Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TCA Coverage

Jason Lynch turned his TCA observations into a post on five ways that TV has changed forever, while Linda Holmes looks at the challenges of audience measurement these days, and Tim Goodman notes that TV clutter makes it harder for spectators to be patient with slow-starting series. Sonia Saraiya offers praise for FX's risk-taking.

Gary Levin covered the PBS exec session today, and Todd VanDerWerff explains why PBS is fine with airing Sherlock and Downton Abbey well after the UK gets it.

Comcast Concession

Comcast has conceded that its customer service policies played a role in the cancellation phone call that went viral last week.

Network News Ratings

Dorsey Shaw points out why Brian Williams should be concerned with ABC News' growing ratings.

Comic-Con Guide

Bill Cromwell offers TV-related fun facts about Comic-Con, which starts Thursday.

Larry's Side

The real Larry from Orange is the New Black addresses the truth of his life compared to the TV series.

Long-Form Ads

Brian Stenberg looks at the move to long-form ads.

Regulatory List

TVNewsCheck offers a handy guide to all legal and regulatory issues recently in play in regard to broadcasting.

Al Jazeera in Gaza

Al Jazeera's bureau in Gaza has been hit by gunfire, and the offices have been evacuated.

Russian Conspiracies

Julia Ioffe covers the conspiracy theories being reported as news in Russia in regard to the Malaysia Airlines crash in the Ukraine, and Brian Stelter talks to a Russia Today anchor who quit due to this.

Aereo Coverage

Peter Kafka picks up the story of Aereo's number of subscribers, and Swanni says Aereo was a total failure.

Monday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

TCA Coverage

Daniel Fienberg has a live-blog of the FX executive session, and Todd VanDerWerff covers that and FX's comedy hopes. There were also panels on The Bridge, The Strain, Sons of Anarchy, Fargo, and Tyrant. Daniel Holloway covered the prior session on ratings. Myles McNutt looks at how close Simpsons World is to his dream of a clips database. FXX will air every Simpsons episode to make the longest marathon in TV history.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Kaufman Pilot Dead

Ben Travers speculates on why FX has turned down a Charlie Kaufman pilot.

Murdoch Moves

David Carr and Henry Blodgett discuss Rupert Murdoch's bid for Time Warner. Meanwhile, Murdoch's BSkyB has purchased a majority stake in the production company behind Great British Bakeoff, while Sky shedding some Italian and German pay TV assets could be related to the Time Warner bid. Ronald Grover considers how the TW buy would help Murdoch in China.

Fall Calendar

TV Line has a calendar of fall premiere dates.

FilmOn Battles On

Wendy Davis reports that broadcasters are once again trying to stop FilmOn in its new streaming incarnation.

Cable Survival

Emily Steel and David Gelles look at where AMC Networks and other smaller cable groups stand in a world of conglomerate mergers.

Viewing Charts

Jason Lynch offers charts from TCA's presentation on ratings and viewing habits.

Reporter Controversy

Brian Stelter dug into the story of an NBC News reporter pulled from and then returned to Gaza and found bureaucracy and infighting, not bias.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

Netflix Expansion

Peter Lauria covers Netflix's plans for international expansion. Also, Netflix reported revenue figures today and announced that it has passed 50 million subscribers.

TCA Coverage

Todd VanDerWerff covers yesterday's TCA session from Fox, which is trying to mesh together the studio and the network. THR covers Peter Rice's exec session. There were also panels on GothamSleepy Hollow, and Gracepoint. Daniel Fienberg live-blogged today's FX exec session. And there was news of a Louie renewal and Fargo season 2.

Today's big news has been Simpsons World, a website and app offering episodes, clips, playlists, and more. It apparently could prove to be the height of human achievement.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

International Impact

Alyssa Rosenberg considers the impact international audience appeal could have on American popular culture.

Korean Product Placement

A Japan Times feature looks at how product placement permeates South Korean dramas.

Third Season Peak

Mike Schur offers a reason for why so many viewers say the third season is the best of a long-running series.

Ratings Presentation

TCA featured a panel of ratings, which focused heavily on convincing the press that live + same day ratings should be ignored in favor of L+3 and beyond.

Aereo's Bind

Jeff John Roberts looks at the tough position Aereo is in given the regulations stacked against like internet TV innovations.

TCA Awards

The Television Critics Association handed out awards last night, with Breaking Bad honored as top program, The Good Wife as top drama, and Veep and Louie tying for top comedy. Roger Catlin covers the event, and Alan Sepinwall also covers the ceremony.

RIP James Garner

Acting legend James Garner has died. Alan Sepinwall offers an appreciation. Clive James says Garner was a true star of his era. James Poniewozik looks back on his career.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Colleen Donaghy Moments

In remembrance of Elaine Stritch, EW offers a supercut of great Colleen Donaghy moments.

The Legend of Korra

Scott Thill says the protagonist of The Legend of Korra is one of the toughest, most complex female characters on TV, and he talks to the co-creators about the series.

Garten Profile

Alex Abed-Santos looks at how Ina Garten became the Barefoot Contessa.

The Doctors Returns

Will McKinley writes about the significance of reruns of the classic soap The Doctors returning to TV and interviews a VP of the channel bringing them back, Retro TV.

Summer Programming

David Zurawik notes that there are a lot of new summer shows, but that doesn't mean there's a lot of good TV on now.


Tim Goodman was surprised to find that he actually likes The CW's new fall dramas. Jarett Wieselman notes that the star of Jane the Virgin was especially impressive in talking about cultural identity.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Cable Ad Decline

Suzanne Vranica and Amol Sharma report on cable ad commitment declines, estimated to be a drop of about 6%.

Reporter Returns

NBC News will return pulled correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin to Gaza. Mike Caccioppoli is critical of NBC News' actions in removing Mohyeldin and not offering an explanation.

FX Ratings

FX has announced that it will no longer report L+SD ratings and will only release L+3 figures.

TCA Coverage

Daniel Fienberg live-blogged today's CW executive and Showtime executive sessions. Todd VanDerWerff also covers Showtime, where there was talk of Dexter not being dead. More on The CW exec session. And there were panels on The Affair, Homeland, Jane the Virgin, and Supernatural. Gary Levin sees The CW on the upswing. Myles McNutt has CW thoughts.

There was also follow-up news to yesterday's contentious session with Kevin Williamson about The Stalker, as Williamson didn't take well to Twitter criticism, and he went after Vox critic Todd VanDerWerff on Twitter.


Check out a new issue of Critical Studies in Television featuring:

Reality TV Neighborhood

Molly Lambert profiles Calabasas, home to a disproportionate share of reality TV celebrities.

Sports Innovation

Sara Morrison notes that media innovations have often been driven historically by sports media.

Reporter Controversies

CNN has pulled a reporter from coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict following a tweet she made, while questions remain surrounding NBC News also pulling a reporter from Gaza coverage.

ITV Stake

Liberty Global is buying a minority stake in British broadcaster ITV, with likely bigger plans ahead, as BSkyB also plans European expansion.

Aereo Subscribers

Alex Weprin notes that we likely learned just how few subscribers Aereo had from its recent copyright office filing.

TNT Renewals

TNT has renewed Major Crimes, The Last Ship, and Falling Skies, the latter for the final time, and a Rizzoli & Isles renewal announcement is also expected soon.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Daniel Fienberg.

Netflix Congestion

Level3 is claiming that Verizon is intentionally slowing down Netflix traffic. Stacey Higginbotham questions why this is still going on.

SEC Network

Comcast will carry the SEC Network, and DirecTV likely will too.

TCA Coverage

Todd VanDerWerff considers where CBS stands right now, and Les Moonves is very excited about Thursday Night Football. Alan Sepinwall covered the Battle Creek panel. Nina Tassler got pressured on diversity at her session. Ed Martin covered the Hulu/Amazon/DirecTV presentations.

Fox-TW Analysis

More coverage of the potential Fox takeover of Time Warner: Nikke Finke says such consolidation hurts content providers, Emily Steel and Richard Sandomir note that this partnership would help Fox rival ESPN, and the bid will likely go up but Jack Schafer thinks Rupert Murdoch should keep the money. Jeffrey Goldfarb says Time Warner can hold out for more.

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