Thursday, June 22, 2017

Playing House & Breast Cancer

Playing House star Jessica St. Clair explains why she wanted her breast cancer experience written into the series.

AT&T-Time Warner Opposition

Democratic senators expressed their opposition to the AT&T-Time Warner merger in a letter to the attorney general.

UFC Rights

Marisa Guthrie discusses the pressure on new owner WME-IMG as UFC rights go up for grabs.

Reality TV Therapy

Ann-Derrick Gaillot questions the ethics and results of reality TV therapy shows.

Frustration With Facebook

Sarah Frier and Gerry Smith report on news outlet frustration with Facebook's video demands.

Latinx Representation

Matt Brennan talked with Latino/a actors about changes, and the lack of them, in Latino/a roles on TV over time.

Women Journalists in Muslim Countries

Yeganeh Rezaian discusses the importance of and challenge for women journalists reporting from Muslim countries.

Sci-Fi Fun

Adam Rodgers praises Syfy's fun science fiction shows compared to more serious prestige fare.

Queen Sugar's Directing Crew

Meredith Blake introduces us to Queen Sugar's all-women directing crew.

The N Word

Maria Elena Fernandez considers why "the n-word" is appearing on numerous shows lately, while Jerrod Carmichael talked with Michael Schneider about his show's timely topics.

Fox-Sky Deal

We will learn on June 29 whether or not 21st Century Fox will be allowed to own all of Sky or not.

Most Powerful People

THR has released its annual list of the 100 most powerful people in entertainment, with Bob Iger, Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos, and Steve Burke at the top.

Netflix Strategies

Janko Roettgers identifies five insights in Netflix's corporate culture manifesto, while Matt Given highlights four pivot points that have helped Netflix surpass cable in subscribers. In programming news, Netflix has launched choose-your-own-adventure style content for kids.

The OINTB Hack

The people who run the small studio that was hacked and had its Orange is the New Black files leaked are telling their story.

Designing SNL's Sets

Constance Grady interviews Saturday Night Live's longtime set designer.

Apple's TV Moves

Josef Adalian assesses Apple's further moves into TV programming with its hiring of Sony execs. Natalie Jarvey and Lesley Goldberg say many in Hollywood are excited by Apple's new appetite for programming, and Tim Goodman sees a big impact coming. Sean Allen explains why Apple wants original content. Meanwhile, back over at Sony, Goldberg notes that a tough task lies ahead to replace what Apple lured away.

Rating Gender Stereotypes

Susan Chira describes an attempt by Common Sense Media to rate movies and TV shows based on gender stereotypes.

CBS Daytime Renewals

CBS renewed its entire daytime lineup through next year, while The Young and the Restless got a three-year renewal.

Upfronts & Ad Buys

CBS and The CW have reportedly finished their upfronts sales, with The CW seeing 3-5% gains and overall gains at CBS. Brian Steinberg sees a Trump effect on upfronts, as news and late-night are a key focus of negotiations. Amanda Lotz's podcast covers stacking rights and how they can affect upfronts negotiations.

Jason Lynch reports on the TV ad market for May, which saw cable up and broadcast down. Anthony Crupi also reports.

Twin Peaks Ratings

Kate Aurthur analyzes ratings for Twin Peaks and says they're an example of TV viewing in flux.

Save Seeso

John Hugar explains why Seeso, which has been hit with layoffs, is worth sustaining.

John Oliver Sued

John Oliver and Last Week Tonight writers are being sued by a coal baron for character assassination.

ABC News Trial

Eriq Gardner covers the latest developments in the ABC News "pink slime" defamation trial.

News About Cable News

Michael Wolff looks at the battle between CNN and NBC News to garner Trump-related ratings. MSNBC apparently thinks a conservative radio host is a good way to go, as it's giving Hugh Hewitt a Saturday morning show. Meanwhile, CNN is making a big investment in a social video startup called Great Big Story.

Trump & the Media

Brian Stelter explains why it's problematic that the White House is rolling back on-camera press briefings. Reporters were even warned not to report on the reporting restrictions. Trump is finding a lot of love, however, at Fox & Friends and on Sinclair-owned TV stations. On CNBC's Squawk Box, Trump's army of climate change deniers has a platform. Andy Dehnart reports on Trump being sued over the UK Apprentice and the emoluments clause.

Critics on Critics

Hanh Nguyen gathered comments from TV critics about how they use social media for their work. Over at Vox, Todd VanDerWerff and Alan Sepinwall chat on a podcast about TV criticism in the Peak TV era. And Laura Prudom notes the importance of the TCA awards, as women and people of color have been richly rewarded by critics with nominations this year.

Fox Fall Schedule

Fox has announced its fall premiere dates. In other Fox news, you can expect to see six-second ads on its streaming services soon and eventually on its linear channels.

Charter + Cox?

Claire Atkinson reports that Charter Communications wants to acquire Cox Communications.

Third Season Finales

Better Call Saul finished its third season on Monday. Daniel Fienberg has an interview with the show's co-creators, Alan Sepinwall chats with the episode's writer, and Sonia Saraiya talks to Peter Gould about the final scene. Sean T. Collins explains how Better Call Saul got so good.

Wednesday brought us the Fargo season finale. Fienberg talked to showrunner Noah Hawley about the season, as did Daniel Holloway. Christian Long identifies all of the third season Coen homages.

Bachelor in Paradise Resumes

ABC says Bachelor in Paradise will resume filming, as the network claims no misconduct was found, yet the investigation will continue, with one of the contestant's attorney's pledging to keep investigating. Another contestant says race is an issue here. Ashley Collins considers how this case could reshape reality TV, while Jackson McHenry has a leaked Bachelor in Paradise contract that illustrates producer power. Jason Damata explains why brands have been happy with Bachelor in Paradise. Meanwhile, over at The Bachelorette, the most recent episode addressed issues of race.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Good TVeets

Monday, June 19, 2017

Time Warner-Snap Deal

Time Warner has signed a big deal with Snap to create original shows for Snapchat.

Veep & Trump

Ian Crouch analyzes this season of Veep in light of Donald Trump. The current episode of KCRW's The Business also focuses on Veep with an interview of showrunner David Mandel.

Transforming YouTube

Harry McCracken looks at how CEO Susan Wojcicki is trying to transform YouTube and best TV.

More on Cosby

Wesley Morris reflects on the meaning of Bill Cosy and The Cosby Show today, while Jeannie Suk Gersen covers the legal principles behind Cosby's mistrial. Morris and Jenna Wortham consider what exactly was on trial during Cosby's case.

Carrie Coon's Big Year

Joanna Robinson profiles Carrie Coon, stealing the show in both Fargo and The Leftovers this year.

Apple's Video Potential

Will Richmond says Apple's TV plans are still murky despite its big hire of two execs.

ESPN Shakeup

James Andrew Miller covers the executive shakeup happening at ESPN, which John Ourand's podcast also addresses.

Emmy Campaigns

John Koblin and Brooks Barnes highlight how Emmy campaign season has gotten increasingly lavish. Tzipora Baitch points out particularly creative campaigns.

Univision News's Purpose

Jim Rutenberg profiles Univision News, "one of the most striking examples I’ve seen all year of a news organization that is meeting the moment."

Facebook Live's Violence

Alex Kantrowitz says Facebook Live has a major violence problem.

White House Frustrations

White House reporters are angry over off-camera briefings dictated by Sean Spicer, while Spicer may soon have a new role.

O'Reilly's Plans

Bill O'Reilly says we can soon expect more news about his firing, as he indicates a left-wing conspiracy is at fault. He also says he'll launch a new project soon.

Critics & Awards

Television Critics Association Awards nominations are out, while two THR critics declare who should and shouldn't win Emmys.

Cherniss Departs WGNA

In a move expected following Sinclair's takeover, president Matt Cherniss is leaving WGN America.

Last Man Standing Rejected By CMT

Last Man Standing won't be revived at CMT due to the show's price tag.

Fall Schedule News

NBC has announced its fall premieres schedule, while CBS has given us its Star Trek: Discovery rollout plan.

The Kelly-Jones Interview

Megyn Kelly's interview of Alex Jones drew mediocre ratings, and big-name advertisers were scant. There were some favorable reviews, though. Reviewers variably called the interview contentious, unobjectionable, pointlessa waste of time, not a worst-case scenario, less controversial than expected, problematic, not worth it, a B+ for Kelly, and credible. Erik Oster considers what brands can learn from the fallout.

 Danielle Tcholakian considers the role media criticism played in Kelly's Jones segment. Sonia Saraiya says NBC has a Megyn Kelly problem. And John Doyle sees the interview as the next level of anti-truth on TV.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kelly's Putin Failure

Yashar Ali points to the unedited cut of Megyn Kelly's interview of Vladimir Putin to illustrate her shortcomings as an interviewer.

ESPN's Strategy

Ty Duffy says ESPN has become more left-leaning, but it's just smart business strategy: "If there are now two Americas, ESPN (and sports leagues) will move with the one advertisers want to reach: young people, people with disposable income, and growing minority populations."

Presidential Twitter Library

Jamie Righetti takes us into the Daily Show's Presidential Twitter Library in New York City. You can see it for yourself online.

Sense8 Needs a Finale

Liz Shannon Miller lobbies Netflix to produce a Sense8 feature-length series finale.

Apple Hires

Apple has poached a pair of top Sony TV executives to develop original video programming. Alan Wolk says it's a smart move.

GBBO Value

Genevieve Valentine explains how the Great British Bake Off has ridden low stakes to great success.

Picking Emmy Episodes

Showtime's David Nevins discusses the strategy of selecting particular episodes for Emmy consideration.

Ad Problems

Tyler Pietz sees trouble ahead for ad-supported video-on-demand services, while Claire Atkinson says TV is seeing a global drop in ad sales revenue. She also says upfronts deals are moving slowly and seeing only small gains, which analysts are affirming.

Wage Challenges

Jonathan Handel explains how SAG-AFTRA contract talks with the AMPTP could be complicated by wage deals made in the DGA and WGA negotiations.

Netflix & Net Neutrality

Jacob Kastrenakes analyzes a tweet from Netflix claiming it will fight for net neutrality rules, seemingly a course change from previous statements. Hanh Nguyen also reports.

Seeso Layoffs

Nellie Andreeva reports on layoffs at NBCU's comedy SVOD service Seeso.

Trump & Murdoch

Lucia Graves delves into the evolution of the tight relationship between Rupert Murdoch and Donald Trump.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Celebrity Pregnancy

Anne Helen Petersen uses Kim Kardashian's pregnancy as a gateway to analyzing how celebrities perform pregnancy in public, today and in the past.

SVOD Subscribing & Viewing

Sami Main reports on a new survey finding that over 60% of OTT streaming service subscribers also still have a pay TV subscription, and millennials are more likely than other demographics to subscribe to the three major streamers. The survey also covered preferences for content discovery.

Another report analyzed audience data on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon viewership. (Could that Hulu gender breakdown be right?)

Carmichael Show Mistake

John Hugar believes NBC made a mistake in pulling the mass shooter episode of The Carmichael Show.

Netflix Becoming HBO

Angela Watercutter traces out how Netflix has built its originals business to compete with the HBOs of the world.

UHF Discount & Sinclair

An appeals court declined to bar the FCC from reinstating the UHF discount, which clears the way for Sinclair's takeover of Tribune Media. David Oxenford offers legal analysis.

The Handmaid's Tale & Hulu

Josef Adalian looks at how The Handmaid's Tale has become a game-changer for Hulu: "As the show wraps its first season this week, the streaming stalwart seems to have found its paradigm-shifting success. Its challenge: making sure Handmaid’s early blessings resonate well beyond Emmy nominations and critics’ year-end lists."

Fox & Hulu

Fox's end-around of affiliates at Hulu's live TV service sets a disturbing precedent, says Harry A. Jessell.

Bachelor in Paradise Assessments

Kathryn VanArendonk considers if the Bachelor in Paradise controversy could blow back on the Bachelor/ette franchise. Bachelor in Paradise star Evan Bass offers a plea to ABC to protect the show and defends its existence. Reality TV producer James Callenberger explains how sex is usually orchestrated on shows like this, while attorney Lisa Bloom is calling for new rules for consent on reality shows.

Kelly-Jones Updates

A Connecticut NBC affiliate won't air Megyn Kelly's interview of Alex Jones, and Maureen Ryan argues NBC shouldn't air it in the first place. Sandy Hook families are threatening legal action. NBC News insists the show will go on despite the controversy, though there's word that the segment has been overhauled in light of the backlash.

For his part, Jones has scooped Kelly by releasing pre-interview audio of Kelly courting him for the interview. Charlie Warzel says this is another case of the mainstream media not being able to navigate the new troll order.

Multiple writers are saying this debacle also shows the mistakes NBC News has made with Kelly -- Michael Schneider, Dylan Byers, and Grynbaum and Koblin -- while Jason Damata says no one should be surprised by what's playing out.

Cosby Trial

Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial has ended in a mistrial. THR gathers comments from legal experts about what happened and what could happen next. Lili Loofborouw speculates on why Cosby is going free. Laura McGann we should definitely believe Bill Cosby when he has admitted to drugging women. Greg Braxton covers Cosby's contentious relationship with the African-American community, and Gene Demby covers his past and future legacy within Black America. Rebecca Traister says the mistrial offers a lesson in power in America circa 2017.