Monday, January 16, 2017

Netflix in Brazil

Lucas Shaw details Netflix's successful expansion into Brazil, which the company hopes to replicate around the globe.

Dish Disputes

Twelve network affiliates on Dish Network could go dark soon due to a retrans dispute, and a separate dispute could see as many as 100 channels pulled from Dish tomorrow.

BitTorrent's Collapse

Jessi Hempel delves into what has gone wrong at BitTorrent.

Auction Status

John Eggerton reports on the latest stage of the spectrum auction. Walter Piecyk also has coverage.


Portlandia will get one final season on IFC, and TNT wants another round of Good Behavior.

Trump News

Anne Kingston puts Donald Trump in the distorted context of reality television, and Josh Dawsey points out Trump's love for WrestleMania's fake drama.

With word of possible big changes coming to the White House press corps under Trump, Margaret Sullivan sees a hellscape for journalists coming, while Jack Shafer sees it as a new mission for journalism.

Monica Crowley has dropped out of a possible White House role following discovery of her plagiarism.

Ali Breland says we can expect more mega-mergers in the Trump era, as well as looser regulations, but outgoing FCC chief Tom Wheeler says it won't be easy to rollback his commission's accomplishments. Trump is reportedly planning an FCC overhaul, though. Phillip Swann wonders if Trump's anger at CNN might affect the AT&T-Time Warner merger.

Emily Nussbaum analyzes the role of jokes during the election campaign.

Sunday Ratings

Network numbers from TV By the Numbers.

Analysis from Spotted and O'Connell.

The NFL had a big night.

Good TVeets

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Good TVeets

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hamilton's America

Peter Hamilton gathered TV, digital, and social media ratings info on the PBS documentary Hamilton's America.

Online Video Popularity

A new report finds online video more popular with advertisers than viewers, who prefer text content.

The Americans' Relevance

The executive producers of The Americans spoke at TCA about the unnerving political relevance of the show now.

TV in Cinemas & Festivals

Joseph Aberl considers the potential for television shows to screen in movie theaters. There's also word that the city of Cannes wants to develop a television festival.


Michael O'Connell covers news from the FX exec session at TCA.

CNN Adds Conservative Journalists

CNN Politics has added a pair of journalists behind a right-leaning viral news site to its team.

Today Invents Morning TV

On this 65th anniversary of Today, Brian Stelter explains how NBC invented the morning show.

Wheeler's Final Speech

Tom Wheeler focused his final speech as FCC chief on the importance of maintaining net neutrality.

Netflix in India

Abhishek Madhavan explains how Netflix is failing in India while Amazon is succeeding.

Apple Show Rumors

Alan Wolk has many questions about a WSJ report that Apple plans to develop original TV and movie content.

From Sony to Snapchat

Sony's Head of Entertainment is stepping down to head over to Snapchat.

Football Ratings

Chad Finn insists that the NFL does have a ratings problem, which didn't just start this year. But Fox Sports' CEO believes at least the Super Bowl's ratings are bulletproof.

Fiennes' Jackson Episode Pulled

Sky Arts won't air an episode of a series in which Joseph Fiennes portrays Michael Jackson after Jackson's family objected.

Andy Cohen Profile

Taffy Brodesser-Akner profiles Andy Cohen and how his reality TV empire represents this cultural era.

TBS's Turnaround

Lesley Goldberg looks at how Kevin Reilly has reinvented TBS for the better.

Masked Scheduler Joins TVBTN

The Masked Scheduler talks to Rick Porter about joining TV By the Numbers to offer commentary and insights.

Mad Men Archives

Mad Men production materials will be archived at the University of Texas's Harry Ransom Center.

CBS Drama on Saturday

Jason Lynch explains why CBS has decided to air an original drama on Saturday nights for the first time in 13 years.

Reality TV & Celebrity

Andy Dehnart sees reality TV's current insistence on celebrity presence as problematic for the genre.

Trump & Reality TV Tropes

Kathryn VanArendonk explains how reality TV's narrative tropes can help us understand Donald Trump.

DirecTV Now's Outages

After a fourth major outage at DIRECTV Now, Phillip Swann notes that the press seems to have turned on the service, which could do long-term damage to the DIRECTV brand.

Hollywood Fraud

Cynthia Littleton has an in-depth report on cases of fraud and embezzlement in Hollywood.

Fox's Hit on NBC

Jason Lynch explains why This is Us-producer Fox is fine with the only freshman hit of the season airing on NBC rather than its in-house network. Lynch notes that the Fox studio now has "the No. 1 show on six different networks: Fox (Empire), ABC (Modern Family), FX (American Horror Story), Showtime (Homeland), TBS (American Dad) and NBC (This Is Us)."

New In Media Res

This past week at In Media Res was focused on Star Trek:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Renewal

Todd VanDerWerff explains how Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's renewal illustrates the changing rules of TV, as he notes that it appears to be "the lowest-rated show ever to be renewed by a major broadcast network. Yes, ever."

Albrecht on Starz + Lionsgate

Starz CEO Chris Albrecht sees big things ahead courtesy of the Lionsgate merger.

Coen Brothers Show

Joel and Ethan Coen are reportedly at work on a television project, which may have a theatrical component.

O'Reilly Harassment Suit

News emerged of a sexual harassment suit against Bill O'Reilly that Fox News settled after Roger Ailes's departure.

Cultural Echo Chambers

Farhad Manjoo puts Netflix viewing in the context of our growing cultural echo chambers.

Black-ish's Election Episode

Black-ish aired a standout episode this week on the election. Bruce Fretts talked to creator Kenya Barris and star Anthony Anderson about the politically charged episode. Read reviews of the episode from Aisha Harris, Megan Garber, Ashley Ray-HarrisIsha Aran, Bethonie Butle, and Todd VanDerWerff.

David Lynch at TCA

David Lynch offered a Lynchian appearance at TCA.

Good Girls Revolt is Over

Good Girls Revolt's creator says the cancelled Amazon series failed to find a new home.

The Middle's Rare Representation

Meredith Blake highlights The Middle's representation of working-class family anxieties.

Commercial Viewing on Days 8-35

Nielsen has shared research on commercial viewing past the 7-day window.

Streaming Figures

Andrew Wallenstein reports on 2016 figures showing subscription streaming sales having surpassed disc sales. And Sami Main covers separate reports on live and streaming TV viewership.

Star Trek Fan Film Ruling

Paramount and CBS won a pair of key claims in a copyright lawsuit brought against a Star Trek fan film, which now moves to trial.

Hulu's Live Service

CES attendees got a look at Hulu's upcoming live TV service; Nathan Ingraham describes its design. Natalie Jarvey reports that analysts are uncertain of its prospects.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Good TVeets

Due to heavy travel followed by illness along with Twitter being a place of near non-stop misery now, I haven't managed to post Good TVeets in 2017, but I have been favoriting some tweets along the way. So I've posted all that here. We'll see how often I post going forward; things are just weird now. At least I got a whole lot of Young Pope tweets preserved for future generations, so there's that.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Football Viewing

NFL viewership ended up down 8% for the season. Ross Benes sees that as part of the larger viewing declines TV is grappling with, and Sunday Night Football is still the most viewed series of the 2016-17 season thus far, while 27 of the top 50 most-watched broadcasts of 2016 were NFL games. None of the remaining 23 entries on the list are scripted shows.

Celebrity Apprentice Ratings

Todd VanDerWerff analyzes the Schwarzenegger-led Celebrity Apprentice ratings that Donald Trump mocked.

TV Salaries

Variety has posted lists of top TV salary estimates for performers in drama, comedy, and reality TV.

Univision's Challenges

Meg James covers Univision's problems with attracting young Latino/a viewers, and Adrian Carrasquillo reports on the challenges Univision has ahead in the Trump era.

Election Night Oral History

Brian Stelter compiled an oral history of how newsrooms covered Donald Trump's election night victory.

The CW at TCA

The CW announced renewals for most of its shows at TCA today, with only No Tomorrow and Frequency left out. CW president Mark Pedowitz had an executive session.

TCA Press Tour

Alan Sepinwall discusses the changing nature of the TCA press tour, whose winter version has just begun.

Girl Meets World Cancelled

Disney Channel has decided to end Girl Meets World at three seasons.

Cable News Starts

Greta Van Susteren started her new job at MSNBC tonight and says her show will be "fair and balanced." Over at Fox News, Tucker Carlson has stepped into Megyn Kelly's time slot, and Gabriel Sherman says it's a sign Rupert Murdoch is looking to make Fox News pro-Trump.

One Day at a Time

The Netflix multi-cam sitcom One Day at a Time is getting a lot of critical love, including from Sonia Saraiya, Myles McNutt, Kathryn VanArendonk, and Noel Murray. Todd VanDerWerff interviewed the showrunners, and legendary producer Norman Lear talked about the series with Alan Sepinwall, Daniel Holloway, and Maria Elena Fernandez.

Golden Globes

Golden Globes awards were handed out last night. HBO was shut out, and programming president Casey Bloys responded "It happens." Jason Lynch notes Netflix did well with two wins and a clever ad. Ratings for the broadcast were up, and so was conversation about Meryl Streep's speech and Donald Trump's reaction, which Brooks Barnes points to as part of a new culture war. Brian Lowry analyzes the role of celebrity here.