sulcas talks to Downton Abbey's food stylist about how she prepares meals for the camera.

Wednesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Winners: Survivor (CBS), The Goldbergs (ABC), American Idol (Fox), Empire (Fox), Modern Family (ABC)
- Losers (excluding repeats): The Amazing Race (CBS), The 100 (CW), Nashville (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Nick News

Nickelodeon will launch an OTT service for preschoolers next month, and Will Richmond says this will test budget-minded consumers. Nickelodeon also pitched its TV programming in its upfront presentation.

Midseason Judgments

Louisa Ada Seltzer names network midseason winners and losers.

O'Reilly & Fox News

Jonathan Mahler and Emily Steel say Bill O'Reilly represents the Fox News model of "no-holds-barred, intentionally divisive news coverage."

Modern Family's Apple Episode

Carolyn Giardina talks to Modern Family's editor about putting last night's episode together. And Jason Lynch praises the series for its product placement techniques.

Kardashian-Jenner Reality

The Kardashian women have signed a $100 million contract with E! to continue their reality TV franchise. Bruce Jenner will apparently have his own reality show about his gender transition, and Heather Havrilesky explores how this show may deconstruct assumptions about masculinity and gender.

Update: An E! rep is saying the $100 million figure is inaccurate.

Schur on P&R

Two more interviews with Mike Schur on the Parks and Recreation finale, from the NYT and from Vulture.

Cord Cutting Up

A media analyst says cord cutting has risen significantly in the last year.

Good TVeets

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Net Neutrality Impact

Ted Johnson covers how tomorrow's net neutrality announcement could affect Hollywood.

HBO Diversity Fellowship

HBO is offering a writing fellowship for diverse emerging writers.

Comcast Subscribers

Kelly Gilblom reports that Comcast is soon to have more internet subscribers than pay TV subscribers.

Chandler Profile

Lacey Rose sat down with Kyle Chandler to talk about his return to a TV series.

Diversity Pays Off

Austin Siegemund-Broka finds that higher ratings and bigger box office results spawn from TV shows and films with more diverse casts.

Scott-Young Profile

Lauretta Charlton profiles Mona Scott-Young, producer of Love & Hip Hop and other reality TV shows.

Upfronts Optimism

Diego Vasquez sees positive signs for the upcoming upfronts.

Screen Engagement

A new study finds that people engage longer with digital screens than TV set screens.

Daytime Emmy Problem

Kate O'Hare says the Daytime Emmys face a challenge with the decline of the network soap opera.

Saul Costumes

Breaking Bad costume designer Jennifer Bryan talks to Better Call Saul's costume designer about dressing up Saul.

Event Fatigue Syndrome

Brian Lowry says Event TV is now suffering from an overload of programming.

Parks & Rec Reaction

Reviews of last night's Parks and Recreation finale from James Poniewozik, Alan SepinwallAlasdair Wilkins, Myles McNutt, Jeff Jensen, Willa Paskin, and Kevin Fallon. Geoff Berkshire talks to Mike Schur about the ending, and the NYT also has a Q&A. The cast members break down the finale. Anthony Crupi notes that the post-P&R NBC is sitcom-starved. Emily Yahr says we'll never see a show like P&R again. Sam Donsky loves the much-maligned Season 1.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
-Winners: NCIS (CBS), The Voice (NBC), NCIS: New Orleans (CBS)
- Honorable Mention: Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Repeat After Me (ABC), Marvel’s Agent Carter (ABC), New Girl (Fox), The Mindy Project (Fox), Forever (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Good TVeets