Tuesday, November 24, 2015

TV Everywhere, OTT, & Data

Herve Utheza says a hidden battle behind TV Everywhere and OTT services is over ownership of access to first party data.

YouTube For Kids

Stuart Dredge considers the implications of YouTube's popularity among children.

Holiday Movies & Ads

Yvonne Villarreal highlights the big revenue generated for cable channels by holiday-themed TV movies. Drew Harwell notes that holiday-themed ads are moving from TV to the internet.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

Fox Ratings Decision

The Masked Scheduler offers his take on Fox dropping Live+SD ratings.

Thursday Night Football Deal

The future rights to Thursday Night Football are up for grabs, and the NFL is seeking huge money. Toni Fitzgerald weighs the odds of who could end up with it, with the finalists including NBC, CBS, Fox, and Turner.

Noah's Problems

Sarah Burris is critical of Trevor Noah's Daily Show, saying Noah and his correspondents just aren't funny.

Late-Night Poll

A THR poll of late-night preferences finds Jimmy Fallon is a favorite among many, while Republicans don't much like Stephen Colbert, who won't win them back with Thursday's slam on the GOP for objecting to Syrian refugees coming to the US.

Trump & The Media

News networks have conferred about how to deal with restrictions from Donald Trump's camp at campaign events, but it's not apparent any action will come of it. Meanwhile, a few of Trump's rivals are getting their equal time from a few NBC affiliates.

Homeland's Prescience

James Wolcott praises Homeland for its prescience in its focus on terrorism this season.

Scandal Reaction

James Hibberd covers reaction to Scandal's abortion and Planned Parenthood storylines, as it has garnered both praise and objection. Clover Hope has analysis of the abortion scene, and Kevin Fallon covers the episode. Lenika Cruz appreciated the episode's audacity, and Elizabeth Skoski argues that TV needs more episodes like it. Matt Webb Mitovich takes us inside the table read of the episode.

Fargo Renewed

Fargo is getting a third season.

CW Moves

The CW has announced midseason scheduling additions and changes. The network has also ordered more episodes of iZombie and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

Walking Dead Criticism

The Walking Dead revealed a character's fate on Sunday, and it didn't go over well with critics like Alan Sepinwall. Brian Lowry was also critical of Talking Dead's role.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Effect of SNL Impersonations

Robert Lloyd argues that politician images are affected by sketch comedy impersonations like those on SNL.

Vue Adds ESPN

Andrew Tonner considers Playstation Vue's competitive chances now that it has added ESPN.

ISIS Propaganda

Greg Miller and Souad Mekhennet take us into the world of ISIS propaganda and the filmmakers capturing their atrocities.

TV Writing Advice

Jessica Gao shares industry insights for aspiring TV writers.

OTT Sports

Sports streaming services are doing well in OTT usage rankings, while MLB has reached a new streaming plan with some regional channels that requires authentication.

Turner Streaming

The president of Turner Broadcasting expects a standalone streaming service for the company's channels to emerge within five years.

Friday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Rick Kissell.

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CNN Lawsuit Threat

NFL player Jameis Winston is threatening CNN with legal action if its airs The Hunting Ground.

Netflix & Competition

A new survey finds just over half of Americans have used Netflix in the last year. Another study measured "demand expressions" for series online, and HBO and Netflix shows dominate whatever this category is. Todd VanDerWerff notes the significance of Netflix and Amazon going head-to-head today with the releases of Jessica Jones and The Man in the High Castle.

First Interracial Kiss

An archival find at the BFI offers a new candidate for TV's first interracial kiss.

CNN Suspension

CNN suspended for two weeks a correspondent who tweeted opposition to a House of Representatives vote on Syrian refugees. Mathew Ingram argues that this was the wrong move for CNN to make.

Leading at Netflix

The NYT talks with Netflix's vice president for original content about being a leader at the company; there's video too.

On the Loss of Video Stores

Dennis Perkins reflects back on his 25 years working in a local video store and what we've lost with the death of that industry.

Comcast's Stream & Data Caps

Usage of Comcast's new Stream TV service won't count against subscribers' internet data caps, which is raising eyebrows, as this could constitute a net neutrality loophole. Meanwhile, Tom Wheeler doesn't think T-Mobile's Binge On plan is a net neutrality violation.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Millennial Viewing

A new study finds that Millennials are watching only 30% of their TV as linearly scheduled, with high live+7 and OTT viewing. Hulu in particular is doing well among Millennials. Due to such figures, Cox Communications is launching a Millennial-targeted OTT service called Flare MeTV.

Representation in Master of None

Hari Raghavan analyzes the representation of South Asians in Aziz Ansari's Master of None.

Casting Diversity

Anushay Hossain talks to ABC executive Keli Lee about casting diverse talent for the network.

Hollywood Diversity & Equality

Maureen Dowd has a feature story on pervasive sexism in the Hollywood film industry. The Hollywood Reporter has drawn criticism for a cover featuring only white actresses in contention for an Oscar.

Days Ratings Up

Rick Kissell reports that Days of Our Lives is on a ratings hot streak.

Schneider Interview

Marc Berman talks with Dan Schneider, one of the foremost producers of tween TV shows.

Yahoo's Community Problem

Mike Shields looks at the economics behind Community's failure for Yahoo.

HBO in Canada

Bell Media is now the exclusive Canadian home for all of HBO's programming across all platforms.

Gravity Falls Ending

Gravity Falls will end after its next two episodes air, with the showrunner claiming it was his choice, not a cancellation from Disney XD.

NBC's Equal Time

NBC has offered equal time proposals to the non-Trump Republican presidential candidates who requested it.

Scandal Plot

Eric Deggans covers what happened on a controversial plotline on last night's Scandal, and legendary producer Norman Lear had high praise for it.

Fox Drops Live+SD

Fox has announced it will no longer report Live Plus Same-Day ratings to the press. Tony Maglio has analysis of the decision. TV By the Numbers explains why it's sticking to L+SD ratings reporting.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Password Sharing

Colin Dixon says figures show that password sharing for streaming services is common, but not so much "cheating" by borrowing passwords.

iPlayer Promotions

Paul Grainge discusses the BBC's promotion of iPlayer and its on-demand programming.

2015 TV Lists

Cory Barker has attempted to list all the TV shows that aired at least four episodes in 2015, organized primarily by channel. @GemofAmara has also generated a categorized list of 2015 series.

New Media Industries Issue

The academic journal Media Industries has a new issue with the following open access essays:


Check out new Critical Studies in Television posts:

Sherlock, Hannibal, & Female Fandom

Lori Morimoto contrasts how Hannibal and Sherlock acknowledge female fandom.

Branding on Netflix

Joe Flint reports on growing demands by networks to have their logos visible on their programming carried by Netflix.

Family Feud Up

Bill Cromwell notes that Family Feud is one of the few syndicated shows to rise in the ratings this year; it's even outrating Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune now.

Developing High Castle

Alyssa Rosenberg covers how The Man in the High Castle went from book to Amazon.

James Murdoch Observations

Cynthia Littleton reports on a Q&A with 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch, covering such issues as the Pepsi-Empire deal, the need for innovation in advertising, and the challenges of content distribution.

Public Media Exec Salaries

Current presents results of an investigation into executive compensation in public radio and TV.

TV & Phone Monitoring

Kevah Waddell looks at your smartphone and TV can link up so advertisers can learn even more about you, and Julia Angwin tells us how a new Vizio smart TV can track viewing behavior to provide data to advertisers.

Time Warner & HBO

HBO is thriving right now, which prompts James Surowiecki to propose that Time Warner should spin it off. Richard Greenfield assesses the logic behind the possibility off spinning of HBO.

Filipinos on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Molly Fitzpatrick sees the appearance of Filipino family on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend as a landmark moment for TV.

Burrows Milestone

James Burrows will direct his 1,000th sitcom episode on Tuesday.

OTT Transformation

Andrew Sheehy explains the transformation coming to pay TV as OTT services continue to grow. Oriana Schwindt is concerned that replacing cable bundles with OTT services will result in paying more for less. And Alan Wolk says rather than cord cutting, many will just turn to alternate packages from MVPD broadband providers.

Streaming Launches

NBC has launched a beta version of its streaming comedy service called SeeSo. Univision has also launched an OTT streaming service called Univision Now.

Top OTT Services

A list of the top 10 OTT video services now includes HBO Now and Sling TV.

The Last Five Years

Tim Goodman looks back on changes in TV over the last five years.

Drug Ads Plea

The American Medical Association is calling for a ban on prescription drug ads on TV and online. This would represent a huge revenue blow to TV.

The Soup Ending

E! will shut down The Soup in December as host Joel McHale departs.

Comcast Drops YES

Comcast has dropped the YES Network over a carriage fee dispute.

Good News, Bad News For TV

October was a successful ad revenue month for the broadcast networks, as TV woos back some advertisers who left for digital options. Alan Wolk says this is part of a good week of news for TV's stability, and Cynthia Littleton says TV business Q3 results were better than expected. However, Wayne Friedman notes that C3 ratings were down in October, and Toni Fitzgerald points out the year-to-year ratings declines on the networks.

Tough Time Slots

Anthony Crupi highlights time slots that the networks just can't find success in. And Oriana Schwindt looks specifically at ABC's Tuesday 10pm curse.

Bastard Executioner Done

Showrunner Kurt Sutter announced via a Hollywood Reporter ad that The Bastard Executioner won't go forward due to low ratings.

Daily Fantasy Trouble

DraftKings and FanDuel are facing legal challenges that are causing some ad payment delays. Peter Kafka notes that TV outlets are nervous not just about the potential lost revenue from those ads but the fact that the prolific purchasing of those ads has been helping to drive up ad rates overall.

Pepsi on Empire

Brian Steinberg details a new step forward for advertising as Pepsi becomes part of an Empire storyline. Joe Flint interviews Empire co-creator Lee Daniels about incorporating Pepsi into the drama. Bloomberg has more details.

Tuesday & Wednesday Ratings

Tuesday network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

Wednesday network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

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Warning: Survivor spoilers at the end.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Home Video > Streaming

Todd VanDerWerff argues that the experience of streaming video comes up short in comparison to the old days of home video.

NFL Ratings Dominance

Anthony Crupi highlights how much network ratings are dominated at the top by NFL games.

Streaming & Connected TV Households

A study finds that streaming service penetration in US households is now on par with cable TV penetration. A separate study finds growing penetration of connected TV usage in households.

TV & Tragedy

James Poniewzoik covers network decisions to pull episodes in the wake of real-life tragedies. And Dave Itzkoff looks at the ways in which late-night comedians have addressed the Paris attacks.

The Simpsons' Power

Michael Logan explains why The Simpsons is the most powerful TV show in history based on popularity and financial value.

ABC Midseason

ABC has announced its midseason schedule.

TV Politics

Three Republican presidential candidates have requested equal time on some NBC stations in the wake of Donald Trump's Saturday Night Live appearance. And Emily Steel looks at the financial boon and influence enjoyed by Iowa TV stations due to the political season.

Into the Badlands on AMC

Into the Badlands launched with strong ratings on Sunday, and Frazier Tharpe notes that AMC is distinguishing itself within the programming glut with shows based on graphic novels.

MCNs & YouTube Red

Colin Dixon summarizes a panel discussion featuring MCN execs who expressed skepticism about the value of YouTube Red.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Rick Kissell.

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