Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Showrunners Doc

A clip is now available of an upcoming documentary on showrunners.

FCC Net Proposal

The FCC is reportedly working on new net neutrality rules that would undermine the very concept of net neutrality. T.C. Sottek is angry with the FCC for this.

FX Time-Shifted

According to TiVo data, three of the top ten most time-shifted cable shows for the last week in March were on FX (The Americans, Justified, and Archer)

Pakistan News

Declan Walsh and Salman Masood report on a Pakistani news channel that is rankling the government and military forces.

Future Possibilities

BBC iPlayer co-creator Anthony Rose shared his thoughts about the future of TV, and Vivek Thaker has some future ideas for Netflix related to the idea of streaming sharing.

BBC Mumbling

A number of viewers of the BBC drama Jamaica Inn have officially complained about sound problems on the broadcast, characterizing the actors as mumbling, but whether the problem is the actors or the sound recording is in dispute. And this is apparently not a new issue.

Dish's Internet TV

Bloomberg reports that a Dish Network internet TV service is planned for summer launch, and content providers are being courted.

Netflix Signs Hurwitz

Netflix is officially back in business with Mitch Hurwitz for the creation of new series.

AOL + Miramax

AOL has made a movie streaming deal with Miramax.

Social Media Actors

Anita Busch highlights the most successful film and TV actors in terms of their social media presence.

Editors Strike

Editors for Last Comic Standing are on strike in an unionization attempt. Update: The editors are back to work, and a new agreement has been reached.

Tumblr's Social Activity

Tumblr is touting that it has more social TV activity than Twitter.

Sports Pricing

Brian Lowry says Time Warner Cable's hardball negotiations for distribution rights to the channel that carries Dodgers baseball illustrate sports TV out of control.

FX + MillerCoors

Joe Flint reports that FX Networks has signed a sponsorship deal with MillerCoors beer.

Tuesday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 9.41 million, NBC: 7.26, ABC: 3.76, Fox: 2.14, CW: 1.80
- Adults 18-49: NBC: 1.8 rating/5 share, CBS: 1.2/ 4, ABC: 1.1/ 3, Fox: 0.9/ 3, CW: 0.8/ 2
- Winners: The Voice (NBC), NCIS R (CBS), NCIS: Los Angeles R (CBS)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Glee (Fox), The Mindy Project (Fox), Celebrity Wife Swap (ABC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

HBO on Prime

HBO has struck a deal with Amazon to have many TV library titles available to Prime subscribers. Swanni says this could be a game-changer. Peter Kafka has some dollar figure estimates from the deal.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paparazzi Profile

Stephen Rodrick takes us to the streets of LA where the paparazzi roam.

Racial Politics

Linda Holmes looks at Mad Men's recent address of race, while Alyssa Rosenberg discusses the racial politics of Mad Men and Veep.

Fan TV Box

Time Warner Cable subscribers will now have access to the Fan TV streaming box. Ryan Waniata looks at what's impressive about Fan TV.

Aereo Hearing

Peter Kafka and Amy Schatz summarize what they heard at the Supreme Court Aereo hearing. John Eggerton also reports, as do Brian Stelter (also a video report), Jeff John Roberts, Dominic Patten, Circa, Reuters, Adam Liptak, Tim Molloy, Adrianne Jeffiries, David Carr. A transcript of the arguments is available, and Peter Kafka highlights key questions. We learned that Justice Scalia doesn't seem to know that HBO is not over-the-air. Chris Ariens looks at how the evening network newscasts covered the story.

GoT Controversy

A scene in last night's Game of Thrones is generating a lot of debate today; analysis from Sonia Saraiya, Alyssa Rosenberg and Rosenberg again, Myles McNutt, Scott Meslow, Amanda Marcotte, Margaret Lyons, Sam Adams. The episode's director addresses questions about the scene. Laura Hudson reacts. More reactions from EW, Roxane Gay, Hillary Kelly and Kelly again, Madeline Davies. George RR Martin has responded in a Livejournal post. One of the writers also has a comment. Maureen Ryan offers twelve reasons why the scene matters.

ESPN Gets NFL Playoff Game

ESPN has received the rights to air an NFL Wild Card playoff game, while NBC will get three playoff games next season, including the Super Bowl. Sports Business Daily reports on the deal.

Monday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: ABC: 12.22 million, NBC: 11.07, CBS: 5.93, Fox: 5.19, CW: 1.14
- Adults 18-49: NBC: 2.9 rating/8 share, ABC: 2.0/ 6, CBS: 1.6/ 5, Fox: 1.4/ 4, CW: 0.3/ 1
- Winners: Dancing With the Stars (ABC), The Voice (NBC), The Blacklist (NBC)
- Fading Fast: The Following (Fox) 
- Losers (excluding repeats): Friends With Better Lives (CBS), Star-Crossed (CW), The Tomorrow People (CW)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratings. Cable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Goodbye, Scandal

A blogger named the Honorable Judge Whitey offers an extensive, informative explanation for why he is done with Scandal.

AT&T Video Venture

AT&T is joining with the Chernin Group to form an over-the-top video service.

Live & Non-Linear

Michael Newman delves into the TV and video past to make a point about the present, that live and non-linear viewing are likely to keep co-existing in tension.

Italian Lit on TV

Raffaella Silvestri says Italian TV is seeing a rise in literary tie-ins.

TV & Digital Ad Spending

Joe Mandese notes that TV still dominates in first quarter ad spending, though digital spending continues to rise.

TV Financing Indie-Style

Scott Roxborough looks at how Hollywood agencies are adapting an indie film financing model to TV by circumventing the major studios and supporting shows via foreign pre-sales, leaving networks with a reduced licensing fee.

Netflix Hike

Netflix will raise its subscriber fees this spring, though only for new customers for now. Brian Fung says this is a shrewd move. Netflix also announced it is beating analyst estimates and is closing in on international profitability. In its report, Netflix also came out officially against the Comcast-TWC merger, which displeases Comcast.  Also, Netflix is hoping to come to cable boxes. Swanni considers why this is happening now.

Social Analytics & Promos

Susan Kuchinskas looks at how BET's marketing team is adjusting Being Mary Jane promos based on social media data.

NBCU Profits

Thanks in part to actual profits from the Sochi Olympics, NBCU revenue is up. Also, Comcast overall is up, with growth in subscribers.

Comcast Deal

Netflix has announced its opposition to the Comcast-TWC merger, but Larry Downes thinks the opposition case is falling apart.

Aereo Links

The Supreme Court hearings on Aereo start in an hour. If the justices need some last-minute catchup, they should check out Jeff John Roberts' guide to what we need to know, Joanthan Handel on the Aereo case backstory, Peter Kafka on the Aereo perspective, Gerry Smith on possible outcomes, Jordan Crook interviewing Aereo's CEO. Issie Lapowsky says Netflix would be the real winner if Aereo is ruled legal.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Fanfic Arrests

Several women in China have reportedly been arrested for writing slash fan fiction.

Sorkin on The Newsroom

Aaron Sorkin talked about The Newsroom at a Tribeca Film Festival event and explained what he's tried to do with it as he's learned how to write for it.

Real Housewives Complaint

A civil rights group is expressing concern over depictions of fighting in The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Cord Cutting Rises

We've got new cord-cutting figures from Experian that find sharp growth in the practice.

Richard Boone Show

Stephen Bowie explores what made 1964's  short-lived The Richard Boone Show so intriguing.

Ratings Starts

Ratings are out for WGA America's Salem and for BBC America's Orphan Black.

Streaming Problems

Franklin Morris digs into the technology behind HBO Go and Netflix streaming problems. And Stacey Higginbotham reports that Netflix is aiming to get AT&T to now sign a peering agreement.

Joss Whedon Film

Joss Whedon has snuck a film onto the internet, and you can see it online for $5.

HBO Renewals

HBO wants more Veep and Silicon Valley.

Aereo Links

David Carr says the future of TV is at stake in the Aereo case, and Katy Bachman also lays out the situation. Jonathan Handel notes that the government is Team Networks and will be allowed to argue in the case., which Swanni says is very significant. Ted Johnson looks back at predecessors in the live TV on-the-go arena. Joshua Brustein says the ruling won't end TV as we know it. John K. Hane says what Aereo is doing is piracy. Joan E. Solsman says the case is too close to call.

Deadliest Catch Push

Adam Flomenbaum checks out Discovery's social media push for Deadliest Catch's return.

McDonald's Ads

Gene Demby analyzes McDonald's print and TV ads from previous decades that target African-Americans and lose the Gs at the end of gerunds as they try to get down with black people.

Sunday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 8.52 million, ABC: 4.63, NBC: 3.70, Fox: 1.97
- Adults 18-49: CBS: 1.4 rating/4 share, ABC: 1.1/ 4, Fox: 1.0/ 3, NBC: 0.9/ 3
- Winners: Nothing
- Losers (excluding repeats): American Dream Builders (NBC), Bob’s Burgers (Fox), Dateline (NBC), Crisis (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers. Final ratingsCable ratings.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Women Who Create TV Panels

Henry Jenkins has posted videos of panels from a conference titled Women Who Make Television, whose guests included Felicia Henderson, Julie Plec, and Winnie Holzman.

Late Night Diversity

In a NPR piece, Eric Deggans looks at the lack of diversity in late night. Bobby Rivers adds thoughts.

Time-Shifted Losses

Will Richmond checks out TiVo data highlighting estimates of ad revenue that could be gained if ad rates were determined based on C7 standards, rather than  just C3.

Exec Salaries

The Wrap presents this year's media executive compensation survey (which also offers a lot of pictures of white men).

Digital Survey

Deloitte presents results of a survey into digital consumption habits.

Good TVeets

Spoiler Analysis

Dustin Rowles tries to understand why some internet users feel compelled to spoil. (But not me: Game of Thrones spoiler alert)

On Orphan Black

Orphan Black's co-creator offers insight into the season 2 premiere.

Comcast's Man

Michael Sokolove profiles David Cohen, "a supremely well-connected political player" working on behalf of Comcast.

Hammer's Plan

Sam Thielman profiles NBCU Cable Entertainment chairman Bonnie Hammer and what she's putting in place for USA, Syfy, and other cable channels.

Exclusive Serial TV

Leo Kelion looks at how Amazon, Netflix, and Sky are trying to distinguish their services via serial-based original programming.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Good TVeets

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sitcom Homes

Joe Berkowitz analyzes real estate figures and salaries of various sitcom characters to determine who could and couldn't afford the homes they're depicted in.

Battle of the Network Stars

Dave Holmes looks back on the amazingness that was Battle of the Network Stars.

Sorkin's Sitcom

In a 1998 longread that will remain free for only the next 23 hours, Tad Friend delves into Aaron Sorkin's development of Sports Night.

Canadian Showrunners

Speaking of Orphan Black, Tony Wong looks at the rise of the Canadian showrunner.

Orphan Black Primer

If you need a recap of Orphan Black's narrative before its second season return tonight, Darwyn Carson has a primer. Emily Yahr has a more detailed summary.

Friday Ratings

Marc Berman's summary:
- Total Viewers: CBS: 7.33 million, ABC: 6.43, NBC: 4.95, Fox: 2.72, CW: 1.07
- Adults 18-49: ABC: 1.5 rating/5 share, NBC and Fox: 1.0/ 4 each, CBS: 0.8/ 3, CW: 0.3/ 1
- Winners: Shark Tank (ABC), 20/20 (ABC)
- Losers (excluding repeats): Kitchen Nightmares (Fox), Hart of Dixie (CW), Hannibal (NBC)

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and Fienberg.

Smart Shows

Kristen Iversen questions if shows like True Detective that appreciated for their complex meanings really are all that smart.

Tina Belcher: Hero

Jon Christian explains why Tina Belcher on Bob's Burgers is a feminist folk hero for young people.

Networks & the Internet

Jeff Giles considers how the broadcast networks can better take advantage of the internet.

Mad Men DVR Boost

A number of wealthy people waited a few days to watch Mad Men.

Retrans Study

A new SNL Kagan study finds retrans fees on the rise, though they're still a relatively small percentage of overall fees distributors pay to content providers.

Vodaphone + Netflix

Bloomberg reports that Vodaphone is talking with Netflix about carrying the streaming service.

Comcast News

Comcast and TWC are talking with Charter about selling subscribers to the latter in hopes of staving off regulatory objections. The Washington Post editorial board is in favor of the merger, but Tim Cushing highlights major flaws in their argument. The WSJ questions if Comcast's moves make sense.

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