Friday, June 24, 2016

Thrones & OITNB Ratings

Gary Levin reports that Game of Thrones ratings are high for the current season,  illustrating that streaming options are expanding viewership, not cannibalizing it. And Tony Maglio reports Symphony data on Orange is the New Black ratings that shows strong viewership, although well short of Fuller House ratings.

YouTube Red Drama

YouTube Red has a Step Up TV series in development.

Netflix Downloads

Mari Silbey reports that Netflix is working on a download options for some shows.

Brexit's TV Impact

People in British film and TV have concerns about the future financial state of the industry following the vote to exit the EU, with the chairman of the Independent Film & Television Alliance calling it likely devastating for the UK creative sector. You can read speculations on what this vote might mean moving forward from Radio Times, Oriana Schwindt, and Leo Barraclough.

Thursday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Michael O'Connell.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

New CST Posts

Check out a new set of posts from Critical Studies in Television:

Star Trek Fan Film Guidelines

Adam B. Vary reports on onerous guidelines handed down by CBS and Paramount in regard to Star Trek fan film productions.

Pay TV Bill Padding

A Senate report accuses pay TV companies of overcharging subscribers via unnecessary extra fees.

Sports Rights Deals

Anthony Crupi notes that when the Big Ten rights deal is finalized, rights to all major sports will be locked up into the start of the next decade.

Colbert Live During Conventions

Stephen Colbert will broadcast his CBS show live while the presidential nomination conventions are ongoing.

Comedy Categorization

You're the Worst creator Stephen Falk expresses frustration at the limited categorization of comedy at the Emmys.

Moonves on OTT

Claire Atkinson relays Les Moonves' comments that CBS's future lies in over-the-top streaming.

Fan Impact on Storylines

Marisa Roffman explores the extent to which fan feedback and reaction can impact TV storylines.

Most Powerful People in Entertainment

THR has released its latest list of the 100 most powerful people in entertainment.

Summer Game Shows

Stephen Battaglio explores why the ever-enduring game show genre is getting a summer boost.

CNN Hires Lewandowski

CNN has hired Donald Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski as a political commentator. Erik Wemple has some questions for CNN.

The State of HBO

Maureen Ryan notes that Vinyl's cancellation is part of a larger cycle of churn at HBO as it tries to compete in TV's changing landscape, while Oriana Schwindt says reports of HBO's demise are premature.

Casual Renewed

Hulu wants a third season of Casual.

Nielsen Viewer Insights

Oriana Schwindt interviews a Millennial woman who just completed a two-year stint as a Nielsen household.

C-SPAN's Big Night

Brian Stelter reports on last night's C-SPAN coverage of the Democratic sit-in at the House of Representatives, which came via Periscope and Facebook Live due to House video cameras being turned off. James Warren covers how it came about, James Poniewozik reflects on the drama and the streaming technology that relayed it, and Will Richmond notes that this illustrated the power of live streaming.

Wednesday Ratings

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Analysis from Michael O'Connell.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Convention Ad Rates

Gerry Smith reports that cable news outlets are jacking up ad rates for spots during presidential nomination convention coverage.

Set-Top Proposal in Trouble

Ben Munson reports that Tom Wheeler's set-top box rules proposal is losing support and might be doomed.

The Seriality Gap

Jason Mittell argues that binge-viewing of serial TV is not truly a serialized experience because of the lack of essential gaps and shared conversations.

Big Media & Digital

Amol Sharma tells legacy media companies that they need to embrace the digital shift and develop new business and programming models to attract new audiences.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is expanding with more corporate and celebrity deals, and Will Richmond offers reasons why Facebook's spending on Live is so smart.

Dish vs. Tribune

The Dish Network-Tribune Broadcasting standoff continues, as Dish is now suing Tribune over its "Dump Dish" marketing campaign.

Stars From Web to TV

Todd Spangler looks at digital stars like Miranda Sings who are starting to carve out TV careers.

Local TV News Facts

Pew Research has released a fact sheet on local TV news, which shows recent viewership drops but retrans fee increases.

TV's Impending Ad Fall

Matthew Ball says despite a strong 2016 upfronts, a major TV ad spend decline is coming, and Ben Thompson offers a similar warning.

No More Vinyl

HBO has decided it doesn't want a second season of Vinyl after all.

BitTorrent News

Janko Roettgers reports that BitTorrent intends to launch an online live-streaming news network.

Judith Butler Profile

Molly Fischer profiles the gender-queer pop culture celebrity of scholar Judith Butler.

TV Critics

The Ringer podcast talks to TV critics and Damon Lindelof about the rise of the television critic.

Viacom & Dauman

Philipe Dauman is defending his accomplishments at Viacom, but Richard Morgan says critics aren't buying it. On Twitter, Matthew Ball explained why Viacom is failing, complete with cool charts.

Streaming Traffic Volumes

A new study on internet traffic finds Netflix representing 35% of North American traffic, while Amazon Video has doubled its traffic in a year to 4.26%, outpacing iTunes and Hulu.

Altice Owns Cablevision

Altice's acquisition of Cablevision has been completed. Cecilia Kang talks to the CEO of the European company's US division.

TCA Nominations

Nominations for the Television Critics Association Awards have been announced. Andy Dehnart highlights the reality TV nominees.

Tuesday Ratings

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Analysis from Michael O'Connell.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Archer Renewed

FX has renewed Archer for three additional seasons.

Game Show Love

Matt Roush explores the ongoing popularity of game shows.

Carpool Karaoke Integration

Jason Lynch reports on CBS teaming up with Coke and McDonald's for product placement in Carpool Karaoke segments and in-store promotions.

Prime-Time Viewing

Michael Malone reports on a new TiVo study into live and time-shifted viewing of prime-time programming, which finds NBC viewers watching the most live and CW viewers time-shifting the most among networks and ESPN and TBS at the top of the live list among cable channels.

CBS All Access Appointment

Josef Adalian tells us why CBS's appointment of Julia McNamara as executive vice president of original content for CBS All Access is of great significance.

CBS Fall Premieres

CBS has released its fall premieres schedule.

X1 & The Olympics

Gerry Smith covers Comcast's plans for its X1 set-top box to showcase the Olympics and wow subscribers, thereby keeping them from cutting the cord.

Call the Midwife's Radicalism

Emily Nussbaum explains what makes Call the Midwife a sneakily radical show.

Ninja Warrior Info

Andy Dehnart shares info about the production of American Ninja Warrior's qualifying rounds.

Chinese Format Limits

Patrick Brzeski reports that China is imposing limits on the number adaptations of international formats to encourage more originality.

Station Ownership Diversity Crisis

Wade Henderson points to a crisis due to the dearth of minority-owned stations, with WHUT's auction as tipping point.

Tumblr Live Video

Starting today, Tumblr will have a live video feature.

MTV Reality Departure

MTV is losing its longtime head of reality TV.

Preacher's Tulip

Eric Thurm praises Tulip on Preacher for the richness of her characterization compared to other women in prestige dramas.

WWE Programming Rivalry

Brian Steinberg reports the WWE is setting up a programming competition between live USA shows Raw and Smackdown.

State of TV

Ryan McGee tumblred thoughts about the current state of TV with reference to Penny DreadfulOrange is the New Black, Game of Thrones, South Park, and Lip Sync Battle.

Peak Standouts

Gregory Ellwood talked with showrunners about the challenge of having their shows stand out in an era of programming saturation.

The Package of the Future

Alan Wolk offers predictions about the future of pay TV packages and VOD services.

Comedy Actress Roundtable

THR has a roundtable with TV comedy actresses.

Star Trek's Fandom

 Adam B. Vary traces the evolution of Star Trek fandom.

Monday Ratings

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Network Emmy Chances

Scott Feinberg wonders if the broadcast networks can get any Emmys love in the drama and comedy categories this year.

Inside Amy Schumer's Fade

Todd VanDerWerff speculates on why Inside Amy Schumer's latest season generated so little buzz.

Al-Jazeera Death Sentences

Six Al-Jazeera employees have been sentenced to death in Egypt based on claims of national security violations.

Big 10 Rights

ESPN has ponied up to keep half of the media rights for Big Ten football, which it will share with Fox Sports. Ken Fang covers what will and won't change from what Big Ten viewers are used to.

NBCU-Dish Settle

NBCU and Dish Network have settled an ad-skipping lawsuit and come to a new carriage deal.

Netflix News

Cynthia Littleton reports Netflix is nearing a deal with The CW to stream current episodes just after their seasons end. Todd Spangler reports on a study into the possible impact of Netflix's subscriber fee increases. Eriq Gardner informs us of Netflix "juicers," people paid to watch Netflix and some of whom are suing for better benefits. Finally, Joe Nocera delves into Netflix's positioning within a new world of TV it helped create.

Upfronts Deals

Brian Steinberg reports that network upfronts deals are looking strong, though complex dynamics are at play and networks are seeking to break up some old practices. Meanwhile, Viacom has wrapped its channels' upfronts deals reportedly with solid CPM increases.

Time-Shifting Milestone

Two 2015-16 network shows, Quantico and The Blacklist, drew in as many viewers watching on DVR within a week as live viewers.

Fall Premiere Dates

Two networks have announced their fall premiere schedules: NBC and The CW.

Streaming & Directing Game of Thrones

HBO Now had trouble streaming Game of Thrones last night due to heavy usage. And James Hibberd talked to the director of last night's episode about shooting the epic battle scene.

Penny Dreadful Done

Showtime has decided not to renew Penny Dreadful (warning: spoilers for the final episode).

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Last night's NBA Finals Game 7 garnered huge ratings.

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